Destroy the poster above

OMG O.o"

popping noises ?? Farewell, Sum ! :)

Maybe I could play as a new character, because I´m really really dead here...

Gattsu bursts suddenly into flames. Spontaneous Human Combustion. haha

I aint dead (naw)
I aint done (naw)
I aint scared (of what!)
I aint run (from who!)
but still I stand (yeah)
no matterr what VA here i am... (Yeah)
no matter what remember
I aint break (neva)
I aint fold (neva)
They hate me mo? (so!)
Yeah I know? (haha)
There I go (yeah)
No matter what shawty here I go (haha)
No matter what shawty !!!


Anamitsu dies from overexposure to my pure awesomeness!!

dedicated to Po :D

Gattsu was walking all superior down the street, thinking he's hot and then gets hit by a bus.

The Bus driver (SumSamurai) makes a U-turn and knocks down Anatsumitsu. Now we all know why London buses are red! Mwahahah!:D

Jembru : Anyway, Jembru decides to use the most evil, cruel and unthinkable murder weapon known to humankind. She (I can barely bring myself to say this), throws SumSamurai in a giant microwave oven, presses the 'auto start' button and then runs for her life shouting 'What do you think of my cooking now?'.
This could explain why yoshi really had hairs in his tempura!!!! & I bet it wasn't chicken either.. *cough* serial killer! *cough*::p

jfdhfjug charges the bus with energy and turning it into a rolling plasma grenade ... the resulting explosion takes out a city block! bye SumSamari - for old times sake...

uhh, not bad ^^
But Gattsu survived the bus attack and managed to get away from the explosion.

As he saw djfrthbjdn... (???) he charged his KI and KAAAMEEE-HAAMEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

kxjnsd jn was blasted :D

Anatsumitsu appears from the shadows, silent rushing attack and glides through gattsu's body, splitting him in half. "Fallen enemy, stay dead..."

( actually, I have long been dead here, Anatsumitsu :P
my first death was cruel ^^ but u revived kill me :D
good job :satisfied )

* jfdhfjug respawns (this is a game by the way) pulls out the necronomicon- the book of the dead, reads an incantation and Gattsu' soul is dragged in to the netherword *

SumSamurai goes out on her daily hunt for human flesh & encounters jfdhfjug. He's in the library casting out spells from the Necronomicon! Causing books to fly out from their compartments and whirl about the room like a tornado! jfdhfjug subsequently loses his consciousness by a sudden blow to the head from a rather large book. 'The Book of the Samurai'. :)

SumSamurai smiling brightly in the ensuing chaos, (Obviously enjoying it!) approaches him with a rather casual stride (As if it was a walk in the park!). Now standing before his comatose body; she orates a speech that is sacred and known only by a few superior zombie masters: "I like turtles!" ...Within moments she bolts downwards latches her mouth onto his head and starts muching on its inner contents. - hehe! For old times sake! :D

* the color fades from jfdhfjug's lifeless body as it burst into a pile of sand, his substitution jutsu worked flawlessly. then jfdh grabs two "Brute Spikers" (halo reference) and guns down SumSamurai with a barrage of hot metal spikes. then as SS sees the face of her attacker jfdh recites the eight kangi " Rin Pyo Toh Sha Kai Shin Retsu Zai Zen" followed by a downward wave of the hand causing an enormous bolt of lightning to tear through the roof of the library and into SS's metal riddled body..*

deep fried swordswoman anyone ??

so what no call lmao ???

Sumsamurai had seen her death in a visoiun and had purposely poisoned herslef so when jfdhfjug began commiting cannibalism on sumsamurai's lightning scorhced body, he died horribly of poisoning.

Oh I'm sooo deadly! (I like this!) :D

Stares hard into Anatsumitsu's eyes. He's so terrified that heart stops beating.

Sumsamurai was staring so hard that his eyes popped out and then he couldn't see, fell of a ravine and died (oh and he cant do helicopter move with sword, especially with out eyes, even if he did he would have crashed into a very sharp and pointy rock) ha ha ha