Destroy the poster above


Dr b decided to resurect the great sumsamurai and fitted two cybernetic hands. Sumsamurai reuturns and attacks fastlegs with a sword poke and wind mill. Fastlegs is severd into little tiny pieces. Sumsammurai is victorious! returns to pub.

Hold on a minute, you kill loads of people inculding me and Dr.B brings you back to life, that is no fair:D

Speed of the night Fastlegs pet dragon had seen enougth so comes and put Fastlegs back together again with his special fire and then goes into the pub and drags sumsamurai outside and sets him on fire and then goes and destory Dr.B.

oh and Fastlegs goes back into the pub to finish her drink of WKD's

Dr b didn't know I did it, I told him Heihachi did it and now yoshimitsu's on his ass!

Anyway Sumsamurais armor peotected her from the blaze, dragon got upset and ran away. The pissed Sumsamurai barges into pub to take fastlegs on again. only then to find she'd alredy been assinated by jack 5.

yeah just to trick you that was, Bryan and Raven come into the pub for a drink themselves and sumsamurai is on the wanted terriost list for killing loads of people, so Bryan gets fastlegs back to dr.b's lab to bring fastlegs back to life and Raven arrests Sumsamurai and sumsamurai gets sentenced to death by hangin.

Sumsamurai got hanged alright! hung over from drinking too much.:yes

Fastlegs dragon momenteraly went insane and ate raven.

sumsamurai now aims bomb at Dr b's lab and blows it up for his betrail. She laughs insanely! hahahah I'm public enemy number one!

Too Bad sumsamurai was too hung over or she might have knowen that Fastlegs escaped with Dr.b and Bryan and Yoshimitsu killed Speed of the night (yes I'm killing off the dragon.)
to rescure Raven and Sumsamurai got beaten Up by Raven, shot in the guts by Bryan, Her legs Chopped of by Yoshi and her Head choped off by Fastlegs of Fury.

Jfdhfjug who just happened to be watching the blood fued between SumSamurai and FLOF laughs deeply as he reaches for his katana.

"this is going to be fun", he screams. then with all his might jfdhfjug summons the god of war aires into the sword and with a ferocious yell slices FLOF with an attack deemed only as divine.

the war god is satisfied, all is well

Upheaves the dragons massive corpse and hurls it upon to Jfdhfjug. He is crushed by the shear weight of the great beast.

Sumsamurai triumphantly parades away from the scene.

"My Dragon may be dead, but you will not use him in this way to kill others"

As sumsamurai walks away a bolt of lighting comes down swift and fast nearly hitting sumsamurai, sumsamurai truned around in shock, when she does she sees Fastlegs of Fury with her eyes rolled up into the back of head.

Fastlegs starts to walk up to sumsamurai and as she got nearer sumsamurai was starting to feel the prensence of the Lone solider of Fury.

Sumsamurai started out of fright to run for her life and then...


Fastlegs of Fury shot sumsamurai in the back, Sumsaurai dies.

When in doubt, jump about, scream and shout, then whip it out .... your sword i mean ..

*jfdhfjug dashes valiantly towards FLOF, as he does a sword materializes in his hands and with a heavy swing (followed by 50 in blinding succession) FLOF falls apart in many little peices.*

Fastlegs rebuilds her self and uses her eyes to take the sword from Jfdhfjug and instead Jfdhfjug gets sliced in half and dies.

yoshifan hides behind a huge miror! then fastlegs uses her eye powers into the miror, and slices herself in half with jfdhfjug's sword.

well this is a christmas special just for you yoshifan 5

Santa's elfs come out of no where and beat yoshifan to a bloody mess and then Fastlegs puts a sticker and ribbions on yoshifan and pushes him off a cliff.

Yoshifan dies

Sumsamurai beats fastlegs up and then feeds her to Dr Who's killer christmas tree.

*Sings* Oh christmas tree....

[off topic] Dr.Who's killer Christmas tree, never knew he had one.LOL

[on topic] Fastlegs destorys said Christmas tree with her light saber and gets chewburker (that stupid ape from star wars) to eat sumsamurai for Christmas dinner.

*sings* so this is christmas....