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(I'll continue where we left off, of course i'll have to trim it a bit considering i forgot the whole thing).

Clar380 awoke suddenly, his heart beating as if he'd just run a marathon. "What the hell happened... Ow!" He found

bruises all his body and was wondering where the hell he got them from. "Damn it!"
He thought carefully of the last things he could remember, and the only thing that he could remember was throwing

IHTNC's severed arm off the cliff edge. He laughed haughtily after seeing the image of IHTNC joining his cut limb.
"Gosh, i wish i knew what happened..."

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Let me try...

Then IHTNC woke up and found himself below the cliff where clar380 pushed him.

"What was that all about?", IHTNC groaned as he try to pick himself up. IHTNC was confused as he recalls every detail of his dream right to the smallest details. It seemed weird because he never remembers his dreams THAT clear. Suddenly he felt something strange, as if a great war is about to happen.

IHTNC hid and reviewed his surroundings. After confirming that it's safe, he continued on his way and try to regain all of his lost energy. Then when he looked at the sky, he noticed a beam of light pointing on a nearby land mass and on the opposite end of the sky, there was a building cloud of darkness.

Suddenly the feeling rises up again, this time as if the great war is about to start. Worried, IHTNC run as fast as he can, not knowing where he'll go or what would happen. Then he saw clar380 once again, this time the feeling stopped. He now felt nothing, everything remained silent. Too silent it was deafening. As if everything on the heavens, on the earth, and below it are waiting for something.

Something great and massive anyone alive today has seen...

Due to the energy lost on IHTNC, he fainted... "No, I can't faint! Not yet! not until he (clar380) dies...", he said trying to fight off his weakness. But alas, his dream a while ago flashed in his eyes. "What is this? What does this mean?!", he said. His dream flashed faster. He saw other glimpse of his previous encounters, killing frenzies and then... His body couldn't take it anymore and failed on him, bringing him down to the ground.

clar380 saw this and was confused. "Not today, my friend. Not today.". He walked away from IHTNC's body, ignoring the chance to kill him.

Clar380, seeing his enemy in such a state he felt alot of pity, and was shocked at how he felt for his dissoriented enemy. "Not today my friend. Not today," He said as he turned to walk away, nursing his tender bruises.
"Hey! Wait a minute!" He realised something. "You're not my friend! What was i thinking when i said that, gosh, I must be still in shock."
"You shouldn't be so mean to him..." Said a far away voice. "Who said that!?" Clar380 demanded, "show yourself!" He waited for movement but nothing happened, "I've already introduced myself once before, dont you remember?" said the strangely echo-ee voice. "No... i cant remember nothing, who are you?"

The strange voice muttered something but clar380 couldnt hear then it said clearly but in a bored tone, "Your concious, I am your concious.." Sounding uninterested. "My whaa?" clar380 asked. "Im not telling you again, i've already said this all before." said the voice angrily. Clar380 put his sore hands beneath his sore chin, "Concious, im sorry but i've never met you and if i have i wouldn't remember". "Excuses! Im tired of this, im gonna go away now" said concious. "Damn you!" shouted clar380 who realised he was now more crazier now than he ever was before and decided to return to his confused enemy.

He turned to see his enemy and noticed something different. HE HAD REGROWN AN ARM!!! "What the hell?" Clar380 was really confused. Where did his new arm come from? Why is he in this sorry state and why is he still alive for that matter? He was truly confused. IHTNC groaned loudly and this gave clar380 a fright, he squelled and fell over. When Clar380 stumbled back to his feet IHNC was gone, vanished, dissapeared....

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Recollects bullets from Uknown's head, and reloads gun, and with a single shot blows IHTNC's head into a bloody mess!

grabs some explosive tipped kunai and sticks them into clar380's head and walks away slowly waiting for the bang ....... BANG!!! there we go.

jfdhfjug suddenly explodes on the spot. No one knows how or why, he just did. Clar380 stiffles a fake tear at jfdhfjug's funeral. lol.
NOTE TO READER: the text within the lines is the actual killing.

(Now, back to our story)

After concluding that IHTNC had run away out of cowardice, clar380 continued on his quest for answers and why he never seems to remember important evens and the small and insignificant fact that his concious had decided to begin tlaking. He thought he was being punished for something he did in his past lives but obviously, he couldn't remember.

"Whare are you going?"asked clar380's concious. "None of your business, i'm trying to remember what happned, and where these damnable burises came from!" Clar380 said aloud as he trudged past a pair of girls eyeing him strangely.
"Angels? Demons?" concious asked. Clar380 froze in his tracks suddenly as though he could remember. "what are you talking about?"
Concious rolled his eyes and swirvled ideep into clar380's mind to reamin there for a while.

clar380 continued on to a small town where he met a strange character.

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IHTNC pushes clar380 on the jfdhfjug's grave. Then he buried clar380 alive and stuck a spear (with a cross at the end) deep into the ground until he feels a crunching sound below.

Now on to the show...

He met jfdhfjug, still dizzy from his dream (he too felt something strange and had some random flashbacks about angels and demons). Though jfdhfjug didn't notice clar380 approaching, both of them felt the deafening silence when their eyes meet.

jfdhfjug, being used to constant nightmares about his childhood past, just rubbed his forehead and greeted the town's new visitor.

"I'd like to know where your leader is..." clar380 said to jfdhfjug.

jfdhfjug lead clar380 on their town leader's hut and left him there.

Outside, clar380 is looking for his consious but he never responded. "Hey, where are you when I needed you? Damn it. Nevermind. How am I supposed to seek info when I don't know where to start?", he mumbles.

"Come in, young one. I've been expecting your arrival, both of you...", he heard a voice from inside whispered.

"What the-? Who's the other one?", clar380 slowly opens the door while holding his sword, getting ready to strike should the need arise and unaware of who's with the elder and what will happen next.

Clar380 was stabbed in the leg as IHTNC thrust his pear through the ground. But just when he struck clar380, a bolt of lightning struck IHTNC's and sizzled him!

side affects may include loss of scalp and penis. lol

His sword at the ready, he opened the door to find an old man sitting in fron of a big pot, that was bubbling and boiling away. Clar380 re-sheathed his sword as he felt that the old man was no threat to him. jdfdhfjug was walking closely behind him as clar380 stepped into the small hut which smelled of spices and chicken.
"Bhaak!" said clar380's concious, "This old man is the leader of this samll town?"
Clar380 and jfdhfjug sat down quietly before the town leader and his couldron.
The old man looked at clar380 strangely as though he could see something he himself couldnt, and nodded approvingly. Clar380 returned the gestuire, "I am honored to meet you, elder"
The old man, lifted his wrinkled hands to his face and brushed aside his bushy white hair taht revealed his walnut-like face, with little eyes peering through what appeared to be flaps of skins that tunred out to be his eye-lidds.
He stared carefully at jfdhfjug and saw something taht pleased him very much, he smiled and nodded in the same fashion as before. Jfdhfjug nodded without a word, watching clar380 carefully for sudden movements. BUt nothing happened, he was sure this was a trap but was suprised to see two young women come through the door with two plates of food and cups of sweet drinks.
Clar380 clapped his hands together hungrily, feeling really hungry.

As they ate, the old man watched them eat every bite. He watched as if he were biting the pieces of chicken himself, thruogh his tangled hair adn his large eye-flaps (lol). When they finished eating, burping and sluping their food, the old cleared his throat and said, "You are both destined to great lifes!"

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Clar380 throws his sword into the air and by coincedence it lands on Uknown DNA's head. He dies. lol.

For you's who haven't got the storyline figured out yet, I'll save you the trouble of having to read these long posts (Especially the ones that are missing among the last three pages, lol).


After the great fight between the angel (IHTNC) and the evil creature who had taken over clar380's body.

(During this fight, clar380 meets his concious for the first time.)

- Clar380 wakes up, totally confused. He had forgotten the whole battle between good and evil because UnknownDNA wiped (and I think he killed me too) his memory to keep the evil within clar380 imprisoned.

- Clar380 wonders where IHTNC had gone to, finds him at the foot of the cliff alive. Then clar380 meets his concious a second time. IHTNC is having a bad day and can't remeber either, he is all confused and totally of his face.

- Clar380 has argument with concious and when he looks for IHTNC he had gone missing.

-Clar380 continues his quest for answers.

-In his travels he encounters jdfhgfjug at a small town. And they both have to meet the leader of the town. The leader of the town is an old man. lol.

Well... that's it so far. So feel free to correct me if I've missed much. Im just trying to out in important parts.

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(Kage Bushin No Jutsu) shadow replication technique... * all of a sudden seven of jfdhfjug appear and use their special attack "Sabaku Kyū" "Desert Coffin", and Clar was crushed to death*

IHTNC challenges jfdhfjug in a quick draw match (ala wild west).
Both stood on each others back and walked several feet then all of a sudden, turned, pulled the gun and shoot. IHTNC pulled and shot faster than jfdhfjug and jfdhfjug drops dead to the ground, and later eaten by vultures roaming the desert.

(Just in addition to clar380's "the story so far", the fight really didn't happen, it was all a dream or a vision of the three warriors, clar380, IHTNC and jfdhfjug. UnknownDNA was there too and warned clar380 of his inner self)

Now for the story...

Meanwhile, while the two were eating at the village leader's hut, IHTNC continues to wander off some other place.

He saw a severely wounded man, half naked lying on the ground. There were lots of furs and scales around him and some burnt and still burning bushes... He muttered "clar... brother...".

Confused, IHTNC rushes to help the wounded man. "I think I've seen this guy before, something in him looks familiar.", IHTNC said to himself while picking up the poor guy. Then he realized who he was. "Oh no! Those eyes!", IHTNC remembers those eyes that gazed upon him in his certain death experience. It was from the horrible beast that he once tried to kill and was able to send to the fiery hell.

"No, I should not help him. He'll recover and become that horrible beast again. I must kill him now!". But IHTNC was hesitant, there's something inside him urging him to help the needy, and this guy is no different.

Finally, IHTNC decided to help the guy. He rushed him up to the nearest hospital and left him there under the care of the doctors.

Then IHTNC realized that the beast could awaken once again so he decided to climb the mountains in solitude, meditate, train and prepare for the nightmare that will surely occur later.

That was so long story that he doesn't notice my trap. He looks down and it's over. Simple, isn't it?

*Throws a rubber rolling mouse towards jake as he stands there confused it explodes *

as jakes body is blown intot he air, it lands on top of jfdhfgjug's haed, crushing his brain and body. lol

Clar380's brother, the evil beast, awoke. He had been asleep in a hospital bed for nearly three weeks. Hi snurse informed him that he had been bought in by a warrior by the name of ihopthisnamecounts. The beast (still in his human form and un-aware of his evil form) asked the nurse about the stranger who had saved hi life, bu the nurse had no more information about the man.

"What's you name, sir?" aksed the nurse, peering sternly at the weakened man. Clar's brother stopped for a moment and thougth carefully. I seemed to have forgotten his name!

(Someone name Clar380's brother. Please!)

The impact of Jake's fall crushed the platform on which they all stand (including clar380) sending them all to some erect spears at the bottom...

(hmmm... clar380's brother might be, clar280? lol <someone please give him a name> anyway...)

Meanwhile, on the mountains where IHTNC is training, he saw a dead bear and he was shocked by what he saw. Something is unusual about the bear's death, there are several toothpicks poking out of the creature's vital points. He immediately became interested to know whoever has that ability.

"I could use it against that beast if ever he awakens again."

IHTNC examined the corpse and found it still quite fresh. He then began searching the thick forest for the one responsible for the bear's death.

"I need to know this skill!", he said with much excitement.

then all in the space of one momenet a chil fell in the air and every one looked around to see the shine's new comer fastlegs coming down raven d/f+3+4 style.

everyone fell into shock at the present's of fastlegs, as she asks if she can join this quest RPG game.

and unkownDNA says " what can a little thing like you do"

so angry of the comment's by unkownDNA, Fastlegs picks up DNA and gives him a Raven speacial Undertaker.

all stuned again, Fastlegs leaves saying " i will wait for your next post for your dicssion.

fastlegs : then all in the space of one momenet a chil fell in the air and every one looked around to see the shine's new comer fastlegs coming down raven d/f+3+4 style.

everyone fell into shock at the present's of fastlegs, as she asks if she can join this quest RPG game.

and unkownDNA says " what can a little thing like you do"

so angry of the comment's by unkownDNA, Fastlegs picks up DNA and gives him a Raven speacial Undertaker.

all stuned again, Fastlegs leaves saying " i will wait for your next post for your dicssion.

Of course you can join! - The more, the better :D

- It would be cool if you read the "RPG" threat through, and dropped a reply about your character there! ;)

Throws a hand grenade towards a backturned Clar, but misses.
Clar hears the bump, spots the grenade lying on the ground, and picks it up. He looks around and spots DNA.
"Hey, Unknown, mate! - You dropped this" and hands over the grenade...