Destroy the poster above

Hello, yes, you are being sued for copyright infringement. That wasn't Asa Niobe put up there. It was a clone. Asa brings Niobe to court and wins a case for copyright infringement. Niobe is sentenced to death by mooning.

Niobe gets off with a plea bargin. She gets Asa and locks her up in a room. Niobe then pushes some canbelistic people in there. Asa dies.

Kirimitsu gives Manji Niobe an big cardboard box, packed with brightly coloured paper and a big yellow ribbon. Happy with this present, she quickly tears away the wrappings.
[-click- ploiiiiiing!]
The classic 'boxing-glove-from-the-box' slams her head off... O_o

After getting over the so called "gift" from Kiri, Niobe walks away. She returns with siclke. She acts like it can not reach Kiri then the sickle becomes a whip-like object and it pulls Kiri to Niobe and she stabs him with hidden daggers.

Asa lowers Niobe into a bear trap with her head first. *CHING* Head flies off spilling brains. *Says in hillbilly accent* "Hay look Pappy! I cot a heed, Hay hay hay! I'm gunna mount it on may wall!" Takes body and stores in a jar full of acid vinegar. Erodes her remains. Serves to the hungry people of the yts shrine. Everyone gets food poisoning.

grabs asamitsu and dances the deadly tango, thus killing her.
then runs and kills all the spectators(with some bloody weapon concealed during the fated dance) and runs off giggling like a school girl.

Takes Mynkho to a comedy movie with Bryan Fury. Bryan scares him half to death with his laughing.

Takes Asa to a movie in which Law is the main hero in the plot and she laughs at the fact he is and when the movie is over with, Asa fells on the ground outside and dies. Hum. The popcorn must have been poisoned.

Shoves Niobe's head inside a vending machine. Keeps rocking it until it falls and crushes Niobe. Niobe dies. EVIL!

Makes asamitsu eat a hamburger infested with flesh-eating bacteria. Within a matter of several agonising minutes, asamitsu's internal organs get eaten away from the inside out.
- K O -

Pulls a bunny out of her hat. The bunny does nothing.

Kirimitsu: You are gonna kill me with a bunny?

Asa: Knaw, I'm gonna kill you with this!

Pulls stilletto out of hat. Kiri drops dead.

Niobe aprroaches Asa with a sickle that seemed not reach. Asa starts laughing at this fact. Then Niobe shakes the sickle and it becomes like a whip. She throws it at Asa until Asa finally dies from blood lost and torn inner organs.

mynkho has a pair of chopsticks in her hand. Manji Niobe looks confused at first, the starts to back away from mynkho. Mynkho shouts some nonsensical phrase like.. "GET BACK TO YOUR HOLE" then stabs Manji Niobe to death with the aforementioned chopsticks.

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((LOL. That was funny. death by chopsticks.))

Manji Niobe does not completely die from the chopstick incident. She walks away a little wounded but nothing else. She then fines some wooden swords. She comes back to Myn and attacks with he rwodden swords. Myn dies from laughing too much and some minor blood loss.

Takes Myn and swaps Niobe over and over. :) Both die. :3 Both have chopsticks shoved up noses. X) Both have Nazi mustaches drawn on them with permanent marker. X3 Both keeps repeating the words,"Yo mama." XP Both say that they see the light and wished that they had more time. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cries to tears. Rolls. Leaves like a maniac.