Destroy the poster above

But Jembru made a hasty conclusion. Zombies cannot starve!
As Gattsu coincidently came to the horror scenario, Zombie SumSamurai attacked him. But he quickly pulled over Jembru and used her as human shield to protect himself.
Zombie SumSamurai spilled Jembru´s guts all over the place and Gattsu had time to ran home and get his weapon arsenal to destroy SumSamurai !!

With his sniper rifle, Gattsu blows SumSamurai´s head off her rotten body...

Then he noticed, Jembru´s corpse was gone...

the end ...??:satisfied

Gattsu has forgot one important thing MANJI YOSHIMITSU is still alive,so I attacked him from behind with my critical finish move,and he is dead now.

While Gattsu was off collecting his weapons, the bored SumSamurai suddenly noticed her zombie feet and found them greatly amusing. She sat on the floor and stared at them, laughing wildly at their strange appearance.

Yoshimitsu, who had been hiding in the shadows watching this bizarre blood bath, realized that Jembru was finally dead and would stop following him around like a bad smell. He let out a sigh of relief 'Yokatta! Kanojo wa kareta!' Still, he felt bad for her so, while SumSamurai was distracted by her toes, he quickly dug a deep grave and collected Jembru's remains so he could give her a proper burial. Just as he was about to drop the gooey bits of Jembru into the hole he remembered that without her around, he'll never taste her fine yakitori with agedashi tofu again.

'Aa, mayotte iru n'da' says Yoshi, scratching his head.

He saw Gattsu approaching and realised he needeed to make a decision. He decided that Jembru's cooking was worth putting up with her so flew off with her remains to see if Dr. B could do anything to save her.

After that, Gattsu caught the distracted SumSamurai off-guard and killed her, only to then be killed himself by Manji Yoshimitsu. However, Manji Yoshimitsu started to leap around in victory and accidently fell into the grave that Yoshi had left open. He suffered a fractured skull, 3 broken ribs and a sprained ankle. He later died in hospital from internal bleeding!

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What? Tripple kills! Playing Yot member against each other! And I'm a manically retarded toe loving zombie. (How did you know that?):p


Sabotages Dr.B's lab. Yoshi was unable to help poor Jembru so he decided to cremate her body. *SumSamurai cooks a brain over the flames*

heheh! Oh look! Now my toes are wiggling! 8D

In the depth of hell, Gattsu met Satan and made a deal with him. If he could destroy all YOT members AND Yoshimitsu himself, Satan will bring him back to life, but in return he keeps his soul, so that Gattsu is nothing more than a cold blooded killing machine. :yes

Deal! So there he was again. Without any clear emotion, except for hatred and anger, Gattsu lets himself lead by the bloodlust inside of him.

But...what the hell was that ?!?! A toe wiggling, driveling...thing sits in the gras and...laughs ??
Obviously, it was SumSamurai...or at least her remainings.

To break her, Gattsu ripped Sum´s toes off her feet to watch her laughter change into bitter screams...

Next stop, Dr. Boskonovich´s lab...
"Prepare to DIE, Manji!!"

OMG! That was a lil sadistic. I can either be highly comical, or unless told otherwise corrupt. (Choose your preference.)

"Gattsu ripped Sum´s toes off her feet to watch her laughter change into bitter screams..." Jeez. What was that? I was in hysterics! I can now make that toe necklace I've always wanted.:)

"destroy all YOT members AND Yoshimitsu himself" (I'm afraid I can't allow that.):con

SumSamurai's skin no longer possesses the fleshy beauty as once did. She skins Gattsu alive; embalms and makes herself a human-skin suit.:D

*laughs at and pops the warts on her rotten pustular fingers* Amusing...

Knowing that it's much hotter with an extra coat of skin on, Yoshifan5 takes out his giant magnifying glass and directs the sunlight through it onto sumsamuri who slowly frys to death. Toasty!

Unfortunately, Yoshifan5 was just daydreaming after having watched too many cartoons...
However, since Gattsu can not feel pain and comes from hell, he is still some sort of "alive", with or without skin.
To make sure SumSamurai will never again interrupt his cruel task, he ambuscades her in a forest, ties her to a tree and bites and tears the foul flesh off her body.

But he won´t waste more of his time...The giant red ants will do the job for him.
(Duuude, I´m sick !?!?!:()

He arrives at Dr. B´s lab...

(sorry 'bout the cruelty with the ants, I have some annoying mosquitos in my room and can NOT find them ?!I´ve counted EIGHT new bites this morning?!? Ahhhhhh, it itches sooo much; so I wanted to share my insect problem^^)

I casually plunge a knife into gattsu's upper spine and walk away. No mess, no unnecessary build up. Just clean kill and walk away.

What?! You killed my next victim Gattsu; The said: 'painless, skinless, soul-less, demon man-thing' Who I was going to throw into a deep pit of salt, and watch his spasmodic skinless-body thrash about whist emitting high pitched screams of pain.

Darn it!!! I'll have to settle for you then.:p

Sharp is very tired and decided to take a short-cut home through a local forest. He sees the burnt living-dead body of SumSamurai, and gets really freaked out he runs in panic and trips on a rock. (Resulting in a twisted ankle) Gattue's giant man-eating ants find and eat him. ALIVE!

hehe! This would make a great horror movie!:yes

Edit: *Reads Gattsue's previous post* Hmmm. Due to my most recent posts, I've come to the conclusion that I'm sick... Becasue I think I'm becoming one of the most heinous ppl here. If not the most. So I'll tone down. Agreed? Or do you ppl like reading my posts?:|

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So looks like everybody is dead except for me and...the ants! Luckily I still have my giants magnifying glass and explode them all into little bits.

Double K.O!!!:D

Infects him with the bubonic plague...

It has been over two weeks since the world was finally rid of Jembru but she has not been idle. Her ghost has been at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learning how to move things and interact with the physical world. She recently graduated with a distinction in 'Advanced Poltergeisting' (also got a 2:1 in 'Making up New Words')

This allowed Jembru to continue cooking for he friend Yoshimitsu (NB; Yoshi has asked me to point out that the use of the word 'friend' was rather generous).

So there she was, happily cooking away oblivious to the continuing blood-bath she had left behind her when suddenly she ran out of meat for the tempura. She ran around in circles for a few moments while she panicked but then had an idea.

Jembru arrives back at the place where she had drawn her last breath. She had hoped to get her revenge on the ones who had killed her (technically it was a joint effort).

They are no where to be seen but there is one person around. Werewolf!
Jembru makes herself invisible fills an oil drum with vegetable oil and an old bathtub with a light egg, flour and water mixture. Werewolf is lifted off his feet by the invisible flying thing and dunked in the bath of batter mix. He is then thrown into the extremely hot vegetable oil for 3-5 minutes until the batter is crisp.

While he screams in agony there is an eerie disembodied voice singing Chiyo's cooking song from the anime 'Azumanga daioh' and giggling.

Back at Dr. B's lab...
YOSHIMITSU: 'Kono tempura ga oishii. Donna tempura darou?'
JEMBRU: 'Trust me, the less you know about it the better. Enjoy your meal!'

(And no SumSamurai, I don't think your posts are too gory. Well okay, maybe they are but they're also creative genius so please don't censor youself!)

EDIT: Ummmm, where'd you go werewolf? I meant to kill you, not erradicate you from human memory! Does this mean I now have to re-post and kill SumSamurai? Is there a rule book? Anyone??

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*Listens to that cooking song out of curiosity* "Oh my god! That is just plain horrible. I could only bare 3 seconds! Well 14 really, but I'm empathizing on that.

Yoshi finds a hair in Jembru's said: tempura. The space ninja promtly makes a bid for the bathroom. :D

Jembru by this time had died from the excruciatingly high levels of embarrassment. (Techinically ppl don't die from embarassment. But Jembru did...)

Edit: Cut short as I tend to exaggerate. very sorry. -_-"

Anyway, thankyou Jem for complimenting my posts. And I think It's ok to carry on as normal.

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Okay SumSamurai, you asked for this...

Jembru is shocked that anyone would dare question her cooking skills. Yoshi asked for tempura seasoned with human hair (though I guess I may have miss heard him, -Dr. B was playing his heavy metal music loudly at the time, no one could hear themselves think but if you tell him to turn it down he gets upset and starts slamming doors).

Anyway, Jembru decides to use the most evil, cruel and unthinkable murder weapon known to humankind. She (I can barely bring myself to say this), throws SumSamurai in a giant microwave oven, presses the 'auto start' button and then runs for her life shouting 'What do you think of my cooking now?'.

There is a disgusting, squishy 'popping' noise followed by a loud 'ping'.

I'm gonna have nightmares now I can tell...