Destroy the poster above

*Ties SiCdRaGoN87's tongue to a rope, attached to a 100 KG anvil. Kiri throws the anvil out of the window. SiCdRaGoN87's tongue, followed by all his innards, get ripped out.*

Saw that one on the Itchy and Scratchy Show too ;)

"WHEEE!" Koga enjoys the skateboard ride, climbs up the hill and smashes the skateboard into Kiri's head. The board brakes in two halves.

"What the... YOU BROKE MY BOARD!!!!" Koga is furious, takes her motorbike and drives over Kiri. Three times.

*uses collection of butcher knives to decorate Kogamitsu's face into a bloody mass of brain and nerves*

*stabs her with triple spear and allows her to hang or her bowels.

After that...

*throws her half-dead body into an acid pool full of spiders that eat the remains of the corpse*

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Go, acid-proof spiders! Go! :P
That was horrible, Dinaga! I wonder if i can top that. ^^

*Binds Dinaga to a operating table, and gently makes an incision in his chest using a rusty scalpel.
Then he takes some big black leaches from a muddy jar, and tugs them in with Dino's organs. Then gently he sews the skin back together, enclosing the happy leaches within their new host.*

i knock out kiri eith a bat. then push dinaga off the table and strap kiri to the table. i drug her and cut her skull in half. put her in a wheel chair. i cut peice of her brain away feed her the cooked brain. HEY KIRI HOW DOES UR BRAIN TASTE?!(Hanible Kicks Ass)

*throws acid-proof spiders at SiCdRaGoN87, which eat his eyes. Then he takes gigantic hammer and smashes his head until it becomes a mass of brain pieces, eyes, meat and blood. Then takes a bag of worms and lets them eat the dying body, leaving it to die a horrible death*

Kiri,. that was just plain mean :D

SiCdRaGoN87, just a note: Kiri's a male :D LOL :D

sorry my mistake. any way back to the killing.

kills Dinaga by shooting him with a rocket launcher point blank. i died to but im used to in.(SORRY AGAIN,I am a dumb ass).:blush

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Carefully aims the sword and does the "Zetsumeiken" technique piercing SiCdRaGoN87.

*Beats Tenshi down, Hangs her by her feet and lets a wild bull ram her to death*

Grabs jfdhfjug, spins into a Wheels of Hell and then immediately transports both myslef and jfdhfjug into a game of Quake III, where I grab a railgun and zap his butt off the edge, where he falls into space momentarily before exploding into splat.

*Grabs Rusty Circular Saw Blades And Sticks Them Into Salinaspaul's Body and drop kicks Them into a wall lodging the blades in further*

uses ninja mind trick to get jfdhfjug to comit suicide. he takes his blades out of salinaspaul's body and stab them into his chest.(kev was this trick on that game tenchu) its was not hard to convence him, simple minded fool.

so i'm simple minded huh? well *I grab a computer modem and beat SiCdRaGoN87 repeatedly with it then smash his head in with the monitor* he he "join us next time on when computers attack"

i stRaggle jfdhfjug with a mouse cord. HA HA UR HEAD EXPLODED. MODEM GLASS HURT LIKE HELL!!:((

moniter glass u moron well i *grab an old chainsaw and disembowl jon* *then i kick his multiple parts in to a fire and watch them burn* he he he fire rules