Destroy the poster above

Poor little Jembru was feeling very sad because all of her lovely friends on YOT were now dead. She sat down by a tree and cried for a bit 'No more lovely Yoshi fans :('

Then, she saw a little white rabbit and decided to follow it (it was wearing reading glasses and seemed to be in a hurry, which I'm sure you agree is kinda weird). The rabbit went down a rabbit hole but lucky for Jembru, she's only small so managed to squeeze herself through (her ass got stuck for a moment but a friendly mountain goat gave her a little nudge). She fell very slowly for what seemed like ages but once she reached the bottom she found a strange bottle that said 'drink me' so she opened the bottle, drank it, expecting to become really really small but instead she just became really really drunk.

Jembru turned around, walked into the table, tripped on a rug and fell with a thud to the floor. She looked up to see a familiar friendly face.

It was the God Cernunnus.

'Cernunnus, it's great to see you. I kinda have a favour to ask.'
Cernunnus has known Jembru for 11 years and knew something really dumb was about to come out of her mouth.
'You know how, in the winter you prepare the souls of Nature, ready to be reborn in the Spring... Well... I thought, maybe you could make all my friends on YOT alive and well again!'
'You do realise it's only a game on a forum right? No one's really dead...' the Lord of Nature tried to explain.
'Then it should be easy enough for you to bring them back!'
'Fine.. it is done. Now leave me alone...' Cernunnus opened a little door that Jembru had to crawl through, back to the World of YOT (again her ass got stuck but this time Cernunnus gave her a nudge).

When Jembru got outside. Everyone was back to normal. Alive and well and... oh dear... carrying weapons... and they looked ready to kill again. Jembru smiled and said 'No need to thank me, just form an orderly line and you can hug me in turn...'

Somewhere in the crowd Jembru heard a voice that said, 'Thanks for this but... we're gonna have to kill you now... sorry.' and then... Jembru ran as fast as her little feet could take her...

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Merrily whistling and humming to himself, Kirimitsu strode onto the virtual killingfields, seemingly oblivious of the mortal dangers it held in store. One could hardly blame him, for it had been a loooong time ago since he last layed eyes on the place - In a way it felt familiar and strange in equal measure.

He had just climbed a large Oak as to sit on it's branches and let it's hight provide him with a panoramic view, when a blur of movement cought his eye. The figure of a girl came rushing in his direction with -what it seemed- uneartly speed.

Intrigued as to who this girl might be, Kirimitsu shifted a bit to grant a better view though the leaves. Yet the treebranch proved to provide with little grip, and without warning Kiri found himself falling towards the ground.
His fall was adruptly broken by a soft Thud -much softer than his behind landing on the grass-, and a sickening snap of breaking bones.
When he crawled to his feet, he found he had landed directly on the poor girl.. Her neck was bent in a most unnatural way, and he couldn't help but stand dumbstruck next to the motionless body.

It seemed that is what you get, when you in a hurry! o.O

dare i say a moral amongst the killing !!

* jfdh appears through a puff of smoke, leaning up against the tree looking in kiri's direction. kiri feeling the presence turns to see jfdh walking his way with a sword drawn, kiri prepares for a fight just as jfdh's pet soul reaver latches on to kiri from behind and drags his soul into the underworld*

gotta feet your pets!

p.s. welcome back to the death board kiri .. it has been a while!

WerewolF appears from out of nowhere & shoves jfdhfjug into the soul of the underworld, where jfdhfjug gets their hands ripped off & the demons come along & rip off every single piece of jfdhfjug there is, jfdhfjug 's head goes rolling into the mass of serpents that are happily chewing away the compartment they called a BRAIN !

*cough cough*
yeah, u're definetly Sum´s brother... :D

Gattsu's lost soul, which wanders endlessly in hell, notices Werewolf´s act, sending jfdhfjug to underworld. But as the gates of hell open, he reaches out for Werewolf and pulls him into damnation, along with jfdhfjug, where both suffered endless torments under Gattsu´s never tiring eyes of hatred.

Suddenly WerewoLF appears behind Gattsu.
'cant get rid of me that easy,' says WerewoLf with a smile.
WerewoLF pokes Gattsu's eyes then laughs.
Throws Gattsu to the ground then STOMP STOMP.

If I see you again you will meet the DEVIL!!!(Of which i am) >:]

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Gattsu : *cough cough*
yeah, u're definetly Sum´s brother... :D

*censores bad language* You might want to get the tourettes problem fix...


Throws homework at him he gets a paper-cut and dies. :p

Chotto, chotto, matte kudasai !!!
Gattsu is hell´s king, and of no flesh and blood anymore...
What Werewolf killed was nothing but a mere illusion created by
him to play with the little child...

But SumSamurai ruined it and so he infiltrates her brain and drives her
crazy to the bone till she dies.

Jembru has never been one to join in with the mindless killing... being ever so sweet and gentle and generally quite lovely. She has especially decided not to get involved anymore since the incident with the UFA (unidentified falling ass) which left Jembru paralysed from the waist down.

Not paying any mind to the silliness of DTPA, but still hanging around with her half- dead, murderous friends for the hell of it, Jembru pulls her electric wheelchair up to a nearby kiosk and buys herself a paper cup of tea with one of those weird plastic lids that you drink from like a kids training cup...

Satisfied with her purchase Jembru puts the chair into reverse with the intention of re-joining Gattsu and the now kinda dead but never completely dead SumSamurai (you get used to the smell of death after a while)... but there was some kind of malfunction and the chair shot out backwards onto a busy road. A car swerved and narrowly missed Jembru but almost crashed into a tow-tuck which also swerved to miss Jembru and skidded out of control... the hook from the crane on the tow truck became tangled in the spokes of jembru's wheels and she was lifted off the ground and swung link a sling shot.. the weight and force of the flying wheelchair caused the crane to unhook and jembru continued on her aerial journey.

She came to land on a swing bridge which was unfortunately opening at the time and so hit her like a tennis racket hitting a flying ball and sending her at equal velocity back in the direction had come from...

She fell towards the road... bounced of the roof of a bus then landed on the pavement, by the time she passed the kiosk again the wheelchair was travelling at an unimaginable speed... But jembru's journey came to an abrupt stop when she crashed into Gattsu, snapping both of his legs and finally coming to a hault on his windpipe.

SumSamurai laughed hysterically... 'Hey jembru... you wiped the files again didn't you?'

Then jembru noticed that she never lost a drop of tea... jembru NEVER loses a drop of tea!


electric wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is hyper on the new batteries and goes mad!!
The wheelchair goes near a door then stops at a very fast speed......
CRASH!!!!! Jembru hits the door the, doors open Jembru falls down the stairs into the school garden into the stinging nettles....
A tiger leaps out of the bushes to save jembru (but eats her after) the tiger gets jembru out, she was paralysed the tiger eats in a slow death.(but when the tigers finished and Jebrus still alive i shoot an arrow at her for more pain to be unleashed)

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Awww you're just too nice! :)

Sum passes by searching for brains to eat; Recognises her friends and pets her cat Tickles. (So called tiger) LOL. Sees Jembru scattered all over the school yard. "Hi jem, how's it going? I see you get everywhere these days! :>

Pulls arrow out of Jembru's eye and eats the strange looking marshmallow on the end. hmmm num nums! :p

Stabs silver point arrow into WerewolFs heart and he dies. - Adds insult. dumps his body inside the school. - YOUR SOUL WILL SUFFER FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!!


Yoshifan wonders why the tiger's name is tickles. He gives him some belly rubs and rubs his neck and the tiger instantly obeys yoshifan's every command. First is to maul SumSamurai and eat his carcass, which tickles gladly obeys. Good kitty!

Being bored by hell, Gattsu rises from the ashes and walks on earth again. As he walks by Yoshifan5, he is being attacked by a tiger. But carrying a huge sword on his back, Gattsu defends himself with it. He cuts through the tiger like nothing and smashes down Yoshifan5 after. He crushes his head just with his foot and walks away.

But then he sees something small, moving in the grass near the school. Full of blood, barely alive, it´s Jembru, begging for redemption.

Gattsu grants her wish and disappears in the shadows again, enjoying his awesomeness XD

Where is the tiger? I just see Sumsamurai's cat!!! Her purr isn't as bad as her bite! I know that for sure....

Dries Tickles guts and hangs Gattsu with them. Then I take his sword and make lots of cuts and he dies and gos back to hell.

But, too bad noone else than Gattsu can lift his sword :P
He manages to cut free from the Tiger´s guts and recovers
from his wounds...

Werewolf would never give up and gives his best to kill Gattsu. They fight
hard and merciless, but in the end there´s only one man standing...

Gattsu´s body is full of fleshwounds and blood, but he can still fight.
He takes his sword and leaves...