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Far beyond the realm of the living, a great beast rests.
Imprisoned within the runes of the ancients, the creature resides. Within a magical seal of the ancients, the depraving voices of a dreadful dark lord lost it's reach. Blissful within these runes, the creature once found peace.

But the rest came to it's end, and deep beneathe the seal was broken. Like once before, a child of the burning hellfire - awakens!*

Summoned into a realm of life and blossom, the creature takes it's dreadful form. The skies are filled with stars, and there's a sweet scent in the air. Gazing out on the dark horizont, the beast repletes with joy.

As a thunder strike, the creatures mind is suddently filled with screams, terrorizing it's inner. From the deranging voices, it's mind is corrupting, and an imploring scream resounds through the night. With a loud groan, it croumbles and falls. The ancient curse of the being had awakened.

Raising, and now standing in the moonshine, the creature hungers again. With a blackened heart, and a cursed soul, the terrors eyes glows from a burning hatred. Driven by the will of the forsaken, the creature seeks out the pitchblack night - onwards, it seeks out to hunt and devour. Seeks out to drive all living to the flames of demise.

Later, the beast encounters a fleeing IHTNC. Quickly, the beast melds into the enviroment like a chameleon. Swiftly, the creature appears out of nowhere and strikes. IHNNC, which did not heed the creatures prescence, turns his head just in time to spot the beast. In a flash, a long sharp talon is gored into his chest. A sinister strike, making IHTNC unable to scream. The creature, standing 13 feet tall lifts IHTNC up in the air, and looks him deep onto his eyes, while it growls. IHTNC spits into the creatures face, and is severed in two within a split second. The beast howls upon the dark sky, and disappears into the night, leaving IHTNC in two pieces.

Scary!!! lol...

From Clar380's twisted body laid still, being nursed back to health by the bitchy bitch of a nurse who had druged him full of poisons. In his dreams, he heard the screams of women and children, their lives coming to a horrid end. Clar380 felt something sinister had come into the world, it's dark presence cowrding the air.

He awoke, his eyes darted around the room, seeking out what had awoken him from his slumber. His heart skipped a beat as a nurse, working the night shift, walked pass his room, humming. He then realised he was in hospital, and was wondering how he got here. "ihopethisnamecounts!" He spat at the floor, remebering all that had happened.

He sought revenge...

His current state was flimsy, he thought it idiotic to seek vengence so he spent his time healing, with the help of his nurse. "Bitch", he often said in an undertone. He was weak, too weak. Something was terribly wrong, he sensed something had happened during his sleep, then he remebered the dream.

He contemplated his next move to capture and perhaps torture ihopethisnamecounts before dipsosing of him, but he couldn't sense him anywhere, it was like he had dissapeared. He delved deep into his mind, and he felt cold eyes on him, filled with malicious intent and darkness. He had never felt something this terrible in his life, he knew it wasn't human and he knew it had killed hopethisnamecounts. He felt fear for the first time in his life, he had to kill this beast for killing his most hated enemy before him.

Clar380 went on quest to kill the beast, but he knew he couldn't kill it by himself, he needed help. He thought it blasphemous to even consider creating alliances with his enemies.

(Please, sombody... Help me kill the beast!!!)

* Joining his enemy was never his intent but he was running out of options, he had fought these darklings twisted by hatred and anger and had been victorious for a while. but no great evil can be destroyed forever. so with his vast resources jfdhfjug gathers runes, talismans, and other tools. the plan to bind back the evil and destroy its body dispercing it back into the dark plane untill it's next awakening.

finding this creature wasn't an option he had to make the creature come to him. since clar380 had asked for help he said that he could help for his job was the most important! Clar380 was bait!

after setting the trap, and digging a hole six miles deep and lining the walls with runes and latin sigils to seal the creature jfdhfjug tied clar380 to the thin layer covering the hole and stabbed him in the legs.

Clar380's screams of agony were picked up by the creature who lives off pain and suffering, the creature rushed towards clar380 and leapt into the air coming down right on top of him breaking the covering to the pit and they both fell. jfdhfjug sealed the pit with a rune covered lid and the ancient power of the runes sealed the dark power inside, ... for now.

The beast's power was silenced, he fell into his deep sleep to await his next awakening...

Clar380, being crushed by the massive body of the beast slipped between the sleep world and the waking world, every now and then thinking of his enemies faces. A betrayal like this could never be forgiven, he had to kill him. Clar380, drew as much strength and courage from within to release himself from this pit of dispair and succeeded in breaking the seal and quickly resealing it with his trusted sword. He had no weapon to protect himself but still he carried on. Using the skills he had learned from his master, he crept into the house of his sleeping enemy, like a shadow upon the wind, slipped poison into his coffee and waited for the sun to rise.

The sun rose, roosters crowed and the butterflies fluttered. jfdhfjug woke unknowingly of his premature death awaiting him in his kitchen he made his coffee took a sip and begun to choke. Clar380, stepped from the beneath the sink and aproached his dieing enemy.

"Evil begets evil" he muttered silently into jfdhfjug's ears as he gasped for air. Clar380 laughed and took his enemy by the neck and twisted it. With a satisfying crunch, his enemy's lifeless body fell to the floor with a loud thump.

"Mwuahahahahahaha!" Clar380 dissapeared into the light, IHTNC still on his mind.


The only word on IHTNC's mind as he haven't got the chance to defend himself against the beast who killed him...

Though his body is severely wounded (actually ripped in half, but just sewn together), IHTNC trains hard to return the favor to the beast, just as what clar380 had received from him...

After several weeks, IHTNC regained his strength and decided to "repay" the horrible beast. While searching, he found clar380 resting. The moment their eyes met, they immediately know it was on... The killing time has begun!

clar380 was clearly outmatched by IHTNC because of the rigorous training he had been to. With one strike, clar380's body was thrown upwards. He managed to flip and prepare for landing but he saw IHTNC jump towards him.


Both warriors landed on their feet but only IHTNC stood alive. Seeing clar380 dead and not a chance to ask where the beast is, IHTNC just walks away searching for his main target...

No one can kill me until that beast is dead!

Clar380 kept still, using his skills of deception, he played dead waited for his enemy to leave and pursued him from the shadows. IHTNC arrived at the beasts seal and saw clar380's katana wedged into the ancient lid lined with runes. Clar380 watched from the darkness, waiting.

IHTNC kicked and poked aat the lid and laughed at how flimsily jfdhfjug had placed it. He pulled on the sword, recognised it as clar380's and stopped in his tracks. A flash of light blinded him and the beast exploded from beneath the seal cracking it into small shards of rock. IHTNC was riddled with little pockets of rocks all over his body. Squelling in pain, the beast stopped, feeding of his pain he gained strengthed and smashed IHTNC in the head with it's massive fist, crushing it.

"No! He has set it free again!" thought Clar380, suddenly filed with dread. He escpaed the area as quickly as possible, shielding his presence as best as he couyld from the beast. The beast went o on to kill more.

Finally... IHTNC whispered in the dark.

Little that clar380 know that, IHTNC knew that someone is hiding above him at the monster's seal and quickly managed to create an illusion for the beast and whoever his hiding in the shadows.

Now with the release of the beast, IHTNC prepares to finish the creature off. But suddenly, IHTNC realized that he could use the beast's power to distract other warriors away from him, enough to kill the one who should already be dead, his mortal enemy, clar380.

The beast can die later, but clar380 is suppose to die!

He searches the city, carefully avoiding the beast's path of destruction but close enough to see if clar380 is attacking the beast. Finally, after several minutes, he saw clar380 jumping off rooftops, avoiding the light, moving towards the monster.

There you are, IHTNC says... he positions himself for the kill, waiting for the perfect timing...


Just as IHTNC is about to attack while clar380 jumps to attack the beast, the monster swiftly thrusts its arms, grabbing clar380 and ripping and crushing his body into pieces.

IHTNC was furious that he wasn't able to kill clar380. But that just makes IHTNC's easier, with clar380 dead, there's only one thing left to kill...

Clar380 sees his end coming as the best flies towards him and notices tha IHTNC's is watching him. Just before Clar380 is killed, he curses IHTNC with a curse of a million afflictions.

Later, IHTNC dies of necrotisinf Fascitus 9flesh eating disease. clar380 laughs from the netherworld as IHTNC is sent to hell.

To silence all the commotion so his tea could be peacefully consumed jfdhfjug grabs a long rope, cast a binding incantation upon it ropes the great beast and with so much power on his leash there was only one thing to do ... sick him on something. so after contacting a necromancer/shamen he had Clar380's body drug from the netherrealm and placed into a new body only to be destroyed again by the great beast.

BANG!!!!! and jfdhfjug dies, its that simple to kill nowadays

How strange, Kazuya dies unexpectedly of Spontaenous Human Combustion (Blowing up for no apparent reason - it really happens) while fishing off his million dollar boat. Clar380 came back to life after consuming Kazuya's soul as it passed through to the netherworld.

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IHTNC fought the demons in hell to train and gain permission to return to the living world.

"Give me the the strongest creature on earth as your replacement!", the lord of Hell says.

So, upon reaching the living world, IHTNC vanquished the beast with his new found powers derived from his battles from hell. Then he sent the mighty beast down to the fiery lakes of hell.

"Now my mission is done. Let's have some fun now...", IHTNC says to himself.

Then he spotted clar380 again from a distance. IHTNC raised his hand (as if choking someone). Suddenly, clar380 was lifted in the air, gasping for breath. Then, IHTNC closed his fist, which in turn, crushed clar380's neck, killing her(?) instantly.

"This is gonna be really fun...", IHTNC grins.

For Ihopethisnamecounts, for his new found power he had to give something important in return; his soul. He sold his soul to the devil for his supernatural powers. How foolish, thought Clar380, whilst burning in hell lol. Then Clar380 thought for a moment, then it crossed his mind. "Yes, of course" He said, practicing his maniacle luagh. "Mwuahahahaa!"

He visited the devil, and told her (assuming the devil is a woman) of his horrible plan. They laughed together with glee. The devil gave Clar380 IHTNC'S soul for a small price. That being the body of IHTNC's. After being let out of hell on bail, Clar380 visited IHTNC and showed him what she held. His soul! Clar380 threw his soul to the floor with as much streght as he could, and watched IHTNC fumble in pain. "So much for your powers, eh."

Obviously, IHTNC dies and his body delivered, intact, to the devil.

Yay! Im a 3rd Dan.

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Right... but as I have the power of light that clar380 don't have I can defeat Clar 380, 'cause good always wins. My speciality is magic called Holy and that is something divine against infernal. God bless you >:) and R.I.P

Jakes first mistake was underestimating clar380. In fact, clar380 magicks were of the void which is nothingness. Before jake could kill clar380, clar380 cast his magicks upon jake. He became nothing.