Destroy the poster above

Zaps Niobe's data and turns her into an extreme geek. Niobe bores herself to death. Gasp,
that way to die is worst than drowning.

Just before Niobe bores herself, she straps Asa down to a chair and started to talk about the creation of the universe and then moved on to space explortion. She bores Asa to death and she dies.

Can you idiots say "noob infestation?" Time to return some dignity to this thread.

I jump into the nuke-equipped gundam that Zeon commandeers from the Federation in "Char's Counterattack" (gundam movie), fly up into space above earth,arm the nuke, Declare this the first official act in my crusade against n00bs, and fire.

NUKE=mass n00b Eradication

Also long live Zeon.


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Starts doing the last 3 hits of Yoshimitsu's 1st 10 hit combo consecutively, deviljin_5 gets caught in it and does not get out for another 10 generations. Cya deviljin_5 does life go by quickly?

P.S: you should have at least made split the smileys into different lines

P.SS: edit it.

P.SSS: pretty please...

P.SSSS: come on, this board is too big.

P.SSSSS: FINE don't listen to me.

P.SSSSSS: You're not online are you?

Listen, deviljin_5, I don't care how bored you are, do NOT post disruptive. It's taking bandwith and slowing the forums down. You've been warned.

Ok now back to "Destroy the Poster Above". Sorry Dinaga but I think you got caught in the crossfire.
Well... trying to kill the army of smileys, Dinaga comes out and starts to delete them through the computer. I run all the way to Tekken Zaibatsu and the smileys seeing that Dinaga was the only person around devours him. The Smileys then get too big and blow up.

A perfect explanation to everything ;)

Niobe decides to help destroy the smilies but perodious is accidenty caught in the cross-fire and he dies a noble death.

Not being on for a long time, they do not expect Asa to be back. But she was really planning an invasion. An invasion of BOOBAHS. (Stupid kid show) Sucks Niobe, Dinaga, Perodious, devil_jin5
into the show where they get squeaked to death shortly by millions of mutant babies.

Niobe was not around when the othes meet their unexpected death. I grab Asa and strap her to a chair that was bedeed with nails and flesh eatting ants. The nails punture her body and the ants consumed her meat.

this mysterious character shows up out of nowhere and manages to wrestle Niobe to the ground andstraps her to the electric chair pumping at least 1 million volts. But this mystterios person see that she is still alive, she proceeds to strap her to the bed and watch two male strippers that weigh at least 500 lbs in leather g strings having sex with each other. Screaming in horror she manages to kill herself with the metal handcuffs that she is bound to from the bed. the mysterious character laughs her head off while she is exiting the room.:yes


Niobe comes back to life, and gets free of the disturbing scene. She is ticked at shennaigan. She hunts her down and attacks her from behind. I drag to a Lesbo bar. Gets you drunk. She feel love with a 400 pound women she thought was Brad Pitt. She takes her new date home. Gets over her hangover. Sees who is on the couch. She screams and runs kicten kills with elertic that dull. After much pain she throws herself out the window which over a cliff and she was screaming how could she all the way down.

<<<< Sorry did not mean to offend anyone pleasee do not kill me physically:yes>>>>>>>>>
Shennaigan rises up from the dead with the help of her voodoo worshipping father. she has learned a few lessons of voodoo. she makes a voodoo doll out of niobe. first she sticks a needle in the breast area of niobe. Niobe looks down at her breast notice that the implants were deflatted and she was leaking silicon into her body. shennaigan the proceeds to take the arm of niobe's doll and makes niobe perform sexual embrassing things. finally the silicon eventually hard into her body and sufficating herself. now she's dead....i think.... :yes

Niobe is not dead but she wishes she was. She gets mad at the voodoo person. She Beats her up then she throws her to piranas. She let the fish eat some of "S" and she fished out what was left and threw it to sharks. The sharks died because "S" was infected with plauge. Niobe eases everything that happened beofre from the rest of the members.

Storms in with computering language that Manji Niobe cannot comprehend... the result...

her head blows up.

OptionExplicit<HTML></HTML>IF number > 0 then End Sub End If <table border=0 width=425></table>

(these string of commands are Visual Basic and Html related, and they don't make any sense.)