Destroy the poster above

Jembru feeds an untested blueberry flavoured everlasting bubble gum to Saikoro. Not only is he stunned at the number of adjectives in that last sentence(I know I am!!) but he also began to turn blue as his body swelled up like a balloon. Bigger and bluer he grew until he eventually exploded. Blood, guts and other strange gooey pinkish stuff splattered all over the walls and then the umpa-lumpas sang about it and did an uncannily well choreographed dance on the remains..


*fights of Umpa wompas... and eats SaiKoro's remains* people meat is tasty like chickens..:p

Pushes Jem into the 'chocolate river' O_o... It's not really chocolate.. It's Umpa-lumpa shizzzz! :D

She is then sucked up a huge pipe. (Which appears to he a giant douch for a HUGE ASS!!!) HAHAhAHA... she gets stuck in it halfway.. The bloods rushes to her head.. And her eyeballs are sucked out and her head explodes!!!.. Willy w@nker :)reveals a new candy 'Chocolate flavour brains!'

The satanic Umpalumpas start dancing about crazilly chanting some random crap... cos they are sadistic morbid little serial killers!!! :D

WerewoLF gets a covenant gun ( from Halo ) Goes behind SumSamurai and blows a hole through her Stomach leaving a glowing radioactive blue light. Takes SumSamurai to a fair attraction and uses her to play 'THROW THE BALL THROUGH THE STOMACH AND YOU WIN A PRIZE!' So a couple of kids came round and asked 'Wots the prize?'. WerewoLf laughs and says 'Well, She is the prize!, But only as a Skate board.' So the kids trying throughing the ball at SumSamurai, The missed alot of times, But they finally won her. They took her to the Skate Park and smashed some wheels on her legs, They finally decided to use her but she snapped in half and had to be used as mutant fish bait, The fish ate her all up but the bones are still availible. So it was sold the to the teachers for Science class. Letting SumSamurais soul suffer forever.... DOING SCIENCE!!! LOL XD

My soul suffers forever? I Don't have a soul... I traded it for a rusted harpoon and a lifetimes supply of chocolate!

I knock WerewolF down with a heavy blow to the head with a spade... Make multiple stab wounds in the body with the harpoon, when I'm done, I pore lemon juice into each of the wounds and watch him squirm... I finish him off with a nice splash of sulphuric acid... I then take his disfigured body to an art exhibition, won myself a prize.. And wrote horror stories based on his killing, and they got published for all the world to enjoy. :)

wow, awesome...really awesome story XD
I mean it!

After reading one of your horribly written stories and counting >50 spelling mistakes, I decide to
make you pay for my suffering. Getting in the truck and stop by gun shop before I´m at your house.
Lights on, see some movement on first floor. Locks detroyed easily.
Come in the room where Sum is, am shocked!
A dancing and singing, weird looking zombie creature, exhausting itself to self-mutilating noises of Boy George!?
Took a second or two to regain senses....
Shoot both knees so creature can´t flee, then use the secret god fist power given to me by the great TaiBo Master
Billy "motherfucking" Blanks, Baby!!
Kaaaa ma kama kama kama kama ka -meeee hame haaaaaaaaa!!
You come and goooooo
This time it´s only goooo o o oooohhhh


Sum seems pretty dead now. Time to crash another party :)

Driving high speed on the motorcycle and jumping off in time to use motorcycle knock Gattsu on the ground and first stomping my feet on his chest to hold him down then taking a kick ass Golf club from my golfbag and aiming Gattsus Head *foooore!* I wonder if it was hole in one..Lifting up the motorcycle and leaving the place.

I wonder who is gonna be next...

*jfdhfjug welcomes the newcomer to the death boards*

*jfdhfjug hands Nemmy-chan a welcome basket filled with apples, oranges, a jack 5 action figure ......and oh yeah a bomb ... *


the bomb left some fragments, and I used it somewhat like ninja stars, throwing them at jfdhfjug making him faint... then, I ate the fried oranges, mmmmm XD

ohh, and i threw the jack 5 action figure, cause it bugs me >:)

Almost 700 post in DTPA .. thats crazy ..

*jfdhfjug snares yoshimitsu8861 by the legs and injects them with a sedative, then grabs a few middle school kids and blind folds them telling them to hit the pinata till it burst!*

mmmmm candy :D

The school kids developed a unique appetite for human flesh, and thirst for blood. Yoshi8861 being a tiny morsal, not enough to feed flesh starved children. They quickly turned onto jfdhfjug, beat him down without sedative and ate him up - alive. :D

* jfdhfjug calls juliz on his nobless oblige phone and points at sum, seconds later a sniper takes her out *

jfdhfjug : Thanks juliz

Juliz : I pray for you continuing service as a savior

zephyr suddenly wakes up from her long slumber and unsheathes a giant Great sword in front of jfdhfjug.

*slash!* (a la Monster Hunter style)

Looking smug and confident, she yells, "IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?!" (yeah, that lame line from the movie "Troy") :P

Vijay shoots a tranquilser dot at zephyr and when she woke up she is tied to a chair and has entire twilight movies playing back to back. Vijay does go back to check if she is dead... Or probably worse than being dead. XD

Vijay finds zephyr nearly dead from all the vampire-werewolf love fest flicks, but she manages to turn the tables on him (through the help of goons) and makes him watch all the Barney the Purple Dinosaur episodes... in Spanish :D

*whistles the "I love you, you love me.." theme from the series while walking away*


*jfdhfjug grabs the trusty AMR ( Anti Material Rifle )
loads it with incendiary ammo, takes a deep breath and pulls the trigger.
Zephyr burst into flames as their body is thrown backwards*
Ashes to ashes