Destroy the poster above

well that's not very intereting. any way, i rise from the grave and niobe goes suicide because she cant handle the secret and goes crazy

Niobe's master plan was to cause bordom to Jin and it woek so Jin dies of bordom. Boring, yes but that is how it surposed to be.

Rises from ashes of absence... New powers granted by underworld will be put to good use. Raises hand, firing a poison tendril into Manji Niobe, and lifting him/her off the ground, cackles menaically. "Hahahaahaa! I have returned to this site, and now none can escape my wrath!" Removes mask and consumes Niobe.

Manji Niobe's soul was poisoned and so Manji Clan member get killed by his absorbtion of Niobe's soul. Niobe goes back in her body a shurgs. O well. There is another added to the ones who tird to consume me. Niobe walks away.

(( O. I am girl by the way. n.n))

as I can see all of you guys are dead , there is no more death so I'm kiling my self [harakiri seppukku ] :D

Manji Niobe appears out of no where and slashes Yme's body to make sure Yme is dead

Perodious gets the ice pick with infrared laser and stabs Niobe on the back...

Perodious is trying to solve a rubiks cube. YOINK! I play keepings off with the rubiks cube. It gets boring so I just laser perodious and the cube.

Niobe sees Jin get mad and she takes out a laser gun and shoots him back. He is dead

I don't know how many times I have to say this but i am immune to lasers... so nothing happens. I do a flying triple roundhouse kick and niobe falls over. I get a cheap kill by lasering her when shes on the ground.

Niobe moves out of the way of the laser and she just runs away from Jin and she shoots him with a posion dart. That is it.


*Tired of being a bystander, DNA orders "it's" alien-swarm to overrun the place.
Moments later, flying aliens swoop down from the skies,
Minutes later, the whole place is overrun by a massive swarm,
hours later, all and everyone is captured, infested and adopted into the horrifying swarm; Now, mind-less, ordered to drive their own species into extinction together with the rest of the swarm!!*

*jfdhfjug lacerates UnknownDNA's body with a celtic kriss, then sacifices the body to the Dark Lord Baphomet.*

*As Unknowns body was torn to shreds, it's mind left the body and claimed a new and improoved one. This time much stronger and far more spohisticated.

- Jfdh's attempt to prevent the plan from carried out was, of course punished for this crime and, hence lowered into a biomass-tank and decomposed in the acidiferous biomaterial.

- The Dark Lord Baphomet together with his army was later on captured, infested and served their purpose as a mind-less suicide organism driven by the hive-mind.

- The world will never be the same again!*