Destroy the poster above

decapitates jfdhfjug with own sikle and then uses jfdhfjug's flame thrower the torch him.REAPERS RULE!:D

Damn it Kiri, that was so damn funny :D :D :D

Let's express my anger on someone now. :)

*Ties SiCdRaGoN87, then uses a small needle to rip his flesh and poke his eyes out, then fills him with fuel and burns him*

i kick dinaga in the back of his legs, he falls to his knees and i kill him exicutionor style "shotgun point blank to the back of the head" then i set on the ground and play with his blood and the pieces of his brains and head. BLOOD BRAIN PIES ARE TASTIE!:D:D:D:D

i was bored i was playing with a live grenade. i actidentally activated the grenade. i blow up. i died. being dead suck. im bored now. CURSE U BORREDOM!!!!!!

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Sews jon together and revives him (Frankenstien like) then shoots him with a Double Barrel Shotgun

jfdhfjug miss. how i dont know. zombie me tackles him down and feasts on jfdhfjug's flesh. I LOVE RAW MEAT. I LOVE IT GOOD!!:love

Digs a hole and burries the zombie for good :P

lodged 39 kunai into tenshi's head. laughs as she falls to the ground. HA HA...EH EH!!!!!:D

Throws Axes at Jon misses twice hits three times then drop kicks him off a cliff

*uses telepathy to blow jfdjgsdztstsghgj's brain up*

Kisses Dinaga goodbye :D

Shows Tenshi a trailer of Rautanyrkki-fan movie and Tenshi dies of shock. Then Koga rips off her spine and ROAAAAAARS!!! ~_^

(Yeah, wathced too much Predator lately -_-")

*Kirimitsu glues Kogamitsu to a skatebord, and pushes her off a steep cliff*

*grabs a Large cleaver and hacks away at kirimitsu's head* *Kiri dies*

does subzero fantality *thrusts hand into jfdhfjug's spine and rips out his skeleton* then i play jfdhfjug's rips like a xilophone. ICTHY AND SCRATCHY ROCK!!!:D:D:D