Destroy the poster above

While both Jfdhfjug and talonwolf are trapped in the bad gas, SumSamurai lights up a match and tosses it in their direction.


SumSamurai sits back enjoying the warm fire, while watching debris falling from the skys.

"Woohoo! Another great explosion!":D

Sakujo has no idea to kill SumSamurai. So she's start to jumping arround SumSamurai then strarts SINGING "Bring Me To Live". RIP SumSamurai. (Good that only four people heard my sing. All ow them ran away to other room xD)

yoshifan5 walks into Sakujo's concert sporting comfy earmuffs, records the song and plays it back for sakujo to hear. Sakujo, of course, dies instantly

jfdhfjug * leaps from a tree and stabs "yoshifan5" in the head with a large chef's knife* once again the strategist kills!

Kangaroo kicks jfdhfjug really high, and he falls back down on his own knife. SHAME!:D

*summons Leviathan from FFXI and SumSamurai drowns in the flood*

Yoshifan captures jfdhfjug in a pokeball where he is trapped for all eterntiy.

MANJI YOSHIMITSU has joined the fight and he used his new double sowrd style to kill evryone... THE END

You murdered all yot members!:cry Don't worry fellow manjis, I will avenge you all!:D

Destroys MANJI YOSHIMITSU's PS3, he dies from depression... nuff said.

MANJI YOSHIMITSU return frome his grave and he transformed into his devil form and kills SUM SAMURAI and put her in his grave8)

Un-dead SumSamurai rises from the grave and dress MANJI YOSHIMITSU up like Julia, and gives him a big sign written. 'Granyu I LOOOVVVEE you!' Big fat Granyu appears out of no where and kisses 'suspected Julia' to death. :D

MANJI YOSHIMITSU escaped at the very last moment and he kicked GAN into the air and then he uses a special sowrd to kill the un dead one and he put him in the grave but this time he ordered some members of the manji clan to watch the grave so that nothing strange happen:O_o

Because yoshifan is higher in the post rankings (1st dan!) than Manji Yoshimitsu, he orderes the manji clan members to kill him instead of protect him. :yes

"uuuhhh!" Zombie SumSamurai captures Yoshifan5 and eats his brains. "hmmm they're delicious!":)

Since I'm un-dead, I will regin and dominate this board.:D

Jembru offers to feed her brain to zombie SumSamurai. Zombie SumSamurai starves to death!