Destroy the poster above

Niobe was not affected by the computer lanuage. She made Perodious learn the binary code for the computer that caused him to kill himself for he saw too many 0s and 1s

Asa brings Niobe, Shennaigan, and Perodious to a coffee shop and straps them all three to a chair. *Orders all the low-fat cappicinoes* *Gets them hyped on coffee and sugar* *Pours hot coffee into thier burning laps* Doesn't kill them but it's just funny to see them squirm. A little merciful welcoming present for shennaigan. Next one will be slow and painful.

You are going a little soft I see.

Niobe unstraps herself from the chair and she poors a gasllon of hot coffe on Aas. She is not dead but lity brunt.

AH HA! Right into my trap! The coffee was poisoned with crushed up fugu.(Pufferfish) Niobe dies. Niobe wakes up again happy to be alive then dies from her own spelling errors. I know you observe your enemies closely, giving a small sentence to give your thoughts.
for example:

Manji Niobe:
You are going a little soft I see.
Manji Niobe:
Manji Niobe:
((I hope I am not an enemy to Asa))

You have me not figured out yet.

Niobe came back to life because she found it dumb from dieing from her own posts. She hacks into Asa's computer and downloads a virus to it. Asa panics and has a heartattack because she does not know what to do about her computer acting fishy.

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Doesn't listen to the boring stuff Niobe has to say, then gets tired of her yapping and slams her in the head REALLY hard with a steel spatula. The spatula gets stuck in her head. She bleeds to death with a spatula in her brain. No one notices or point accusing fingers. CASE CLOSED.

(( O. Violent.))

Niobe somehow surrvives the blow to the head. She takes the spatula out and throw across the room. She then percives the kitchen of an unknown place and streals the closest item she can get a hold of. She fines Asa and starts to beat her up with an iron boiler. Once that did not do anything, she picked up a close by stone and triped Asa and threw the stone at her head. Asa's head is destroyed. Niobe laughs at her.

The chibi panda comes up behind niobe. He smiles deviously and giggles. His eyes start to twitch as he takes out a big squeegee and holds it at the ready. He smacks niboe over the head millions of times, giving her terrible brain damage, sending her to a mental institution right away. She has to have lots of care now as she is in a vegetative state. He smiles deviously and follows niobe. Making sure to stay close. His mind clear and ready as he smells the now vegetable niobe. He nibbles on her and she tastes like lettuce. He unleashes thousands of rabbits of doom and they eat niobe piece by piece. The chibi panda laughs maniacally and puts on his king apparrel and dances around the feastng rabbits. >.<

((hail king my friend niobe-chan))

I will never hail to King

Panda did not kill Niobe, he killed her twin sister. Niobe hears about this and she hunts Panda down. She sees him and acts like she is flirting with him. She leads him to an abandorn house. She invites him in. She then told him to stay in downstairs until she called for him. She called for him and she leads him to a room with the lights off.hen she turns them on, he freaks. everywhere he turned the place was covered in Marshall Law pictures and a recording of his sounds were playing on a radio. Panda has a heartattack from it. He dies.

Panda does not follow niobe though. He escapes. he has more interest in guys. He giggles lightly at her foolish attempt and pounces on her. He does kings mexican magma drive number 2 and breaks every bone in her body. He giggles lightly and takes out a rocket launcher. finally jumping into the air and firing wenty billion missiles. Disgaea like style. The stage explodes and panda is victorious. goes to live in kings spandex. >.< But comes back and fires a whole barrage of final attacks on niobe from disgaea skill lists of every weapon. Destroys her and leaves nothing left. smiles and smugly lives in his new home in kings spandex. rawr!

(hee hee.. Niobe-chan I like this)

Stares at Panda-chan dumfounded. Gets pissed off at his constant giggling and punches Panda-chan in a furious series of hostile assault. Hypnotizes Panda-chan into confessing to the priest that he slept with his dog. Priest looks calm at first then gets a demonic look on his face. "You made out with Scooter?! You will BURN for this!!!" The priest takes out a Gillus magnum. (Western pistol) Shoots Panda-chan's head into a million pieces while dozens of hostile nuns spit and whack Panda-chan over the head with lead rulers. (Really Heavy) Asa takes a church candle, nails Panda-chan on a cross and sets him on fire. Dumps his body on the driveway where she runs his cute, little, motionless body over and over with her sweet, chrome black, BMW hoodless convertable. Karada o kuneraseru, itsuka shinu koto ni natte iru!!!

Yawns as asa destroys the girl panda. "okay tha was weird..." sighs and takes out indestructible boken. He smiles and flies towards the unknowing asa and wakes her over the head, then smacks her all across her body making all of her bones shatter. Which in fact makes her a tub of "GOO" He laughs maniacally and takes asa's jello like body and calls bill cosby. He invites him over and tells him about the jello he had made. bill cosby takes a bite and giggles supremely. He takes asa jello and does a commercial where thousands of bill cosby's take a bath in the jello. finally burning the asa jello in a ritualistic tiki fire dance. they eat marshmellows around the burning jello ass of asa jello and smile delightfully at the acomplishment of being paid to help destroy the evidence for panda.

(oh yes please lay off the sleeping with an animal deal, that is nasty and crude.)

Niobe catches Panda not paying attuetnion and she grabs him from behind. She then ties a chain to his foot and drags him to a lake close by. she places him in a boat with a cannon ball tied to his leg. She then goes into a house and comes out with a shot gun. She aims it at the boatand starts firing holes in it. it sinks but just beofore Panda sinks, Niobe throws a Law doll at him and they sink together to the bottom of the lake. Pitty. There is where all the missing people go. So panda sees twnty dead bodies around him before he dies.

Slams both their heads through the moniter. Visit http://www.Sorryimdead/Niobe/
Rest of the people in the yts shrine reads views and dies from horrific versions of Niobe and Panda-chan getting totured and then slowly killed. Asa mounts Niobe's and Panda-chan's head on her wall. I'm very happy with my new Frieeeeeeends... :3

The girl version of panda is killed once more and panda is left unharmed and watches as the girl version of panda is killed once more and panda is left unharmed. Niobe jsut shakes her head. Poor hacker got it that time. She was not killed, a hacker was. Niobe then goes to Aasa'a hosue turns the power off the house, she grabs her handgun out of her pocket. Puts on night vison glasses and hunts Asa down. She fines her. Shoots her from behind and takes her the nearet biilab comapny and feeds her body to genticatly alter roaches. She goes out of the lab and does not look back.