Destroy the poster above

Niobe does not die and she notices Mynkho with a shot gun. She goes behind him and stabs him with a hidden dagger that was olace in cobra's vermon. He dies a terrible death because the vermon kills him slowly.

Then the vermon then suddenly explodes for some unknown reason. 'SPLOSION!! Bits of niobe fly everywhere. Then Devil Jin walks past. He points and laughs.

If I roll a 5 or a 1 Deviljin_5 dies...

Rolling... please wait... rolling... please wait... rolling...

Dice Roll: 1

Deviljin_5 dies

I have two five sided dice. If both lands on the five then Jin and Perdoious die. Rolls the dice. O. You are lucky, it rolled a four o well, who follows the rules anyway. Niobe takes out a handgun and shoots both Jin and Perdoious.

I don't get the dice thing so I just laser everyone. pwned :wink

Jin misses Niobe and she gets mad and goes to get a deathray. Shoots it at Jin. He is dead.

Since Devil Jin is invulnerable to all types of lasers, deathrays and puppy dogs, Jin doesn't die; but Niobe doesn't know that. Niobe walks away content only to be lasered in the back by the rising devil.

as deviljin rises, mynkho takes advantage and punches him in a kidney then shoots him. and devil jin dies.

I forgot i am also invulnerable to guns. i don't die then as mynkho walks away i tear him apart limb by limb

...*is tired of being called a he* :((

i am a she, darn it!

runs up, rips out his throat, and then stabs deviljin in the kidney with a steak knife. :D
yeah, he dies.

Unfortunately mynkho is in a dream and "she" doesn't really kill Jin. Jin Lasers mynkho in "her" sleep.

Scince Mynko intefered, Niobe does not get shot by the laser. She thinks of a way to get Jin and Mynko back at the sametime. She fines a hot poker. She places it in a nearby fire and she stabs Mynko in the stomach with it then she throws it at Jins's cheast area. There. Both are dead.

"Ha ha! I think not!" Jin pulls poker out of chest dripping with demon blood and throws it back at the fleeing Niobe. Poker pierces her back she falls over and dies due to the poison in the demon blood... and the hideous gash in her back.

Niobe some how survives and shoots a rere posion at Jina nd he dies while the poison is absorb through his skin.

Playing too much Warcraft III Tower Defence, Perodious starts building 30 assassination towers that shoots out green skulls... yes green...

Manji Niobe dies shortly glowing green.