Destroy the poster above

She turns the roaches giant, Asa has a control over animals and they make Asa their queen. Gets Niobe and the real Panda-chan stuck in a school. (Mimic 2) The roaches corner them and devour them slowly. Next target... The kings spandex. Successfully takes over kings spandex. But then decides that is not enough to appease her anger. Visits Niobe and Panda-chan in the hospital while they are in a coma in stable condition. Cold-bloodedly cuts the life support machine with a stilletto. Breaks every get-well present in a furious attack. Beats the motionless bodies with a medical pole until this comes on the machine. *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEEEEEEEEP* Walks out of the hospital with no regrets as the hospital explodes behind her, without turning back... Goes to their graves and stares for a moment. Slams it in half with a katana. Burn!!! (Ooooooooo! Dramatic story!)

I throw catnip on Asamitsu and Asa's quote "pretty kitty" turns her into a bloody heap. All her future witty repartees are deemed futile, the foolish noob.

Asa brings MCM to a catholic church. Tells him to say his prayers. Throws a stilletto and cuts the giant floating crusifix that is hanging in every chatholic church. The cross falls and the sharp end stabs through MCM as the alter is stained with blood. Asa does the sign of the cross and leaves. *Religious music came on as church bells rang*

I said your repartees are futile. You should have listened.

I call up the rabid dogs I sent upon Dinaga on an earlier post. Releasing them and waiting a couple of hours, I return, only to find your pathetic being hanging on to this world by a tiny thread. I then retrieve Brians Gatling gun and proceed to slowly fill with lead every single square inch of your body. Finding you obviously dead, but still not satisfied, I obtain Soul Edge and reap your soul. I then subject your now-in-purgatory soul to all forms of conceivable torture known to mankind, plus a bunch that aren't. Even then still not pleased, I take your broken remains and tear them up with Yoshi's phantom blade. I then forfeit Soul Edge into the void, where you will remain forevermore. Bottom Line: STFU!

MCM unlocks Asa's dark side. Grabs MCM by the neck. Cracks his neck. No more mercy. Takes
soul edge with an ultimate evil. Cuts MCM's head off with his soul flying. Captures his soul.
Anger and fustration grows as he is sent to the confines of Asa's disturbing mind. He is tortured
by a cat. The cat he destroyed. MCM is in shock. Throws MCM into a ceiling fan. Rips off his scalp. He bleeds. His soul goes black. He wakes up in a dark place where he is tortured by a kitty. A VERY pretty kitty... Does not appease her anger. Takes MCM and tells him to burn as he is thrown off the cliff into a volcano. Takes out remains. Does a spell where it will kill the next five posters. You will die in the next five posts!!!

Stop copying me. That was an utter rip off of my post.

Asa is walking by and I trip her. Onto a land mine.

Shoves MCM's head in the toilet. *Flushes toilet.* MCM makes gurgling noises then drowns.
Asa laughs. Pulls MCM out. Ties him up in a stall next to the one he got stuck in. A fat man
walks in. Asa hands him a newspaper and tells him to take his time. Asa leaves to a sound of pooting noises. And crying.

I take off Yoshi's awesome Tekken 2 hat and throw it at asa. She is beheaded.

Noticed that Mcm is near a hidden motion-senser mine. Niobe tries to warn him but she is too late. He steps on the mine and, well, Niobe tried to gather all his remaining parts and placed them in a coffin then gave him a honorable grave cermony. So sorry that I could not stop your terrible death.

Lol, that was pretty good!

The hat, after beheading Asa, *accidentaly* boomerangs over to niobe and lops her head off,too.

Thanks ^^

The hat hits a dummy of Niobe. She picks up the hat and tosses somewhere so that MCM would not cause anymore accidental deaths. She then shakes her head and pulls some ninja stars out and start throwing them at MCM. Not tying to hit him but one accidentaly goes into his chest a little too hard. Niobe shurgs and then decides to finish MCM off by throwing a fan with blades on it cuts his head off with the fan. Opps. Wrong fan. Niobe walks away.

Manji Niobe walks right into the pit-trap filled with razorsharp tipped bamboo sticks that Kirimitsu dug.
Falling to her death, she also triggers a mechanism that seals of the pit-trap and slowly fills the pit with water.

Niobe escapes the pit somehow. Do not know how yet. Sneaks up behind Kirimitsu then grabs him from behind. She ties her up and drags her to a fishing boat. She takes down the net and hangs him where the net use to be, She cuts her just a little and lowers her down in the water. What did that sign say back there.

Warning do not clean any fish caught and throw the guts inro the water for it will cause sharks to come and attack.

OPPS. Niobe tips a whole bucket of fish guts around Kirimitsu.

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Makes MCM, Kirimitsu, and Niobe sing "I like big butts..." By Sir-mix-a-lot. People around them are awfully offended. Angry townsfolk beat them to death with their I-pods (There are no pitchforks and torches in modern day) Angry mob carries there bodies to a pit and burys them alive. Asa comes into the scene. Dang it! The townspeople finished them off before I could move on to the gruesome stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well...

Niobe escapes the angury townspeople and she went to hunt Asa down. She catches her and takes her to a nightclub. She gets drunk and then Asa gets up stage start singin "It's Rainning Man". The people at the club get mad at her and beat her up. That is the song they all hate. After they beat her up, they take her to a hospital but the doctor there was mad and he killed her.