Destroy the poster above

Tenshi forces jfdhfjug to eat a whole, huge birthday cake :D This is way too much to stay alive :D

salinaspaul grabs the not-yet-revived carcass of jfdhfjug, points his arse in the general direction of Tenshi, and squeezes his torso.

really hard.

Tenshi collapses as salinaspaul runs to stay clear of the dark cloud ensuing.

salinapaul didnt get away in time the Poison Gas Cloud caught to him. he die from the fumes. i laugh then run like hell. :D

yey revenge, *i grab my new LP (Mediora) album and stick it into jon's head. then i listen to the saved songs on my computer*

Got jfdhfjug wasted. then took him outside and beat the shit out of him with his on severed arm. before he died i told him "DuDe U FeLl". :D:D:D

*decides not to get too fancy and just drops Tenshi on SiCdRaGoN87's head*

attacked raven with razor blades and hand grenades hi ho hi hoh hi ho.:D

Koga fires Sic with a PlasmaCaster, then she grabs her SmartDisc and cuts him to pieces. Then she glues him together again, putting legs back where the arms were and arms back where the legs were. Then she pulls out her Wrist Blades and draws a pic of Yoshimitsu into Sic's forehead. Finally Koga gets bored and rips out Sic's spine and skull, giving out the retoric battle cry, drops out her self-destruct bomb and walks away happily as the bomb destroys 300 blocks near it.

Raven : *gets Danny Glover to embarass Kogamitsu once again by decapitating her with her own disk*
D'oh! >_<* :D
Thanks Raven - I got the laugh of my life!

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*gets Danny Glover to embarass Kogamitsu once again by decapitating her with her own disk*

takes raven and ties her to the front of a car and wrecks it in to a brick wall at 90 miles an hour sqashing her body all over

*pounds jfdhfjug to death with a giant sign that reads" "I am a not a girl!!!"*

*I Laugh at my mistake then take rusty nails, and nail Raven to a wall and beat HiM with a barbed wire covered Baseball Bat*:yes

*attacks her and beats him with her own Baseball Bat*

*Puts Dinaga inside the microwave oven, sets the timer for 10 minutes and turns it on. Watches with great interest when Dinaga's head explodes.*

stir fries kiri in a hugh pan with veges and rice. and then surve to all. MMMMMM kiri cop suey.:D

i had kiri ounce taste like chicken....and chicken is good.:love