Destroy the poster above

the SPCA arrest clar 380 for curity to my pet dragon,

Clar380 is sentenced to death

Fastlegs of Fury carries out the death sentence by choping off Clar380's head, french revelotion style:D mwhaha

I missed this thread!:D

IHTNC suddenly appears infront of Fastlegs of Fury from nowhere... Fastlegs of Fury was shocked to death...

(off topic) Yeah at last, I can destory, after 2 months and 23 days.

(on topic) IHTNC thought he had Shocked Fastlegs of Fury to death, but acturlly it was just a clone image of her, via computer.

The real Fastlegs of Fury sneaks up behind IHTNC and cuts his neck open with her lightsaber and then Fastlegs of Fury gets the reminds of IHTNC counts body and uses it for shooting practice.

Fastlegs of Fury got tired of shooting and rested for a while... suddenly the body of IHTNC moved and slowly walked towards Fastlegs of Fury...

Then IHTNC removed all arrows shot at him and stabbed it all to fastlegs instantly killing the unwary girl...

ok I give up how did you do that :D

ok as Fastlegs was begining to bleed to death, Speed of the night (my pet dragon) comes to Fastlegs rescure in time and sets IHTNC on fire until he is extra cripsy black.

IHTNC dies from the fire.

Speed of the night then uses his healing powers to rescure Fastlegs of Fury, from the wonds from the arrows that IHTNC had put into her.

Fastlegs of Fury was alive and well again.

Damm that, what Im I going to do for my evening entiertainment.

(off topic) is this the thread with the most replies to in this website ever? cause it seems so.

(on topic) i eat loadsa pie, get fat and roll over fastlegs of fury, her of the intense weight al la homer in the new simpsons game :p

(Off topic) yeah it is

(On topic) Someperson looks in the mirror and of a sudden is mistaken by mr. Burns for homer Simpson and fires him from the factory, Someperson dies of the shock.

(off topic) yea when they started the Yot Dinaga posted the "Destroy the poster above" thread... then when Tenshimitsu ( the Boss ) revamped the site some threads where lost so i reposted the thread and since then it has taken off rather drasticly .. then again nothing brings a community of gamers together like senceless killing

(On topic) jfdhfjug grabs a 12 guage shotgun and blows FLOF's knee caps off, then shoots them i the head executioner style

ok cowboy jfdhfjug, this is how I kill cowboys.

As Jfdhfjug walks off in victory thinking he had done what no man has been able to do yet and kill Fastlegs of Fury, all of a sudden as jfdhfjug was about to get back on his house, it caught fire and died.

Jfdhfjug was in shock and then when he turns around what he throught was a ghost was acturlly real and Fastlegs of Fury in 5 secounds flat runs towards jfdhfjug in yoshimitsu style fastlegs gets out her lightsaber and slices jfdhfjug in half, jfdhfjug dies.

and before you ask the fire was speed of the night my dragon.:D

(In refrence to the dragon i assumed i have read recent post)
(Oh and im not a cowboy, i just live in texas so its kinda hard not to end up dressed like that .. especially since i get complemented so much when i do .. im a skater more so into the spike bracelets, black fingernail polish and Tripps* so yea)
*tripps are a brand of pants that are black, baggy and have either red, blue, orange, or lime green seems and tend to be adorned with either spikes, studs or chains.

anyhow Jfdhfjug's body explodes, FLOF starts shaking violently then suddenly stops... FLOF's body slowly starts to take the form of jfdhfjug and FLOF's soul is sent away in to the abyss .. body stealing is hungry work ... jfdhfjug gets a sandwhich!

oi get out of my body.

jfdhfjug was starting to get use to Fastlegs body and as he was about to go home, Fastlegs work boss said "fastlegs get back to work!".

so jfdhfjug had to do Fastlegs pub job and by the end of the night he was so tired that he give fastlegs back her body and jfdhfjug shoot him self to death.

that's what you get when you steal my body.:D

jfdhfjug's body disapears in a puff of smoke, and just as FLOF hears the shadow clone spell her head falls off! jfdhfjug stands over her decapitated body for a moment then vanishes in a swirl of leaves.

Fastlegs made a clone of her self to trick Jfdhfjug into destroying Fastlegs.

after jfdhjug dissappered Fastlegs of Fury hunted him down in his hideout at the bottom of a firey pit, so Fastlegs sends spped of the night down there to kill jfdhfjug and bring him back when killed.

Speed of the night goes down to the firey pit and sneaks up behind jfdhfjug and burns him extra crispy and beings the dead body back to the top of the pit for Fastlegs.

Speed of the night flys off into the night sky and Fastlegs throws jfdhjug's body into a man hole and put's 6 tones of dirt on top of him.

A bystander called Sumsamurai notices that fastlegs can be hard to kill. Sumsamurai aims a nucliar bomb in her direction from the moon. Then... Fastleggs was consumed in horrific firey abyss she and billion of other people were incinerated. opps!

dare to kill me do you, look I will just make your killing quick, so you don't feel much pain.

Sumsamurai conviced she had killed Fastlegs of Fury walks off to a near by pub for a victory drink, only that 10mins later Fastlegs of Fury comes into the pub for a drink as well, when Fastlegs sees Sumsamurai, she takes out her lightsaber and says "lets take this outside, you have already killed enougth people today."

Sumsamurai steps outside with Fastlegs and they begin a big lightsaber fight, eventurlly Fastlegs takes off both of sumsamurai's hands and sumsamurai falls to his knees beggin for mercy, but fastlegs was not in the mood for mercy games so Fastlegs takes her lightsaber to sumsamrai's throt and in a instant cuts off sumsamurai's head.

Sumsamurai Dies