Destroy the poster above

Fastlegs used her Undertaker eyes to frezze the excited dancers so they would stop danceing over Fastlegs, then Fastlegs Gives SumSamurai a tombstone Piledriver.

and then Burries SumSamurai 6 feet deep

*acting like a total newbie*


*kicks 'fastlegs of Fury' down a cliff*

Fastlegs of Fury grabs the leadge of the cliff and jumps into the air and lands behind Game-Over and kills him by getting out her hidden blade and putting it into Game_Over's neck.

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*Cuts Fastlegs of Fury in half with f,F+2 on counter hit.*


[off topic]: that was a good one:)

[on topic]: Fastlegs jumps in the air to avoid Game_Over's sikizukuzeku and comes back to the ground with her hidden blade amied at Game_Over's head and Fastlegs lets her hidden blade go througth Game_Over's face.

Fastleggs stupefies and just stands gawping at Game_overs lifeless body in shock. SumSamurai teleports bedhind her from out of nowhere, and does the yo mans 10 hit comb 4,4,2,2,4,4,1,1,1,1 that's 102 damage Ouch! then she finished fastlegs with harakiri+manji blood dance d+1+4 B+1,1,1,1.

Wow, very messy! SumSamurai survives with little life.

Sakujo shows SumSamurai what she done with Yoshi and other Tekken chars on LARP today (OMG, that was really psychic)
And I'm a GIRL! (But does bi-homos includes to girls? xDDD)

*Game_over is taken away by an ambulance*
Few minuts later:
*coems back GTA style and uses his Minigun on Sakujo*
*While shooting her in mid-air, he preforms an EWGF*
*realises that Sajuko is a girl, he steals an ambulance and hits R3 to start the ambulance mission and carry her to the hopital*

Nooo! Noooo! not hospitaaaal! They gonna make my mind NORMAL! NOOO!
Sakujo destroys everything arround her (includes Game_Over) by her psychic psycho power
KYOFU-WO OSHIETE YAROOOO!!!!! *Bryan-like laugh*

Uh, oh. Someone should call an exorcist.

*the exorcist purifies Sakujo*
*Sakujo attempts to transform again only to get smashed under a grand piano, cartoon style*

Allens invade earth and takes Game_Over to their leader, the leader kills him for always picking on yoshi clan members, the allien was really Yoshi:D

*Game_over escapes the evil space ninja and returns to earth to pick on more members*


Will Yoshimitsu save the day? Will the YOT members fight back? Is this the end of this site?

To be continued...

*Exorcist is dead. Noone knows what happened to him*
All of Sakujo's flustration came out on Game_Over. He's now totally massacred

game_over :escapes the evil space ninja
Evil space ninja! right that does it!
SumSamurai goes berserk the last two posters run into the enraged exorcist. He was thrown down the stairs LOL.

*The Priest tries to purify Sackujos mind and she starts to speak devilish. Damien Thorn walks in introduces himself and throws her out the window.*

Fastlegs kills said Damien Thorn and then starts a sword fight with SumSamurai, after 5 mins Fastlegs stabs SumSamurai in the chest with her hidden blade.