Destroy the poster above

No your not. page 11 is missing.. But anyways...

After truly dieing for the fourth time already, though in different ages, clar380 is reborn as a young child, knowing everything that had happened before he traind and trained waiting for the one he was thrown into oblivion with. Oh how he wished he knew who he was.

ihopethisnamecounts went out of his top secret security facility in an undisclosed location and sucked clar380's mind dry, removing all knowledge, memories, emotions, fears, routine body instructions, everything...

Having an empty mind, clar380 just drops to the ground motionless...

...and was eaten by fire ants.

ihopethisnamecounts went back to his top secret security facility in an undisclosed location, scanning for any activities on the outside world.

as ihopethisnamecounts scan for activity one of the slow cameras scans to the right and slowly focuses on my face with a massivily evil grin. as ihopethisnamecounts looks at the monitor i shout BANG!!!!!!!!!!! and he scares him hlaf to death he falls backwards onto a blunt object about fist size in area, curiously placed exactly where ihopethisnamecounts's heart is and the force of his body weight falling onto this fist sized blunt object pushed his heart from his body leaving me to laugh quite evily MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAH and so forth

Kazua chokes to death on his laughter... heheheheh, "gaga gugu" saiys Clar380.

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Kazuya dies and falls on clar380, knocking him off balance and making him fall on the railroad track with a moving train near by. The train moves by and caught clar380's feet, dragging him on the small sharp and pointed rocks on the tracks.

After several kilometers of dragging, clar380's shredded body was freed from the train's grasp, landing on another track on the opposite direction. Then a nuclear bomb was dropped on that spot, launched from where ihopethisnamecounts is hiding, and explodes on the area, disintegrating his torn body.

Nuclear winter sets in place, causing stock to die, crops to wither and the people who did not die from the initial blast and radiation to either starved to death or became cannibals. Funny though ihopethisnamecounts thought, he was also on the menu and was gobbled up in a frenzied cannibal feast.

ihopethisnamecounts' blood and essense was transfered to a cannibal when he was eaten. Because of this, the cannibal gained the memory, knowledge and experience of ihopethisnamecounts and immediately became the new ihopehtisnamecounts.

Having superior knowledge compared to those remaining, ihopethisnamecounts continued the killing frenzy, starting with the one closely resembling clar380. DIE DIE DIE!!!:D

seeing the destruction in the world jfdhfjug summons his life essense into his chest creating a supremely powerful explosive and he blows himself and everyone else up... ( world destruction through sacrificial combustion :) )

After the end of the world, everything continues as it was in the spirit world and clar380 pokes fingers at jfdhfjug and curses at him. considering that they both have no physical body no one wins but jfdhfjug goes away with hurt feelings.

Like all things in the universe of games the earth respawns and we are all alive again... for now. Jfdhfjug *knocks clar380 into a pit of snakes and watches them devour the body*

Finally, i was waiting for someone to start it off.

jfdhf-jug gets bitten in the face by an angry snake. The poison doesn't kill him but he dies from the horror of his hidieous scar, screaming 'I can't live on with this, not even with makeup". Clar380 is reforming his remains into a body.

Yeah good thing someone re-started the whole world, I don't know how to contiune the onslaught because we've reached the end of the world on that post...:D

Anyway, ihopethisnamecounts took clar380 on a thin wooden platform above a river of lava while his body is still reforming. Then finally, when clar380 was fully reformed, the platform can't take the weight anymore and break, making clar380 fall on the lava and melted...

clar380 melted into his greatest form, Cl@r3-Eighty! Rises from the molten lava, does soul siphon and sucks his life force. Because Cl@r3-Eighty is made of molten lava, ihopethisnamecounts face gets burned off, obviously resulting in his death.

As ihopethisnamecounts' face is burning, his body water evaporates and joins the other water vapors in the air, resulting in a downpour of rain, cooling Cl@r3-Eighty's molten lava form and turning him into a shapeless rock.

Then a powerful thunder cuts through the air, hitting the rock that Cl@r3-Eighty become and smasing it into small pieces.

the small peices of rock form into their own clar380s, making many of him, they take turns at cutting ihopethisnamecounts into little pieces.