Destroy the poster above

dragons blood used in the creation of a sword gives it the power to slay gods and immortals. this is the blade i carry, crafted for my hands and usable by only me... to each his.

jfdhfjug, appears from a puff of smoke brandishing his dragon sword .... lunges at gattsu. gattsu swings his own sword at jfdhfjug but cleaves only air, before he can react jfdhfjug slices him in half sending his soul back to the void.

Kagekiyo teleports in the middle of the battlefield in is Yoshimitsu cosplay costume, the SC3 squid costume,

" namuuuu NUKE!!!!"

kagekiyo throws a H-Bomb in the middle in the battlefield and teleport himself to french canada the best canada in the land!

Kagekiyo unfortunately teleported into yoshifan5's famous Canadian Calamari restaurant. Kage is boiled alive in his squid suit and eaten by ravenous Canadians!

Hehehehehehe :P
good one ^^

Yoshifan tries a piece of Kagekiyo too, a tentacle piece. In his stomach, it begins to move and it climbs the way back up to Yoshifan´s throat. It bungs his trachea and Yoshifan chokes to death :P

Then some odd lokking Canadians pull his corpse into the kitchen, where they make delicious meat loaf out of him :D

(feeling hungry now ;) )

But! yoshifan5 had a capsule of poison instead of one of is tooth! so all canadiens that eat the bread die! horrifyed by the massacre Celine dion (lol) appears on TV and screech like there is no tomorow. killing everyone watching. gattsu head explode because the volume of is TV was too loud(gattsu is a big celine fan ;D)

She enters the killing fields in a euphoric manic phase... hahaha i'm so happy I have to kill someone! ;)

Serial killer style... Sneaks up behind Kagekiyo and says to him in a creepy jittery voice... "Your days have just begun.." *slash*

Ahhh.. that was nice.. let's all have a cup of bile and some bloody fingers. ;)

im sorry lil lady lol

*jfdhfjug appears before Ss, hands her a brightly wrapped present with a tag that says "to a god friend" then dissapears ... seconds after she starts tearing the wrapping paper off it explodes.*

when in doubt, jump, shout, spin about, and whip it out ...... your sword i mean :)

Kagekiyo Angry that only 2-3 person answer is post about SC4 critical finish, walk toward jfdhfjug and tells him:


and impales him with a Quebec flag!!


Let's have a recap on my history.

I am a: Cybernetic, masochistic, manic, bubonic, deep-fried, turtle loving, headless, skinless, faceless, toeless, blind, burnt zombie with a strange blister and foot-fetish with a hint of radiation. - Who now clearly has a lot of time on her hands! :)

Says "Hi" to Kagekiyo, but before he can respond he falls flat on his face DEAD!!! The sight and stench of the Cybernetic, masochistic, manic, bubonic.... Zombie was too much for him to handle.

runing around with chainsaw like a weird mainiac, howling feed! hunger!, until the beast found its pray, and then it ran up too the victim (Sum) cut both legs off and eats the corpse

I'm now a legless zombie with chunks bitten out of my body! - I'm adding that to my list! :D

While A.K Fan1234 was too busy feasting upon the once abnormal body of SumSamurai. He was oblivious that Sum's zombie legs had walked away... And they Kicked this thread so hard, that huge cloud of dust came down and smothered him.. He suffocates and dies. - The end? :satisfied

I jam my hand into SumSamurai's chest, pull out her still-beating heart, and eat it in front of her...Then I digest it, crap it out, and force feed it to her with a spoon...She then dies of heart failure and food poisoning from eating crap.

and suddenly A.K Fan comes out of nowere and burns the Sum body too ashes with a flametower. Peace:D

And it spread on the internet faster than you can say: 'Two girls one spoon' :):):)

Yoshimattsu is shocked by this accidental manslaughter... He tries to resuscitate the Zombie.. Putting his mouth to her lips, she awakens and bites him.. Not only have I infected him with salmonella, he now has aids.. Oh dear... :)

Pills came rushing from an unknown portal, throwing lots o' knives on the infected Yoshimattsu , while SumSamurai gets to be injected with a rage virus, eventually leaving Yoshimattsu bleeding even more...

(peace to all... no offense... :p :D )