Destroy the poster above

Jfdhfjug * grabs a large mallet and commences to smash the little clar380s into smaller splinter size peices *

ihopethisnamecounts ate the last two pages in this thread, along with everyone posted in there...

"Hmmm... jfdhfjug managed to make it to the next page... I'll eat him as well"

"Chomp, chomp!"



But ya know, those pages were poisoned and people in here tastes like a shit, so you're dead. Say goodbye to your stomach and liver and etc.

ihopethisnamecounts had a bad stomach and accidentally vomitted on Jake. The fluids are so acidic (because of the poisonous contents) that it melted Jake's body.

"Uhh, thanks Jake for warning me..."

"Oops, sorry my bad..."

A brand new clar380, all new to this idea, came intot the world. As ihopethisnamecounts was dieing, slowly, from food poisoning clar380 happened to b e passing bye, and because he's such a a good person, he afforded ihopethisnamecounts something our kind is hardly given, a quick painless DEATH! Off with his head!!! mwuahahaha.

clar380 stood still looking at ihopethisnamecounts' head. Suddenly, the head winks and gave clar380 a heart attack...

clar380 falls on the ground dying... then out of nowhere a sword came falling from the sky, straight at his heart and instantly killing him.

Ihopethisnamecounts is playing with clar380 so I have time to took something to kill ihopethisnamecounts. There's only a condom in my pocket. I open it don't want to hear rest of the story.

ihopethisnamecounts doesn't want to hear the story because he knows that something horrible came out of that rubber container and ate Jake alive.

To this date, ihopethisnamecounts cowers in fear even on the mere thought of it...


with lightning fast speed and perfect percision jfdhfjug * launches five explosive tipped kunai into ihopethisnamecounts and watches as his body is blown to bits* happy hunting

Little did jfdhfjug know that it was just a decoy made by ihopethisnamecounts to trick him so ihopethisnamecounts can sneak behind him and slit his throat.

clar380's supposedly dead body watched in horror as he killed jake and jfdhjug. after faking his heart attack, hoping that he wouldn't be the next victim, he laid still and waited for ihopethisnamecounts to move closer to clar380. just as ihopethisnamecounts leaned over clar380, he opened his eyes, "vengence!" cried clar380. He spat at ihopethisname, and thrust his katana through i hopethisnamecounts' chest, brought his sword down with a click. ihopethisnamecounts fumbled to the ground, gaping at the horror of his open chest. "Mwuhahahaha" laughed clar380, watching as his victim squelched in terror. Clar380, waited a bit, wondering how he was going to finish him off... properly. hehe. He thought, ihopethisnamecount should wait for his attacker to kill him so clar380 performed sepukku, killing himself so that another could kill ihopethisnamecounts properly.

Since no one DARED to finish off ihopethisnamecounts properly, ihopethisnamecounts' torn body moved closer to clar380's near dead body (clar380's suicide misses all of his vital organs), grabs his sword and thrusts it to clar380's body a dozen of times until no breath is left...

Then ihopethisnamecounts sewed his open chest together and brought it back to normal...

while coming home from a shop driving a big truck full of beer and various liquers kazuya sees ihopethisnamecounts lying on the floor so he speeds up. now going 80mph Kazuya slams on the brakesand stops just inches away from ihopethisnamecounts, IHTNC sighs in relief, but kazuya slowly releases the brakes edging the truck forward, i the first wheel gradualy catches up with IHTNC who is franticaly crawling backwards to get away, the wheels pins down his leg and slowly crushing the bones in his leg, every crunching noise bringing the sharp pains thruought his whole body.

after 3 minutes of slow and painful bone shattering, kazuya moves the truck further more up IHTNC's body the pressure on his body as the wheel squishes all his guts and internal organs,, his sides burst open with a loud bang, blood and guts flow everywhere with amazing speed caused by the pressure of the truck wheel, slowly the wheel gets to IHTNC's chest, his newly stitched cehst make it a bit stronger but only for so long. the wheel now dirctly on top of IHTNC, his chest gives way with a loud SNAP and CRUNCHthe cabin of the truck comes back down to earth wobbling.

the wheels now slowly aproaching IHTNC's head, the pain is unbearable moving his arms about to vent the pain and tryin to scream but nothing is making a sound with his chest being caved in he is unable to draw an breath. the truck wheel slowly pushes up to IHTNC's head, his head turns to look at he left side of him the wheel is now in the saide of his face, slowly sinkin into his head, a sudden rush of pain englulfs IHTNC, hje tries to scream one last time, nothing, his eyes are being forced out of his skull, his jaw skewif and twisted sideways and then it happend.

BANG...IHTNC's head exploded with tremdous force, his brains still where it was flattened under the wheel of the truck, his jaw span off as it dislocated it self from his head, his eyes flew out a few yards, blood splatterd everywhere.

then kazuya went home to enjoy some beer

Kazuya, suffers from alcohol poisoning, resulting in the loss of both kidneys. He doesn't die (of course), but lives in the hospital, attached to a dyalysis machine. Clar380, visits Kazuya in his room...

"Greetings, Kazuya," bows Clar380, honoring his enemy. He walks towards Kazuya, examining him. He notices that kazuya is in terrible pain and exclaims, "This is not how i intended to die," Kazuya manages a meager bow to his visitor.

Clar380 scans the room, and sees his enemy is weaponless. Judging it would be cowardice to kill him in this state Clar380 asks his enemy if he would accept the donation of a kidney...

"No!" says kazuya, "Never!"
"Damn you, Kazuya!" Clar380, enraged, flies towrds Kazuya and slices off his head.
"Ungrateful", says Clar380 as he bows to his fallen enemy.

The nurse saw what clar380 did to Kazuya and was horrified that she quickly stabbed clar380 with whatever she's holding at the time (a powerful, concentrated poison that is), and immediately sends clar380 to his knees...

Then IHTNC (thanks for the idea Kazuya :D) saw clar380's current condition and decided to return the favor: he sliced open clar380's chest and walks away, leaving him at the mercy of the next poster.