Destroy the poster above

After fighting all the demons in hell just to gain power with no strings attached, IHTNC decided to leave the fiery place and return to the living world.

IHTNC saw clar380 about to throw Jake into nothingness. IHTNC stopped the time (using his new powers) and interferred with the two warriors battling. He switched clar380's and Jake's place and watched the events as he continued the time.

ZAAAP! clar380 was thrown into nothingness! (in clar380's perspective, Jake was the one thrown into nothingness but in reality, it was he who was actually thrown.

Clar380 was shocked. nothing happened. Considering that his magicks were of nothingness, he was suprised that it really did nothing. He sensed IHTNC for a moment before but it seemed he had vanished. Jake was still confused about what happened, but both agreed that IHTNC was tossed into the abyss after a a good chat over some warm tea. lol. They decided to have a fair duel to the death the next morning at sunrise but jake could not be trusted. Jake had come far too early and was trying to kill clar380 in his sleep. Too bad clar380 was pretending. Jake found out the hard way when he notice his head rooling on the floor. (head got chopped off)

As for IHTNC, we will never know what happened to him.

"... Too bad clar380 was pretending. Jake found out the hard way when he notice his head rooling on the floor. (head got chopped off) ..."

clar380 too was surprised to see his head rolling with Jake's head...

IHTNC was not tossed into the abyss but was just hiding as he sensed that clar380 really had no power. He just waited for the right moment to chop clar380's head off. And found it right after clar380 chopped Jake's head.

somehow and from somewhere, IHTNC's head fell to the fell next to his dieing enemies. Funnily enough, they were laughing and having a good old time chatting (considering they had no lungs or no body) about all the the other times they'd killed each other. Then clar380 laughed, "mwuahahahahah". his head flew back up to his still-walking body and re-attached itself to it's neck with a click. He played soccer with Jake and IHTNC's heads before tossing them into his furnace to warm his house.

Clar380, which believed he was the final victor was soon to be proven wrong.

The beast which all though was banished to the pits of hell, had, again, been summoned into the realms of light. Now, raging out from being thrown into the nether realms, the creature bursted out in an immense fierce scream, resounding throughout the nocturnal lands. As before, the prescence of this evil entity, awoke the same familiar feeling in Clar380!

Clar tightened his fist around his trusted sword - "This time i'm ready for you, devouring one!". Clar vanished and melded into the shadows, and began his quest to slay the forsaken being. The scent of the beast was getting stronger and Clar knew he would soon come to face his greatest fear. But he had no idea of what would come to show!

The beast, which he thought were rampaging through the land, leaving death and decadence in it's wake, were in fact hiding. Clar which were surprised of this, approached the creature, vigilant, from the shadows. Unaware, the creature trudged around.
Clar approached noiseless the horrifying being, and now stood only within few metres of the beast, hidden in his shadow meld.
The creature turned around and gazed around. Clar kept completely still, while the creature looked around. The creature released a deep snarl, and turned again. "Hah - not too sharp senses, huh, bitch" Clar thought to himself.
Clar approached the unaware creature once again and raised his magical, runic sword, ready to strike.

The time had come "It's now or never" Clar thought. He layed all his strenghts into the strike, and the blade cut through the air with an enormous power, approaching the creature swiftly. There was no turning back. The blade struck it's target - or so Clar thought. The creature was gone - vanished before his eyes splitseconds before the impact. Clar was dumbfounded and outbursted from his surprise "What the--". Clar realised he had underestimated his foe. Within a flash-second, a claw grabbed around the throat and lifted him up from the ground! The beast turned Clar around and gazed him deeply into his eyes with a flaming red glow. Clar knew his life could be over within every split second now, and attempted to resist his spelled doom. He raised his sword, and thrusted his sword against the creatures chest. But fe failed! The creature had knocked the sword out of his hands. Clar bursted out in a loud roar, knowing he'd get killed any moment - but for his big surprise, the creature did nothing. It just looked him into the eyes. Clar understood nothing of what was happening as the creature released it's grasp.
Clar, which was totally confused just stared at the horror with a uncomprehending look in his face.
Suddently, an immense pain spread in his head. Clar fell to the ground, screaming from his agony, while he held his hands around his head. The boundless pains raged fiercely in his mind, leaving him stunned in the ground, screaming.
Suddently the pain ended.

Clar got on his feet, rubbing his sore head, and looked around. The beast had disappeared. He just stood, wondering - "What the hell was that all about?"

Clar went back home, still wondering. The following nights, Clar was haunted in his dreams. He came to understand the immense headache the creature had caused him was the breakdown of a mental seal. He had now come to learn of his forgotten past - his shadow-art training, his former master - the Dark Lord Behemoth - how he was saved by the Guardian of Light - IHTNC, and that... He had a brother which was not saved.

Clar was stunned as he came realised the truth: "That forsaken beast, driven by the will of the Dark Lord, is... M-my Brother"...

I love it!!! We really should make the RPG world game thing popular. I really should be replying to that other thread but i read this one second and was a bit dumbfounded at how wonderfully thought out this was. Are you a writer by any chance? i'll reply to that ohter thread now but dinners ready now. I cant be bothered killing unknown because he didnt kill me and plus i'd be killing myself, wouldnt I?

EDIT: Learning of his lost past, his brother and the darkness enshrouding him clar380went in search for his past.

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(let me try and add 'thickness' to this plot)

Coincidence it seems but IHTNC always finds himself fighting clar380. And during these battles, there's a deep hatred and a thirst to kill clar380. Though his past too was blurry, IHTNC starts to wonder if clar380 has some vital points in his past.

There's got to be some reason behind this deep hatred and why IHTNC and clar380 always crosses each others path and why both warriors instantaneously draws their swords upon eye contact.

Indeed, nature may have played a trick again and IHTNC and clar380 once again met and immediately started a bloody fight to the end.

IHTNC managed to damage clar380 greatly and was about to finish him off when the beast showed up to protect clar380. IHTNC was surprised about this and decided to concede this fight for now.

"This was your lucky day..." IHTNC said to clar380 and disappears in the shadows.

(by the way, great idea to add some story to this thread)

The Beast breathed heavily, great puffs of warm air streaming form his nostrils (nostrils is such an ugly word). Clar380 reached out to the beast, but he vanished. Clar380 grabbed at the empty air where his sibling stood.
"If only i could remember" thought clar380.

IHTNC returned after he felt the beast's presence vanish. He soo wanted to kill Clar380, his archnemesis, his most hated enemy. He was perplexed as to why the beast had come to clar380's rescue and concluded that clar380 was in league with the beast and under its dark spell. He met clar380 with a threatning glare, "Time to free you from the beast, enemy", IHTNC said as he bowed to honor his enemy. Clar380 returned no respect and turned his back.
Outraged at clar380's disrespect he at lunged at his enemy screaming and shouting as many curses as possible. Clar380 vanished, then re-appeared behind IHTNC. IHTNC had no idea what happened but found he had an arm missing. IHTNC's eyes darted around the ground in search for his arm, clar380 had thrown it off the cliff. lol.

Clar380 explained to IHTNC why he declined his invitation to a duel. He told IHTNC about the beast and his connection to it, his past that he cant remember much of. When he finished, he threw IHTNC off the cliff to join his severed limb.

Clar, the shadow warrior, standed tall from his victory, with his mind filled with bliss and glee from defeating his nemesis. His heart beatet strong, and he gasped for breathe from the previous battle. He raised his hands and gazed on his open palms with a satisfied, almost mad look in his eyes. Though he understood little of his triumpfh, his satisfaction from standing victor was too immense. "With these powers, i am unstoppable!" he thought. He reaised his hands into the air, and bursted in a victorious cry, echoing throughout the horizont.

As he stood there, caught up in this bliss - in his moment of victory - a violet aura slowly spread and wrapped around him, and a deep felt feeling of immense power filled his inner. The aura spread rapidly, and brightened up his surroundings - it looked like Clar was lit on fire. But this was no fire, and so he knew. It was his dark, shadowish powers which had awakened. Clar had become stronger than ever before! But -

In his intense satisfaction from his victory, and newly found powers, Clar was too obsessed and failed to realize which powers truly had awakened. Powers which had been sealed off within Clar. Powers of the depraving Dark Lord Behemoth!

"You fool! You have no idea of what you have awoken, Clar!" - a known voice shouted!

Clar turned his head and looked above his shoulder with a dark, violet burning glow in his eyes. It was his nemesis, IHTNC! After Clar had thrown him off the cliff, IHTNC had managed to grab on to the cliff wall, and with his remaining strength pull himself back up.
"Youuuuu!" - Clar hissed!
His voice was hoarse, and had a strange echoing sound to it. The powers within him got stronger by the second. IHTNC was barely standing, and his pains showed from his facial expression. He was shivering, and bleeding from his wounds. Blood dripped down from a bloodstained piece of bandage wrapped around his missing limb. IHTNC knew he could pass out any second - even die from his bloodloss, but he ignored those facts - he knew something much more important had to be taken care of - Clar had to be stopped!

"Clar - You're not well. You need treatment - immediately! You have no idea of what have awoken in you. Those powers are far beyond your control - you don't know what you're dealing wi--" - IHTNC's speach was interupted by a loud scream from Clar,

"Wraaaaaaaaah! Nonsens!!! - I am stronger than ever befooore. Youuu cannot stop meeeee..." - Clar's shadow aura lighted brighter than before, as an anger grew within him. Clar was ready explode.

IHTNC realized he was not able to make Clar listen. He grasped for his blade and took a solid grip around the shaft. He drew his blade swiftly, and held it up in front of him. Clar bend his head and stirred at IHTNC with a look filled with hatred, and his violet eyes were burning from this. Clar hissed loudly, and charged IHTNC. He Leaped into the air and pounced IHTNC. IHTNC jumped the the side, and swerved his sword against Clar. But he hit nothing but air. IHTNC realized this a split second too late, and Clar punched him in the back with a such power IHTNC flew through the air, and landed 5 metres away from Clar. Clar bursted into a hoarse laughter,

"Hahaha - you haaaave no idea of what you'rrrrrrre up againssssssst!" - Clar hissed.

IHTNC knocked his fist into the ground, and got in his feet swiftly. He was exhausted, and the pains from the strong blow was immense. IHTNC had not a single chance against Clar, and he knew it very well. IHTNC spoke once more,

"Clar! You need to listen to me. There's many things you don't know about. Many... Secrets which we've been hiding from you. Things are not what they seem. You're not--"

IHTNC was once again interrupted - but this time by a well placed punch in the chest, sending him another 5 metres through the air.

"I don't need to listen to yur nonsens anymore. Now you just need to shut up and take whats coming for you!" - Clar screamed!

Clar was furious, and the powers kept gaining energies - kept consuming his mind. As strong as Clar had become, as blind had he become aswell. His anger, and desire from these powers devoured his before so righteous mind. He was loosing himself bit by bit, and the will of the Dark Lord was speaking in his inner through these powers.

IHTNC tried, once more to get on his feet, but his body failed him. He had no more strenght left in him. His body was nearly completely depleted, but his mind failed to accept the fact that he was near his certain death. IHTNC's head was bend, and he could barely lift his eyes to look at Clar,

"Last chance - If you don't listen, Clar, i have no other choice but to take you by force! Give it up, and let me cleanse you from the evil prescence within you! - Or else!"

Clar bursted into an uncontrollable, contemptuous laughter. He Ignored all of IHTNC's words, and started walking slowly towards IHTNC. His body was getting, somewhat transparent as the shadow powers more and more revealed his true form. Clar approached IHTNC, and lifted his arm as he was prepared to finish off his nemesis. He grabbed IHTNC by the throat, and lifted him into the air, and IHTNC grabbed his arm instinctively. The violet, burning aura spread from the arm he held IHTNC with, and started wrapping around IHTNC. IHTNC gasped for breathe, as Clar tightened his hand around his throat. Clar's eyes burned strong, and he lifted his free arm into the air,

"I thought you were made of severe stuff. But you showed to be but an unworthy opponent. I've truly overvalued your powers!" Clar hissed. He swallowed some air, as his aura lit up and surrounded IHTNC. "You shoud've not returned. Now i'll consume your soul" - Clar continued. The shadow-aura wrapping IHTNC was about to display it's true entity as it flamed up. IHTNC screw up his eyes, and bursted out,

"Enoooooooooooooooooough!" - A blinding white, bright light shot out from IHTHC, and like the impact from a huge explosion, Clar flew through the air, and smashed into a piege of rock sticking up from the ground. He jumped on his feet, and gazed at IHTNC, wrapped in this bright light. He understood nothing.

IHTNC hang in the air, floating around in a mysterious light bubble. Clar could barely spot IHTNC from the blinding light - only a shade within. He moaned from the happenings, as he stirred at IHTNC. "That the f***" - Clar shouted. The entity within the light bubble was INTHC. He was evolving - taking his true form. Forbidden was this action, but IHTNC knew the punishment from his crime was far less than what could happen if Clar was allowed to roam free. He did what he felt inevitable. Clar contemplated the shade, as it took it's unhuman form. The arm which Clar cut off grew back out, and wings shot out from IHTNC's back. Clar's was stunned from what he now witnessed. The shade stretched it's body and wings, and the light bubble ended in a huge light-flash. Intense beam's of light shot out and blinded Clars sight. The light subsided, and revealed a strange being. The true form of IHTNC-

Above the grounds where Clar nearly had finished off his helpless foe, a being of light now hovered in the air. It was wrapped in a golden aura, and it was dressed in a think golden plate armor, covered in black runic letters. His head was hidden in a white hood with golden runic letters written across the selvage, and only white glowing eyes were to spot underneath the cowl. From his regrown hand, he held an enormous sword. Straight, with gold-glowing runic inscriptions along the middle. IHTNC was no man, nor were he a monster. IHTNC was an entity of light, a creature of the high heavens - an angel!

He had been banished from the high heavens eons ago by the high heavens. This was his punishment from disobeying his code. He was limited to the strenghts of a human being, and was condemned to sere his sentence like this for two thousand years. Now, he had, once again shown disobedience towards his mentors. But he was left without a choice. He had heard his call, and he knew what was required of him - the former Clar had to be stopped. And his human form were unsubstantial as Clar was "enriched" by his dark powers.

IHTNC spoke with a clear voice, resounding throughout the nocturnal horizont,

"Clar - i am the Guardian of light, angel and servant of the high heavens. I was banished to earth eons ago for a violation against the code of light. All though, i've continuous loyal to the high order of the light. And now the light is, once more threatened by the presence of the Lord Of Despair. An entity that has awakened within thy. It gives one the powers of the dark itself, and one become mixture of dark and evil. Thy has been given a piece of this darkness in the form of your shadow powers. But many before you failed to understand what lies within these powers, and those had suffered the consequences. Those souls fates were corrupted and turned into mindless servants of Behemoth - The Dark Lord. Just as it consumed your brother! Let not this be your fate aswell."

Clar, still confused from all this had a hard time speaking any words. He was witness to what no man had ever before seen. But he kept ignoring IHTNC's words, and hid his insecureness towards standing victor over this being behind another outburst of laughter,

"Ha, ha, ha! You speak nonsens, freak! Such a shining armor - but i doubt it'll shine that bright when i wrap it in my shadows and choke your very light! Prepare yourself, Guardian of light - Clar, the master of shadows has only just begun!"

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AMAZING!!! Uknown.... You sure you're not a writter?

Anyways, I'm gonna try and add a splash of humour and smarm to it. But I don't know if I'll be able to write as much.

(Next chapter)

Clar380 twisted mind was split in two as his shadow magicks grew in strength. His larger brain capacity being used up by the dark-enshrouded entity that had taken ober Clar380's body so abruptly. His smaller but hidden (and largley unheard of) conscious housed Clar380's good side. With his mind split in two, clar380's good side watched in horror as his body turned into a thing of unimaginable terror. "How dare this evil touch me.." Clar380 exclaimed to his evil counter-part. And it answered with it's menacing voice as if to scare the life out of him, "Im better than youuuuu, you, you..." he seemed to be interrupted. Clar380's good side looked out his eyes.

(sorry have to make cup of tea, be back soon. Please dont write till im finished. Okay?)

EDIT: (Well, im back now, after having a nap and thinking over some writting material)

... Clar380's good side looked out his eyes, and found him self shocked at what he saw. "What the hell!?" He thought loudly to himself and his evil significant other. IHTNC had begun shinning and floating and begun doing flash tricks in the ari and wallah, he turned into an angel.
"You arsehole! How come he gets to be an angel and my body gets possessed by an evil maniacle twit!"

"Keep your thoughts to yourself," thought his evil half, casting Clar380's good side an evil glare. Clar380 whimpered... "Oh behave, the both of you." Clar380 looked around to find no one else speaking. "Who's that!" Clar380 demanded. "Im your concious" cried the voice, sounding very far away. Clar380 was hard of listening and asked who he was again. "Your concious, I'm your concious!" the voice yelled. "Ohh, i havent heard from you in a long time.. wait.. to think of it, i've never heard from you. why all of a sudden?"

"Swines, be quiet! Im having a fierce fight with an angel!" Hissed the evil half.

"That angel doesnt really look that threatning, I must say.." said concious, "you see those runic symbols on the angel? They're actually just scribbles."
Clar380's good and evil sides laughed haughtily. "And his sword looks ancient, it migh crumble into dust!" The concious laughed like a hyiena, rolling around on the floor (well, the floor of his brain).
"What kind of concious are you? Are you my good concious or the bad one?"

No answer...

Humph! Claar380 folded his arms, and decided to ridicule IHTNC agelic form by himself. Whilst watching his evil counter-part be beatin senseless.

PS: You can post now.

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As once again a climactic war was at hand Jfdhfjug could do nothing but watch in amusement as the darkness twisted Clar380's will and laughed at a holy being like an angel, was he insane to deny the might of the fallen one.

Many an angel have fallen but depending on their perspective they have developed differently in their time on earth, IHTNC is a light fallen angel still following the path of the higher poweres. Yet not all of the fallen lived like this, some took contempt for those who had cast them out and had grown into grey and even black angels. Grey angels disowned their code and lived on their own rights, doing as they pleased and living for themselves whereas Black angels took on black shining feathers and vowed their aligeance to infernal powers becoming messengers of the darkness.

Jfdhfjug was once a grey fallen himself but had learned of a power even higher than he could have imagined, he was taken under the guise of a soldier and taught dark new abilities. in time he grew in power and overtook his master like all darkness does when possible. He now was an arcangle, immencely powerful and had yet to reach the limit of his abilities. among his newly developed powers was an unmatched understanding of telekenetic power, in essense your mind is the strongest thing in the universe. after learning skills like lifting objects with your mind you learn that all your doing is affecting the structure of the object itself, with this in your mind you can directly change the atomic structure of anything you wish. you could walk through walls by breaking the molecules apart in your body and realigning them on the other side. teachings such as these were strength consuming and could easily tire out anyone attempting them, but jfdhfjug had mastered such arts making his mind the ultimate weapon.

The battle between IHTNC and Clar380's darkside had begun they clashed back and forth neither letting up both giving their all. but their powers conflicted and repelled eachother so perfectly that neither had gained any ground in the fight. this would be a very lenghty battle bringing both to thier very limits, The fallen versus the bannished a war waged throughout the centuries always to be replayed and it really never mattered who won the light was defeated and the higher powers always managed to seal the darkness away again. history was meant to repeat and it would this time as well IHTNC would be defeated and the darkness living inside Clar380 would be once again sealed away within him and his mind eraced to ensure that its power remains unknown.

The only differance this time would be the third party interfering in this age old struggle between light and dark. since Dark Lord Behemoth held a title long sought by jfdhfjug he had to be destroyed. this was not possible as long as his enemy IHTNC stood nearby and could keep jfdhfjug from having a one to one fight with the dark lord. IHTNC must be destroyed, jfdhfjug focused his energy into his hands changing the structure of the ground around the fallen angel into a cage that encirled IHTNC with psychic energy, unknowing of this the fallen angel leapt forth to attack the dark lord but was ensnared in the web of energy. he was drug back into the orb and the atoms in his body were pulled apart making his disentegrate infront of the dark lord's eyes.

Thinking this was a victory on his part the dark lord laughed in triumph as his enemy was destroyed but he soon found that he wasn't the cause of such destruction. even with the power of the dark lord Clar380's good side still remained inside and with the internal struggle for conciousness his full power wasn't available sealing his demise. with help from the frantic good side of Clar380 jfdhfjug instantly appeared behind the dark lord who senced his presence and lunged out with great strength but only hit air for his good side was blinding him giving jfdhfjug enough time to grab him from behind and grasp both hands on the sides of his head sending waves of power into his skull and eracing all knowlage of the dark lord and the clash of light and dark that hads just occured.

The evil was bannished clar380 was back to normal at last but he was curious as to what had come to pass and he must not know so his death is necassary, the arcangel jfdhfjug crushed his skull in his hands and went back into the shadows holding the new title of dark lord taken from the bannished evil until his next rebirth.

(Wow. Let me have some 'o those popcorns!:D)

Let me try...

Then IHTNC woke up and found himself below the cliff where clar380 pushed him.

"What was that all about?", IHTNC groaned as he try to pick himself up. IHTNC was confused as he recalls every detail of his dream right to the smallest details. It seemed weird because he never remembers his dreams THAT clear. Suddenly he felt something strange, as if a great war is about to happen.

IHTNC hid and reviewed his surroundings. After confirming that it's safe, he continued on his way and try to regain all of his lost energy. Then when he looked at the sky, he noticed a beam of light pointing on a nearby land mass and on the opposite end of the sky, there was a building cloud of darkness.

Suddenly the feeling rises up again, this time as if the great war is about to start. Worried, IHTNC run as fast as he can, not knowing where he'll go or what would happen. Then he saw clar380 once again, this time the feeling stopped. He now felt nothing, everything remained silent. Too silent it was deafening. As if everything on the heavens, on the earth, and below it are waiting for something.

Something great and massive anyone alive today has seen...

Due to the energy lost on IHTNC, he fainted... "No, I can't faint! Not yet! not until he (clar380) dies...", he said trying to fight off his weakness. But alas, his dream a while ago flashed in his eyes. "What is this? What does this mean?!", he said. His dream flashed faster. He saw other glimpse of his previous encounters, killing frenzies and then... His body couldn't take it anymore and failed on him, bringing him down to the ground.

clar380 saw this and was confused. "Not today, my friend. Not today.". He walked away from IHTNC's body, ignoring the chance to kill him.

Dont you just hate that? I wrote a long as post, atleast longer than the last two posts added and when i clicked on the reply, "website error!" I was spitting and fuming, i cant be bohtered writting it all again cause i cant remeber it. How annoying.

clar380 : Dont you just hate that? I wrote a long as post, atleast longer than the last two posts added and when i clicked on the reply, "website error!" I was spitting and fuming, i cant be bohtered writting it all again cause i cant remeber it. How annoying.

I did that too, Clar - two sites of writing. Blammo...

For all of you to prevent this - what you do is that you copy the previous post(s) and paste them into a text document, and from there write your story. That way you aviod this c***.

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Well what works for me is I either login and tell 'em to remember me for 3 days or just ctrl+a the text and hit ctrl+c (you can paste it on a notepad like dna said just in case) before trying to reply. If the site expires, I'll press ctrl+v (or copy the text on the notepad).

"Darn you dna! you almost hit me with your bullets!", IHTNC shouts!

IHTNC aims at UnknownDNA's head and fires his magnun, blowing off UnknownDNA's head to pieces.