Destroy the poster above

*Bathes in the gore* Oh how I love to embrace myself in life's very essence.

Prepares a huge big tasty meal for Yoshi8861. He over indulges and becomes fat, bloated and very tired. (That wasn't chicken you ate :p)

I tie him to a tree and do a strange sacrificial dance around a fire, dressed in the remains of Yoshimattsu. Singing "opps! I did it again.. I made you eat meat, that was not chicken." LOL XD

I eventually get tired of taunting Yoshi8861 so I eat him alive.

after i went inside SumSamurai's body, i snatched and rip out Sum's esophagus, so that Sum cannot eat anymore!!!

also, i travelled inside Sum's Brain, controlling Sum to sing "Break the Ice" all day instead of "oops", and suddenly, i went out...

now, im not sure if im a chicken or what, but suddenly, i saw a poop can, and i dont know what to do...

(gotta love this!!!)

while yoshimitsu8861 was looking at the poop can i get my sword split his head open, and then gets a bit of his brain while he just stands there going....'deeerrrr........dddeeeerrr....'i leave him to whatever he is doing. i sell his brain at the supermarket as a strawberry jam to an old lady. She tasted it and said. 'YUMMM' :p

*poof* the old lady disapears and werewolf realises it was a disguise. but it is too late for him because i ensnare him in a binding seal and sacrifice his soul to strengthen myself ... 200 down 999,800 to go Muah ha ha

yoshifan sees that jfdh is an artist and wants to work on his skills too! yoshifan sets up a blank picture on a painting easel. he starts to pump helium into jfdh who expands like a baloon and explodes. his blood and guts splatter onto the picture and make a colorful display that is later sold for millions of euros, cause dollars blow.

I infect yoshifan5 with Halo's flood virus. he turns into a flood mutant and i blast him to bits with my gun. he dies screaming like a little girl. :p

I'll send Jack 4s to to blow Werewolf up.... Honmaru style... I wonder, if my Grandpa comes out of the ground.... lol

Yoshifan summons ManjiZ's zombie grandpa who feasts on ManjiZ's brains until he is dead. One sentence death!

* sprays yoshifan5 with Crown Royal and lights them on fire * mmm, toasted YF5

Oh what a waste of whisky. D: Eh.. hmm...

Boils jfdhfjug alive in a huge crock of wine. Skured with a javelin and vigorously stired with a machete. LIKE SUM-SAVAGE!!! Until I have soggy marinated jfdhfjug soup. - Bones and all... Yummy! :D

drowns sum in the jfdhfjug soup :D

jfdh shoots A.K Fan1234 with a tranq dart and he falls asleep, then jfdh buries him six feet under the ground alive.. A.K Fan1234 dies from lack of O2 and food

nothing scarier than being buried alive ... or so i have been told

TÉKBALL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

*GON emerges from the Ték ball.*

Sum: GON use your explosive FireAss attack!!!!! :d

The little dino strains to make the most awesome powerup in TÉKMon history! Then tactfully points his booty in jdfhjug's genral direction to release god's light!!! :D

Everyone within a 50 mile radius is incinerated... Except me! :D

*arrives from an alternate dimension, right behind SumSamurai. Faster than the eye can blink, his sword impales SumSamurai and slices upward, through bone and organs, from navel to chin. Namu...*

Do I win?


As Tora enjoys his moment in victory, I sneak up behind him and BlackJack him unconscious.

For the unknowing, Look at this Wiki Reference. The Mafia LOVED to use this thing!!