Destroy the poster above

as the new sprit of Fastlegs came towards Clar380's sprit.

Clar380 was so pissed off, that he goes and starts a fight with fastlegs.

but fastlegs deceids to do other things and play dissparing games with him.

so clar380 kept thoring fists and fastlegs kept dodgeing.

eventurlly God saw what Clar380 was doing.

"Clar380 I bannish you to hell and internal damnation" says GOD.

God pulls a lever and sends Clar380 to hell and gives Fastlegs a night in a VIP 5 star hotel.

Clar380 rots in hell to death.

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After banishing Clar to hell, God looks sternly towards fastlegs, shaking his head sadly, "You've been a nuaghty girl. Provoking the poor clar." He walked over to fastlegs, and put a comfortaing arm around her shoulders. "Walk with me" He gave he a nudge and looked towards some particularly puffy clouds, floating sheepishly, bobbibg a little. "Clar and you seem to dislike each other, I can't be sure, I don't read peoples minds because it doesn't seem right." Fastlegs nodded approvingly, realising she was talking to god she began to shake. It seemed so casual it was comforting in a way. God stopped, held a hand under his chin, brooding silently, his bushy white eyebrows curling elegantly into a frown. "Even though you're both dead and it'd be wrong for me to bring you back to life, I suppose you two will have to be reborn into new souls." He paused, looked sideways, a tiny smile on the edge of his mouth, "You won't remeber anything, but you two will recognise each other, even though you won't know why." Fastlegs listened intesely, none of it making much sense. God continued, "You two will met in the next life, there will be your chance for reconciliation." He turned to her, gave her a wry smile and made a booming sound from his mouth. All of a sudden, fastlegs felt at tug at her belly button and then she was reborn.

Same thing happened to clar, god unbanished him and had him reborn.

offtopic: I did that because I was running out of ideas to bring me back to life, maybe this way we can just startover. Helpful? Oh, and when you were reborn, you died first. hhehe

Clar380 was getting use to being back inside his new body, and he was thinking he has forgot something.

as Clar380 keeps walking, he see Fastlegs on T.V

"my arch enemy on T.V"

Fastlegs was on T.V because she had become the new King Of Iron Fist champion and now owned a bissuness called Manji Zaibatsu.

Clar380 wanted to kill Fastlegs and take the bissness off her, Clar380 goes and sneaks into the MZ, but Fastlegs somehow saw the attack coming and ordered her Ninja's of the Night to kill Clar380.

the Ninja's killed Clar380, no sweat.

offtopic: now we have something to fight for, maybe this way more people will try to destory us, but I will always make good and evil souls Rest In Peace.

oh and Manji Zaibatsu is better because we are Yoshimitsu supporters.

Before making his way to the Manji Zaibatsu, clar had already devised a plan. He knew fastlegs would know he was coming, so he exerted four quarters of his energy into creating four illusory copies of himself using his ninja skills to distract Fastlegs' ninja minions away from her. The first copy had already died and that saddened him somewhat, the second was midway through a duel with a mediochre guard, the third was hidden in the shadows to keep watch from the oposite direction and the fourth was at clar's side, acting as his bodygaurd. Clar dashed thorugh all the fighting and commotion as silently as the wind, entered the Zaibatsu complex without notice and proceeded to the main hall.

Half expecting an army waiting for him, he cloaked himself with what energy he had left and crept silently into the hall. To his suprise, there was no one but fastlegs in there, lounging lazily upon the throne. Although clar had no interest in owing the Zaibatsu, he thought he could do with a few billion dollars and an army at his command. He grinned at the thought, but shook it away as he noticed fastlegs shift her weight from side to side. The throne must be very uncomfortable, he thought. He dropped down towards the floor and landed smack in the cnter of the room and stood straight. Fastlegs looked uninterested at the sight of him, as if his sudden appearance was foreseen.

Then she spoke, "You... again?" she chomped noisily on a chicken leg, and took at long glug at her goblet of fancy wine. "I knew you'd come" she said, "You're too skilled for my ninja servants and I can't be bothered fighting you right now, as you can see" She held her arms out, her bloated stomach seemed to grow bigger. Clar winced, "Um... Duel me! My soul, the Zaibatsu." She pondered on it over a sip of her wine then announced she would accept but only if he could wait till tomorrow.

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fastlegs let clar380 stay at the Manji Zaibatsu over night, but had all of clar380's clones destoryed and got the ninja's of the night to blindford and handcuff him, when he wanted to go somewhere, so he could not see what Fastlegs was planning.

the next day came, and at dawn the fight was to start, but Fastlegs had a test for Clar380 "you must first Kill a lion and a dragon, with your bare hands, if you do that you will Fight me, if you fail you will die"

Clar380 killed the lion and dragon, but when it came to fight Fastlegs he was to tired, this was Fastlegs plan all alone to get clar380 to tired to fight so he was easy killings.

Clar380 fainted, so Fastlegs got her Ninja's of the night to tie Clar380 to a post in the arena, the crowds was cheering for Fastlegs to Finish the job and Kill Clar380.

but Fastlegs wanted Clar380 to suffer a very painful death and so got Clar380 to wake up, "what have you done?" screams Clar380. "just what I want to do Kill you" says Fastlegs.

Fastlegs got a sharp still knife out and cut Clar380's neck, just so it would bleed and give Clar380 Pain, next fastlegs started to scare all of Clar380's body in cuts.

after 2 mins of scareing Clar380, Fastlegs reached Clar380's heart.

"while good-bye Clar380" and fastlegs stabed the knife into Clar380's heart, Killing Him!

Fastlegs then went back to her throne, awaiting her next victim.

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Fatlegs wiped her blade, being careful not to cut herself. She was sitting in her uncomfortable throne in her empty hall, sipping at her wine. It was awfully quiet, she thought, and it was beginning to bother her a little. She decided to go for a walk, to help burn off her bloated belly. She had only made a few steps bfore she heard deliberately loud footsteps. She turned, "This is becoming bothersome Clar, how do you do it?" fastlegs put a hand on her hip and tipped her head to one side. Clar smiled briefly and then pulled his face back into his serious expression, "never you mind. I don't need to tell you" He took a step closer. Fastlegs ran a attentive finger over the blunt side of her knife, "It doesn't matter, either way I'm going to kill you... yet again" She said throwing the knife as hard as she could, aiming at clar's head. She missed. Fastlegs gawked for a second out how bad her aim was, wondering if her recent drinking had something to do with it.
Clar chuckled loudly, "You missed, but it's not alcohol that made you miss - " He seemed somewhat amused, "actually, it does..." He put a finger under his chin then grinned wildly at fastlegs. "Poison!" Fastlegs shouted, putting a delicate hand over her mouth, "Noo! Darn you clar - hhh kauechhh" She choked on his name, groping at her throat as it began to burn from within. With a wide-eyed expression, she fumbled to the ground. "That'd teach you for slitting the throat of my fifth clone." He walked away as fastlegs squelched in pain. Then there was silence...

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Fastlegs, wroke up to be hearing alarm bells ringin, "glad you are awake again, Clar380 is trying to rob our lot" explains the Ninja commender.

Fastlegs starts to run towards the vault to catch Clar380 with her army of clones robbing the safe of fortune.

"how are you still living?, I killed you" shouts Clar380

"don't know just woke up, thought you killed me this time acturlly, but I guess it's my turn now, but let's make this more intresting since it seems we have army's how about we go to war, yes world war 4! (tekken 6 did 3).
the victory army gets the Manji Zaibatsu". says Fastlegs

Clar380 agrred and the war was on, "we will meet in a battle field in a few days from now but here is a present",

Fastlegs gets her light sebar out and destorys clar380 and his army of clones.

offtpic: This makes me luagh soo hard. lol and no, I only had five clones.

Clar used his ninja skills to create illusory images of himself (not clones) and managed to escape the hall without a scratch. His blatant use of his enrgy earlier had cost him dearly and he had become extremely weakened. How foolish of me, he thought.

Wondering how fastlegs had survived his most deadly poison, he trudge as silently as he could to the exit, knowing that he couldn't possibly win against fastlegs on her own turf. "Goodness! You're the dumbest man I've met!" Clar380's conscious had decided to pay a visit and mock him for his failure, "Why didn't you just stab her or something. You can't always expect poison to work". Clar ignored his conscious, shrugging it away as if he couldn't hear. "Humph! You dare ignore me?" Conscious asked , giving clar a mental punch in the mouth. "I don't need you right now, Consious. Im busy trying to stay alive." Clar answered reluctantly, rubbing his sore mouth.
"As you can see", clar indicated to a pile of dead ninja minions lying on the floor, "fastlegs has an army, and isn't afraid to use it." Clar paused for effect, "and I... Have no army." Clar accepted the miseerable truth: he was weak, had no energy left to fight and was beyond having any friends to help. He pondered on suicide for a moment.
"I can help!" Consious said cheerfully, jumping up and down in clar's mind like a small child.
"How?" Clar asked, suddeny curious. Consious went silent as if he were collecting his own thoughts then continued, "Your brother. Call him."
"Of course!!!" The words burst out of Clar's mouth, his mouth twisted into a malicious grin. "Lets see you get out of this"

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Stabs fastlegs in the eyes so she can't roll them up. throws hot embers into them and pushes her off a cliff. lol.

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on topic: a few days had past.........

the day to start World War 4 had come, Fastlegs and her army of ninjas was ready in a field armed to the teeth in weapons.

"where is Clar" thinks Fastlegs.

all of a sudden a army of robots started to come up to the field, this was clar380's army thanks to his mad sentist brother.

the Ninja's and fastlegs was laugthing thier heads off, because robots was easy for them to destory.

all the ninja's charged at the robots and the battle begun.

Fastlegs decied to go and find Clar and kill him.

:off topic: your turn to write next, oh and shots Clar in the nervous system parlzing him and eventurlly dies.

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Clar led himself and his army of robots over a small hill that levelled out onto a plain and flat field. Clar was saddled comfortably into a robotic horse, it's red eyes scanning the field. It had spotted fastlegs and her army of ninja a mile across from them, a dusty cloud billowing in their wake. Clar had ordered a small contingent of high-tech robots for a little skirmish attack. The group of fourty-five robots, equiped with high-velocity plasma rifles, retractable claws, ten plasma-injected grenades capable of incenrating anything weaker than titanium alloy marched faithfully towards the enemy. Clar had another group of robots prepare to bombard the enemy from afar. Clar himself would lead the main charge. He had also sent a large group of androids with robotic horses away from the battle, when he gave the signal they would ride towards the rear of the enemy line.

The androids were his best fighters, they had been programme to be skillfull on horseback, have great accuracy using ranged weapons (which include traditional weapons like bows and arrows), are adept users of the ninjato, katana, broadsword, sabre and lightsabre. Clar hated lightsabres because you couldn't hold the blade without burning your hand off.

"Air support!" Clar yelled behind him, a whizzing and buzzing sound came towards him. It seemed there were hundreds of little fliying orbs hovering around him. Theses things seemed harmless, but if you get too close, they sprout robotic spiderlegs and attack using its pinning razor blades. they also had lasers attached.

Clar knew this would be too much for fastlegs. Her meager army of bamboo armoured ninja, bradishing steel blades would be no match for clar's Technology. But he could not underestimate her.

Clar's younger brother appeared fom behind, he said he would be leaving, saying something about not being a good fighter, but clar hardly cared, he hated his brother. As his borhter left the army clar gave the signal for the skirmishing to begin.

The samll group of skirmishers' march suddenly gained speed, turning from a trot to a flat oput sprint reaching speeds of 35kmph. All in straight rows of ten, they began to toss their pointed javellins into fastlegs screaming rabble and each time, ten men would fall. When the javelin/spears ran out, they fired their plasma rifles, melting the skin of fastlegs minions. Their screams of pain echoed across the battefield as clar watched safely from his hill. Clar lifted a hand, ordered his skirmishers back and ordered his Rangebots to send a hail of plasma bombs down on his enemies...

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Sorry I got carried away. After stabing her eyes, burning it with hot embers and pushing her off a cliff she seomhow survived, So I push a large boulder off the cliff to crush her just that little bit extra. ehehe

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thing was not looking good for Fastlegs army, but Fastlegs was not at the battle lines, she had sneeked off to get clar380 from behind.

as clar was about to order another attack on the ninja army, Fastlegs had stabbed Clar380 from behind and Clar380 was dead the robort army started to obey Fastlegs and now Fastlegs had one all powerful army and had the biggest bissness in the world.

and Clar380 was no more unless he wanted to die more.

offtopic: ok war over.

oh and Fastlegs gets her vision back in time to roll her eyes up and teleport to safety.

Clar wouldn't have been stupid enough to lead the army himself. fastlegs had not killed clar380, but his brother. Clar asked his brother to pretend to be him and disguised himself as his brother. He left the mech army behind. He felt sadness rip through him as he heard the screams of his brother travelling on the cold wind. He wiped a solitude tear from his cheek and pressed foward.

Fastlegs screamed victoriously as she conquered clar's army of robots and most importatnly, clar himself. She searched the field for where she had killed clar, and jogged towards the limp figure. The bloodied shape of a man lay sprawled on the ground as if he were tossed aside like a rag doll. She smiled maliciously as she turned him over and to her utter suprise it was clar's borhter. "NOOOOO!" She screamed into the wind, hoping it would carry her words to clar. Clar had, yet again, evaded her grasp. She kicked the dead body hard in the side and turned away, screaming some orders at her newly acquired robots. They obeyed her faithfully.
She would chase clar to the ends of the world if she had to, no matter what.

offtopic: There, you turn. and please, don't kill me, we're trying to create a storyline. If you keep killing me off I have to keep changing it so that it would work properly. Anyways... Fastlegs teleported herself into a wall, and according to the laws of physics (or so I think), she bacame part of the wall. Eventually she dies.

off topic: last time I checked that law of physic does not excest.

ontopic: Fastlegs was sitting on her throne eatting loads of junk food as usual, she just could not belive that she had killed Clar380 brother.
she thought if clar380 was going to get revenge for this or if he did not care which is why he has dissappered.

Fastlegs was so bored sitting on her throne doing nothing, so she deicied to start something new.

"COMMENDER, GET IN HERE" shouted Fastlegs.

"commender, put a racim up for anybody that finds Clar380 dead or alive, the reward ?100,000, but here is the sneaky part we will give them something more then an award if you know what I mean" explains fastlegs.

now get those roborts sticking and making the poster ASAP commender.

"yes mam" says commender.

Fastlegs goes back to eatting junk food and playing Tekken on her PS2.

offtopic: your turn, oh and throws at rock at clar forceing him to go over the egde of a cliff and puts a grande down there for good messure. Clar dies from the blast.

Clar had been travelling by himself for nearly a month, stopping in at small towns and villages, offering his skills as a fighter, conjurer and herbsman for payment. He'd been wandering the southern regions of the country, far from the pying eyes and financial grasp of the Manji Zaibatsu. For some reason, it had no control over this part of the country. but everynow and then, he'd see a few trucks driving by with the Zaibatsu logo on it and he see "Wanted" posters of himself plastered along the sides of trucks, buildings and cars.. He cringed at the sight.

Throughout his entire travelling he sensed someone or something following him. Clar was certain that it wasn't human, and he felt it wasn't a threat to him. Actaully, it seemed to just follow faithfully, like a servant.

Clar sat dwon by the side of the road, pulling off his worn shoes to nurse his aching feet. He was wearing a pair of tattered and dirtied pants, a outworn shirt covered by a tattered and shredded cloak. He found this guise much to his liking, since no one would take notice of a poor beggar. He heard something behind him, a buzzing noise. He waited quietly, pretending he couldn't hear until the thing came within his reach. He grabbed at something round and hard, made of metal. He couldn't belive his eyes. It was one of those robotic orbs. It had followed hjim all this way. Why? He asked it what is was doing and it replied in a monotonal voice, "you are my charge, I cannot allow you to become in danger," The orb bobbed up and down, buzzing quietly. "My maker made me especially for you -" it spun cheerfully, turning it's scanner-eyes towards the east, "I can't leave you, im not allowed".
Clar looked at the puny orb, feeling sadness grip him again. His brother had made this one samll orb just for him and now he was dead. The guilt made him weep. Somehow, he would have to face his enemy and avenge his death but how. How can he defeat someone so powerful? He couldn't think right now so he stood up, gestured to the orb to follow him and they walked.

"Do you have a name?" Clar asked, the orb began to do spinning somersaults. "I do, I do!" It screeched, flying into clars arms. "I am Bob". Clar frowned heavily, supressing a smile. Only his brother could have come up with such a simple name. Clar laughed.

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The blast from the grenade blew clar380 back into the air and his body landed hard on top of fastlegs, crushin her spine and brain.

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to bad the orb was really a bomb and the mintue Clar pressed the button the bomb blew clar into a thounsand body parts.

Off topic: the story is over.