Destroy the poster above

*Koga eats ihopethisnamecounts alive for frying her sparring partner*

"No-one mistreats my pal except me!" :D

Ahhh! I guess I showed up too soon...

* Koga was mad she was beaten by her sparring partner :D that she didn't notice I respawned near her and shoot her head with a crossbow... all ten arrows...

chops his head off with a sword, feeds it to a dog. Boils his body in a vat of hot hoil then blows him out of a cannon to rain over all the others.

*Teleports in front of clar380, bashes a hole in his skull and sucks out his brain - YUMMY!*

I love coming back to the death boards and seeing the bloodshed still active!

*Reprograms Fulgor ( ultratech's killing machine from "Killer Instict" ) to attack UnknownDNA, ... he laser beams his body to peices and brings me his head*

Hey DNA, Its Been A while

jfdhfjug runs into my house askin for help becasue is to be assinate next, his killing machine has broke down due to an oil leak. i decide to 'help' him by showing him to my big workshop in my garden, he turns around and says 'kaz, thanks i owe u one' i look at him in a very evil way, jfdhfjug steps back in terror but then i kick him in the jaw lifting him off the ground and crushing his skull inbetween my foot and the roof of my workshop blood and brains gush from his ears and his eyes pop out, i then says *in the voice of solid snake* 'pretty tastey'

Kazuya suffers from depression, slits his own wrists and consequently dies. Mwuahahaha, leaving Clar 3 eighty to await his next victim.

clar380 dies of boredom waiting for his next victim and jumps out of the window, landing his skull on ihopethisnamecount's spear as he was holding it...

Sadly, when ihopethisnamecounts eats clar380's brain, he contracts Gastro Gingo Vivinitis and dies of accute diaorhetic and the inabillity to eat due to constapation. Because ihopethisnamecounts ate clar380's brain, he pooped out his spirit that returned to his original body to reek(not sure if that's the right word) havoc on the next victim of his...

..Alas, he ran into Kirimitsu, who abused the Moderator powers to simply open the Admin Panel and permanently delete Char380.

.. Tormented from a strong bad conscience from deleting Char380, Kirimitsu shapeshifts into a fish and gets eaten by The Great Beast which, again, teleports away and therefore CANNOT BE HARMED!!!

Due to kirimitsu's incompetence he seemed to have deleted the wrong user, for Clar380 (that's with a "L") sought revenge and decided to simply fast-foward into the future with his mystical powers where UnknownDNA is terribly old and watched him die in his sleep.

(Seriously Kirimitsu, how can you miss that?):satisfied

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Actually, clar380 died waaay before UnknownDNA actually died of old age in the future. So having disturbed the time space continuum, nature opened a black hole of voidness and sucked clar380. Then everything returned to its previous state.

Well, as for me, nature gave me the frag count for clar380...:D

Strangely, a much younger Clar380 appeared from the past and happened to have materialised ion the exact same place ihopethisnamecounts was, evidently cuasing a terrible rip in space flinging us both into oblivion.

Now having lost 2 beings because of some ripped space, both ihopethisnamecounts and clar380 are respawned in different locations.

Unfortunately, clar380's matter formed inside a 36-inch thick concrete wall and was crushed immediately after materialization.

ihopethisnamecounts, however was respawned in a top secret security facility in an undisclosed location.

EDIT: Is it just me or am I really missing page number 11 here?:con