Destroy the poster above

Niobe comes back to life because someone drop a healing potion. She takes out a sword and uses air chi to destory the towers then she cutes Perodo in half using a move called Air Rush

((Too much Magna Carta Tears of Blood for me ))

Since the poison in Jin's blood is more potent than any other known to man (or creature... yes i'm talking about yoshi), Jin doesn't die and throws a plasma grenade at Niobe and it sticks to her body. she runs around trying to get it off, but it explodes before she can get it off. I don't need to explain what happens next.

Niobe gets it off before it explores and throwas it back at Jin. No need to go on. He had a nice funeal

after the funeral jin digs himself out of the ground while digging up alot of other people to become his undead army of indestructible zombies. the zombies eat niobe's brains mmm... brains...

Niobe escapes from the undead army and she gets a flamethower after the zombies and Jin. THey run into some quicksand and they become dead again.

The quicksand sinks to the centre of the earth where jin regains his fiery powers. Um... the same cant be said for zombie army... Jin breaks free of the earth leving a HUGE fissure which niobe falls into and melts due to heat exhaustion... and meltiness..

Niobe escapes the fissure somehow and she freezes Jin with a newly invented ice gun nad she places him in the north pole

The one thing can barely stand is cold. But I can still stand it. I laser my way out of the ice I am trapped in then hunt down Niobe. When i find her in the norht pole, I throw eskimos at her. She dies because of the weight. (can you imagine 500 eskimos lying on top of you? ouch.)

Manji Niobe comes back and takes JIn to a fighting match. Too bad she paid one or two to beat him up until he dies n.n

Jin casts a huge explosion and the goons die on impact. Niobe gets caught in explosion and dies too.

Niobe escapes the explosion somehow and she goes and buy wave swords and starts choping JIn into bits

the swords bounce off my skin and rebound into niobe

Niobe blokc them and shot Jin with Ray that was surposed to great killing power. She shot it at Jin and boom. He dies

deviljin_5 : Since Devil Jin is invulnerable to all types of lasers, deathrays and puppy dogs, Jin doesn't die; but Niobe doesn't know that. Niobe walks away content only to be lasered in the back by the rising devil.
This was from an earlier post. yeah, invulnerable. LASER!!! Niobe dies.

Niobe fines a way to kiil Jin and she does but the way reminds a sercet