Destroy the poster above

Niobe gets over this strange action and she hunts down Asa and when she fines her she acts like she was forgiving Asa of all the mean things that she did to her and Niobe invites Asa to a get together and gives her a false address. Asa goes to thefale address only to be lost in an unknown neighborhood. Asa wanders around aimlessy and stepis into a yarld then you heard a gunshot. Opps. Forgot to mention that the others do not like tresspassers in their yarld.

Niobe looks at Asa's eyes. She turns to stone. Asa breaks Niobe. Brings pieces to museum. :)

Niobe somehow comes back to life and she fines the rare death chicken and she releases it on Asa. Asa gets attacked by the beak and talons of the chicken and soon she dies from an unknown infection and laughter that the chicken caused. ^^

Anvil falls on Niobe. 5 Minutes later... "Look a ninja!"

Kirimitsu binds asamitsu to a operating table, and puts on his surgeon's gloves and prepares his instruments. Though tied up, asa can see everything.
With a precise insission, Kiri opens the abdomen, grabs a jar with living beetles, and tugs them in betweend the organs. Afer that, he sews the wound and applies it with healing salve.

Asa gets eaten from the inside out.. :cry

Asa sticks Kiri's head into a sink hole. She flips the switch. Kiri's head turns to mushies. Leaves body at sink.

Niobe invites Aasa to a another party. This time she gives herthe right adress anad when no one is looking =, she pushes Asa into a pound. Oppps. That was a pound full of leeches. Do not think Asa will make it out alive.

Hangs Niobe on the Gallows. Niobe chokes, but still isn't dead. Asa takes a stick and swacks Niobe to see if candy would come out. Darn, just blood and guts. Leaves non-chalantly.

Niobe gets mad at Asa hitting her with the stick. She cuts the rope and fells down on the ground then she takes Asa to an old forgotten area of the town. She knocks Asa out and threw into the old sewer. That body will never be found.

Perodious dreams up the ultimate weapon... a disintegrating tennis ball. When launched it disintegrates anyone who touches it. I visualize Niobe in the dream and with my strange mind powers throw the ball at Niobe in the dream, next thing I saw was dust.

Asa takes Perodious and Niobe in an airplane and screams,"BOMB!" Everyone tries to beat the crap out of them for the name of their country while Asa escapes in a jet. Yay! The radio! *Clicks trigger button that releases missiles on the airplane* Whoopsie!

Niobe escapes the plane and she waits for Asa to land on the ground. When Asa does she then tackels Asa down and then drags her to the nearest water treament plant and throws Asa's body in the scum pond. A strange breed of alge eats her.

Asa escapes pond and rips open a portal. She throws Niobe into an insane world where everyone smiles 24/7. She gets smiled to death.

P.S. What's wrong with smiling?! Yoshi does it all the time!

Niobe does not die in that streange world. She thinks of a way to get Asa back. She thinks of a way and she goes and fine Asa. She fines Asa and takes her to a strange turnel of some sort. Then she pushes Asa in and runs just before the old mine shaft gets blown up.

Brings out a tank full of freezing gas. Sprays it to Niobe's legs. Her legs started breaking then her stomach, then head. Asa looks at broken scraps of Niobe. Sells strange tasting popsicles the next day.