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Anyways... Stabs Fastlegs in the back, twists the blada and rips out her spine. Puts hand up the hole in her back and pulls out her brain and eats it for dinner. Of course, I cook it. Im not a savage. lol.

hey that's no fair,

anyway as fastlegs lays there dying just before she gets stabbed she had rolled her eyes up into the the back of head which means something strange happens.

as the gang eat fastlegs brain's, that same chill fills the air again.

clar380 says" what is going on we killed fastlegs did we not"
unkowenDNA says" and she is not the undertaker, so she could not comeback from the dead can she?"

they stayed puzzled for a few more seconds, as they look up into the tree tops and see a figure that looks like fastlegs.

the figure in the tree says" you shell pay for stabbing me in the back"

DNA says" fastlegs we killed you.
Fastlegs says" just before you killed me i rolled my eyes into the back of my head witch means i can do anything i plz".

and then thick fog comes over the tree that fastlegs was in and she dissapers.

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Considering fastlegs' brain had been eaten with a wine to wash it down, Clar380 was bewildered to see the livid image of fastlegs swishing around in a tree, conjurring fog from out of nowhere. "Hmmm, time to banish her, I think... Are you with me Unknown?"
Unknown slurps on his wine, thoroughly annoyed at the fact that their lovely feast had been interrupted. "Of course! I was enjoying that meal" Unkown sniffled as the fog began to envelope them.

"What are you two doing?" Asked fastlegs, whilst waving her arms in the air.
"None of your business, missy." Said Clar380 stubbornly.
UnknownDNA muttered something and all of a sudden the air cleared and the fog had abruptly parted. "What the ????" exclaimed fastlegs.

Clar380 vanished from where he was, reappeared above fastlegs, his katana gripped tightly in his hands. "surrender or die!"
"Never!!!" shouted fastlegs as clar380 brought down his sword in a decisive stirke. Just like how the fog had parted, so did fastlegs body. It split in two, and fell from the tree, landing besides Unknown.
"Do you feel hungry Clar?" aked Unknown. Clar380 shook his head and added, "I'm not into cannibalism that much."

Clar380 and Unknown walked off, the two pieces of fastlegs left behind them.

PS: This is not part of the RPG story, I just wanted to write a long as killing. lol.

keep to the stroy and incase you forgot i dissappered befroe you wrote in here anyway and what is this gruage you have got against me anyway.
after a night of killing and coming back to life again.

the group set off once again still thinking when will fastlegs strike again.

unkowen and clar talk on their way to get some help to deal with fastlegs.

"so who from the shine should we ask to help combat fastlegs when she strikes again" say unknowen.

"how do we know that she wants to kill us" says clar.

"for all we know that might have been a reason she wanted to be with us" countiues clar.


"well if you say so but i am not going to pay for your mistake if fastlegs is trying to help us" says clar

when they arrive at the recurtment shine they scout possible people to help them on there quest.


ok guys the next bit is upto you the next person to post on this thread will be on the RPG game quest with the others.

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I've lost the plot of the story, sooo... really, we should just create a new thread for rpg.

ok will make a new thread for the RPG game and close this but will keep the feedback going so people can tell us about their chracter in the new rpg game.

people who have already done profiles for this one fear not, you can keep your chracter profile for the new RPG game thread.

people who want to be inculded in the next RPG game thread i will make a sign up list so when i start the new story( if no one minds that is) i can keep in mind everyone who wants to be in it.

Bar-b-ques Fastlegs with flamethrower and cooks marshmellows over the burning corpse

rolled up eyes before to make herself non flamble.

and the mashmellows get burnt.

and throws water over the fire to spoil dinner

pokes fastlegs in the eyes as to prevent her from rolling it up again...:D

Fastlegs now walks blindly on a cliff and eventually falls hard on the rocky grounds...

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* = I ate the first 3 missing other pages:D

i can still hear and feel,

finds a brunch at the edge of the cliff gets her sight back. jumps into the sky d/f+3+4 i hope this name counts to the ground. digs a grave and buryed him alive.

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The dumb-ass

fastlegs sets off to find her next victim when she sees clar380.

fastlegs goes up to clar and says "where is yor unkown brother runing up the trees"
clar trys to get her sword out but fastlegs rolls up her eyes and clar's hand frezzes up and she is made imoblized.

as fastlegs gets her sword to kill clar, a voice says stop fastlegs, don't do it.
but fastlegs kills clar.

and the person who said don't do it apperes

next to post is the voice who shouted to fastlegs

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'You stupid stupid womam!' shouts fastlegs mother as she runs out of a bush, (lol).
fastlegs mother gives her a hearty slap and sends her to her room.


if only my mum was that mean to me in real life.

back to the drawing borad clar.

damm and i laughting my head off in the libury.

sneaks out of her bedroom window.