Destroy the poster above

oh yeah! I die by ninja blade!:D My dying words to fastlegs are "yoshi is human not alien."
The demon now in possesion of sumsamurais cadaver summons loki the fallen angel to kill fastlegs.

Fastlegs kills the angel and Sends SumSaurai to the firey pits of hell

*game_over, accompanied by Azazel, make an entrance and send all the posters above to their unnamed graves.*

They make their exit with this great tune:

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Playing wrestling now are we? :D Fastlegs shows up on the big screen in the wrestling arena, Game Over gets anagry and sends Azazel after Fastlegs, but Fastlegs Blacks out the lights backstage and Azazel goes missing.

Game Over goes to finish Fastlegs off him self, When he gets backstage he finds Azazel haggin by his neck, Game Over starts to get freaked out and then Fastlegs gets Game Over by his neck, drangs him out by his neck on to the entrance ramp and chockslams Game Over into the audio equipment.

and here is me exit theame game over

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Off topic: WWE and RAW started to get really boring for me.
On topic: Destroys whoever is above with a simple gun shot. Classic.

Game Over comes face to face with Triple H.

Game Over gets a sledge-hammer to the head for his disloyalty towards WWE

offtopic: WWE gets boring for me sometimes, but I still watch it.

Fastlegs receives a greater and more devastating blow to the head via SumSamurai's warhammer, falling to her knees she exhails her last words "Yoshimitsu is human".

Fastlegs sits up like nothing had happened, gets a hold of SumSamurai's warhammer and snaps it in half right in fron of her, SumSamurai gets heart broken and dies from heart attack and the last words she ever says is "Yoshimitsu is a space Ninja"


You're dead. Whoever you are.

Ha-ha-ha, hahahah.

Game_Over gets eaten by ten million rats

Oh it's so good to kill again. :)

Eaten by smelly rats... NASTY!!:p

SumSamurai with a flute leads the rats all the way to Fastlegs house. For some reason they eat her PS3, fastlegs would rather die than play ps2.

Oh I'm so evil!:D

Fastlegs goes to SumSamurai's house and gets SumSamurai's HDTV and punches the TV screen, there are so many dead pixals that SumSamurai kills herself.

TV addicts :D

I... but.. h..ow... why the tv?!!:dontgetit NOT THE TV!!!!:no

Un-expectedly fastlegs mobile rings... It's Namco's announcer!!!

Namco: "Good morning"
Fastlegs: "but its 9:10pm"
Namco: "you are banned from playing Tekken for the rest of your life. Then you get a $100.000.000 fine for having a rat infested house .:p

Somehow Fastlegs mannages to do a harakiri with her mobile.

I'm rolling on the floor laughing....:D:D

*Jfdhfjug appears from a shadowy corner, leaps into the air and with a mind numbing yell slices SumSamurai in half .. Farewell young one*

*drinks 12 pints, eats a donner kebab and farts*

'nuff said....