Destroy the poster above

Long time, no see. I'm a little bit lost about those earlier posters but I don't care.
Fastlegs tries so hard to win me but I am tougher than anyone can expect. I have now my own Keyblade and Fastlegs doesn't realize that I'm doing a powerful attack to defeat him: Trinity limit. That light is too much to him.

hey Jake, I'm a girl you idiot.

didn't you look at my gallery tut tut

anyway I hope you like to dance jake because fastlegs pulls out her new gun from her jacket and starts to shoot at jake's feet which sends jake dancing off the end of the cliff, but manages to hold on to the end of the cliff.

fastlegs comes up close and says" you have two choices join me or die at the end of this cliff"


IHTNC interrupts "or die at the end of this cliff!", pushing both fastlegs and jake to the edge of the cliff.

Then as both of them are falling, IHTNC throws a hand grenade at them and explodes, ripping both of their bodies to pieces.

(First frag this year! :D woot!)

fastlegs and jake where in a bad way.

"Jake we must wrok together to get back at ihopethisnamecounts" says fastlegs

jake and fastlegs join foruces,

later when ihopethisnamecounts is in the pub glotting to all of his mates, about what he had done to fastlegs and jake.

lights go out and the pub starts to fill up with smoke or fog and then the pub lights go back on and ihopethisnamecounts looks like he wants to shit him self for just seeing fastlegs and jake standing right in front of him.

"having fun there you mass murderer" says jake.

ihopethisnamecounts gets out anouther grande, but this time since fastlegs saw it coming, she rolls her eyes back into her head and forces the grande to go off in ihopethisnamecounts hand, blowing off his hand and half his arm.

"well he can't be now, not now he has been made half arm less" says fastlegs.

but with his good arm left ihopethisname counts gets out a gun aiming at jakes head, but fastlegs using her super speed pushes jake out of the way just in time and the fight was on between ihopethisnamecounts and fastlegs, but because fastlegs was starting to get borad she just got her gun out and shot at ihopethisnamecounts heart sendind him in a bloody mess down into the ground.

Clar380 Mysteriously appears from out of the shadows. His appearance livid. He said in a dark, cold voice, "humph" in a deathly tone. Darkness envelopes Fastlegs, she tries to roll her eyes up to stop this madness, but Clar380 thought ahead. He utterred an incantation that stopped her, she died. Clar380 commits seppukku. hehee. lol

Are you laughing fastlegs? Sorry my reply was a bit dumb, don't forget I've been away for ages.

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but it's good to be able to destory you again:D

rises up from the dead and gets clar380 by the neck, and chokeslams clar380 into a bottomless pit where he falls forever

Clar380 thinks carefully whilst falling into nothingness. He simply teleports himself back up to land, silently sneaks up to an unexpecting fastlegs, mutters his incantation so fastlegs can't roll her eyes up and stabs her in the neck. After that, he throws her into th bottomless pit.

clar380 is rising his hand to say he has won the on going battle with fastlegs, as clar380 exits the pub the gong of fastlegs goes off and everyone in the pub shouts no.

fastlegs appers on the tv screen and she is life less all of a sudden another gong goes off and fastlegs awakens saying " we not proud the sprit of Fastlegs lives in the souls of all mankind, soon all mankind shell witness the rebirth of Fastlegs, I SHELL NEVER REST IN PEACE."

Fastlegs goes life less again and the T.V screen switchs off then someone in the pub says Clar look outside, clar380 can belive his eye's fastlegs was forever rising from the pit into the sky, but before going out of sight fastlegs gets her gun out and shots clar380 in the neck as a scare to remind him, fastlegs will be back.

clar380 just could not take it and decieds to throw him self off the cliff into the bottomless pit:D

Huh? Clar380 falls, yet again. and decides not to come back up, and continue to fall forevever. Meanwhile fastlegs bursts into flames. She dies of spontaenous human combustion. lol.

clar380 throught he was going to fall forever, but to he's surpise he ends up stopping falling after 2 days into somekind of cave.

clar380 starts looking around but all he could see was pictures and tribal symbols of monsters, it was starting to freak clar out.

but finlally it had seem that clar had found some light at the end of the cave, but it wasn't what clar was expecting it was a table full of food.

clar decieds to tuck in, but after clar finishes and starts wondering how he is going to get out.

fog starts to come into the cave.

"fastlegs is that you!" scrams clar.

but what happns next is that fastlegs stabs clar in the back from behind.

"don't say thanks for the feast" says fastlegs as she leaves the cave.

off topic: LOL, where'd did the food come from?

after fastlegs satbbed clar in the back and left the cave, the dead body of clar lay still on the ground. suddenly it dissappeared and the true clar380 stepped out of his hiding space. Clar had used his ninja abillities to create a second and full working copy of himself, at the expense of half his ki/life energy. He trudged carefully into the darkness of the cave, extending his senses as far as he strength could manage. He knew fastlegs had already left, but something else was in here. It wasn't evil nor good. whatever it was, it was curious about clar and fastlegs. Clar380 did not want to encounter this creature so he headed off silently as possible after fastlegs.

Clar had been walking for what seemed like a day before he entered a large ominous carvern, the curious presence had grown more intent on confronting clar; he did not like this. Clar had slowly recovered some strength and knew he had only enough to mask his presence from a sly fastlegs and the strange being following him.

He masked himself and sped across the cavern floor hoping not to run into anyhting else, and then all of a sudeen clar heard a loud thump. Somthing limp fell next to him. Clar looked in astonishment at the starry-eyed face of fastlegs staring endlessly into the darkness of the cave. What had happened to her, clar didn't know, but he took this chance to finish her off with a quick stab throught the rib cage with his nanjato. He cleaned his blade and trudged on into the darkness.

[off topic]
I knew you where coming down into the cave so I decied to give you a final feast at least when you try to kill me have the manors to say thank you.

oh and I see you have met my pet Dragon,Fury.

I told him to KO me so you would not think that the so called monster belonged to me in the first place.
[end of off topic]

anyway fury comes to fastlegs aid and uses he's ablitiy to recover humans back to life on fastlegs and then sets Clar380 on alight with a special fire that can not be put out with water.

and clar 380 just lays on the ground while fastlegs piles wood on him to make a very big bonfire.

"mashmellows anyone?":D

[off topic again]
I will be adding a extend profile for my new pet Fury.

whhilst fastlegs was offering a badly burnt marshmallow to her pet dragon, clar380 slipped from beneath the burning pile of wood, cloaked himself with his ninja abillites and hid in the darkness of the cave.
Fury (the dragon) was beginning to become fed up with fastlegs' bad cooking and decided to eat her instead.
After swollowing her whole (lol) and feeling thoroughly satisfied, Fury spread it's great big wings and flew away. Clar380 chuckled to himslef, "shame... eaten by her own pet"

ohh I only had fury for 48 hours, this sucks.

fastlegs was swallowed whole so she got her lightsaber out and cut a gap in the middle of Fury's tummy and started to drop back to earth and to some susprise landed on top of clar 380.:D

"thanks for breaking my landing"

and cuts clar380 into two with her lightsaber and then cuts clar380 up limb from limb and then fastlegs puts all of clar380 limbs in a sack and takes the body parts back with her for her new pet

as soon as fastlegs returns to the cave she finds a new black and red dragon.

"damm I don't know what I'm going to call you"

as fastlegs feeds clar380 to her new pet dragon and try to think of a name for the new pet she sees alot of simulaties between this pet dragon and Fury it's like Fury had a twin or something.

" I know I'll call you speed of the night"

and all Speed of the night could say as it munched the last bit of clar380 limbs was "BURP"

[off topic]

I don't know about you clar380 but I think it's time we take our rivly up to the next level, because we have been at it for two months now.

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fastlegs : I don't know about you clar380 but I think it's time we take our rivly up to the next level, because we have been at it for two months now.

Yes! but how? We shan't resort to throwing rocks at each others houses :D If only there was an online tekken. But sadly, because of tekken being a frame-based game that'd be impossible. That way we could have a few sparring matches. How exciting that would be!


Fastlegs patted her new dragon affectionately, savouring the taste of victory. Her dragon burped loudly and gave her a fright, she chuckled heavily to herself, "you wouldn't eat me. Would you?" Speed of the Night answered with a soft grunt that stirred the sandy ground at her feet. Suddenly, the dragon's stomach began to rumble ferociously and the dragon vommited her stomach acid onto fastlegs and she died. Apparently, Clar380's body pieces never settled properly witht the dragon. :D

Meanwhile: The spirit of Clar laughed again, "...killed a second time by her own pet. Priceless!"