Destroy the poster above

Fatlegs became an alcoholic because she drank too much. She got liver failure and died horribly of sceptiscemia. Mwuahahaha.

{off topic}even I know not to drink too much. first DTPA post on the new YOT

{on topic} throws extreame hot acid on Clar380, Clar380 disendergrates into nothing ness. mwhahaha

Hah! Fastlegs is mistaken... Clar380 had actually teleported away. he reappeared behind her, did Setsuka's Willowcutter move, sliced fastlegs legs off in a smooth slash. And finished her off with a well-calculated stab into her heart. Mwuahahaha.

A mad sceintist, finds Fastlegs and restores her legs and covers them up with real human skin so they would not be expolited and Bring Fastlegs back to life.

now fastlegs is much faster and it only takes her 30 seconds to run to New Zealand and throw a boomerang at Clar380's head and then stab him in the head.

Fastlegs eats Clar380's eyes for dinner. mwhahaha:D

Clar was furious that Fastlegs had mistyaken New Zealand for australia (we dont have boomerangs, lol.) So clar controlled his eyeballs that fastlegs was about to eat and used his laser-eye powers to melt her into slimey goo.


said lessar misses fastlegs and Fastlegs throws the eye balls into the river with a bomb stuffed inside.


Eyes destroyed

Fastlegs forgot she had an extra pair of explosives. When clar380's eyes exploded they actually set off the explosives fastegs had in her pocket. She exploded into a billion pieces. haha

some elfs puts Fastlegs back together again and then the elfs go and kill Clar380, by using his head as a basketball, his arms for tennis and his legs for hockey.

and then threw the rest of the body in the new zealand river as for the body parts that was sports equipment, everyone thought it was very cool looking that Clar380's head arms and legs became offical sports equipment.

Passes by, and contemplates his old mayhem... Spits the floor, in the hopes that someone will slip, and break his neck!

... Fastlegs spots Unknown, goes into Kung-bad-ass-Ninja-fu-mode, slips, gets cut by a piece of splintered glass, and bleed to death...

Too bad, missy!

right this is really going to teach you a lesson.

Rises up from the dead puts a traqlizer dart into Unknown, starps him to a opration table and rearangess Unknowns pretty face into a ugly monster.

when Unknown wakes up, he screams to death from his opration.

Too Bad, Mister Good looks!

How rude!!!

As Unknowns heart stops beating, a small bomb inside of him goes off, sending splintered bone fragments, guts, pieces of meat and so forth everywhere, ripping everything apart - INCLUDING FAST LEGS!

Hence, Unknowns body parts melts into a red-greenish liquid substans (t-1000-style!), and a minute later, Unknown is back in the game!

"Not fast enough, Fast Legs! But thanks for the compliment anyway!" :p

you are not welcome,

Fastlegs lays as broken body parts for two days then a mad sentist comes by and puts Fastlegs back together and back to life and gives Fastlegs ultimate Power.

Fastlegs yells "infinte power, this is great!"

When Fastlegs finds Unknown she let's her rage out by throwing Unknown into a tree, kicking him into the ground and then throws Unknown into the air and shoots unknown.

Unknown dies from the ultimate beating. mwhahaha

(My old mind creativity is starting to lack! *sigh*)

As Unknwon is shot to bits in the air, his spirit leaves his body - a spirit refusing to go down that easily. Being a spirit, Unknown is untouchable of anything physical, and takes this into his advantage.

He charges up a huge energy spirit ball, as he swoops down from the skies and approaches Fasty from above. The impact is enormous, and the ball strikes fasty with such immense powers, that her body is blown to nothing but particles!

After this, Unknown is sucked down to the pits of hell... Argggh! :p

right I'm going to show you way I'm more like the Undertaker then anyone else on this site.

as unknown is wondering around the pits of hell getting used to his new home, the filmer gong sounds of Fastlegs.

"you can't play your ming games with me Fastlegs" shouts a nervous Unknown.

suddly there is a blast in the sky as the T symbol of the undertaker starts lifting up into the air all on fire, then 10 drouids come out with toucthes all light on fire and hold them up in the air.

the gong then sounds again fog starts to fill up the pits of hell, all the sruonding fire in the pit is put out.

it was now all dark in the pit the only thing lighting it up was the drouid's toucthes of fire.

the gong went again followed by the Undertaker's entrance theame, and then unknown looked like he had seen a ghost, Fastlegs comes out in her tranchcoat and undertaker hat.

as fastlegs apporches Unknown, unknown was just going crazy, Fastlegs put the fire back into the pit.

Unknown tried to see if this was just all a dream, by putting his hand out to feel for Fastlegs chest, as unknown touched Fastlegs chest, Fastlegs slaped Unknown and then sent him for a chokesslam into the firery pit of hell.

oh and because we are both sprits now I can touch phscily.:p

Unknowns sprit was no more, Fastlegs celebrates.

Wohoo, haven't killed anyone in ages, literally :D :)

Fastlegs, I'm really sorry but it looks like you're my next victim! Muahahahhha!!!

*screams and laughs in agony while fastlegs looks in confusion*

Fastlegs: WTF?

*laughs again, this time even more brutal and for 7-8 minutes*

*fastlegs is still confuseed*

Me: Oh, sorry.

*shoots through fastlegs's head*