Destroy the poster above

Asamitsu then eats one of these "strange" tasting popsicles then dies after realizing that asamitsu poisoned Niobe earlier or something... WRRRROOOOOOAAARRR!!! LASERS!!!

Takes deviljin_5 to the House of Wax where he is waxed by those two insane brothers and turned into a dummy. Just like in the movie. Asa peels his skin off.

Niobe takes mustard gas and sprays it on Jin and Asa. They die a terribel death becuase the gas attacks their lungs. Opps. I mean to get harmless teargass. o well

Starts having a snowball fight. In the end I built a machine which throws snowballs at a machine gun rate. Manji Niobe ends up looking like a snowman.


Niobe gets dethrawed and takes Perodious ice fishing. She pushes him into a the hole and runs away. He freezes to death and is trap in a block of ice.

Since i'm already dead anyway because i am sorta the DEVIL, i go and thaw out perodius then we seek out niobe. Perodius takes an M-16 and riddles holes in Niobe. Then I LASER the remains. DOUBLE KILL! Nice. *high-5's perodius* :D

Unfortunately, they were standing on a conveyor belt of the car crushing dump. Both gets squished into a bloody little cubes. Then melted down to make new cars. The next day, Asa walks by a car dealership and sees a car made out of skin and bones. No questions about that one...

Then the car made of skin and bones suddenly starts and runs down Asa. Blood and guts fly everywhere.

Niobe sent out a decoy and then she got a rocket launcher and shot a missile at Devil. It got him and then the rest of the misle sets Asa's remains on fire.

Using the D&D Core Rules v3.5 book, I cast Finger of Death on Niobe. Niobe rolls a 10 sided dice but ends up rolling a 2. Niobe drops dead.

Does not understand a word that perodious just said and is not affected. Takes out Asa card. Uses special ability. Whenever confused, all monsters on the battle field are sent to the graveyard except Asa. Damn you, YU-GI-OH!

Yu-gi-oh doesn't like you cos' you don't like him. Summon SUPER DEVIL JIN LASER FORM!! WRRROOOOOOAAAAGGGGGHHH! Special ability: Laser everything within 5 million light year radius. Asa dies of laser-related causes.

summons Dark Magician, then then kicks him in the shin.
Looks at deviljin_5. throws a card at him and it slits his thoat open (nasty papercut). no more lasers!!! haha! I win!! :D

*Punches mynkho*

*mynkho dies*

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...*mynkho is sad*
do i not get a more interesting death than that? *not dead apparently*
you're mean.
*kicks dinaga in the shin, then gets out her 12 guage shotgun and shoots him in the face*