Destroy the poster above

(( Wrong. That was just wrong.))

Niobe somehow fines a gas mask and then she starts looking for anything to hurt Asa with. She fines what appears to be a blowgun that was filled with poisonus darts. She starts firing them at Asa.

Asa stuffs Niobe in a fire cracker barrel and sets it on fire. She sparks and blows into pieces.
Her bowels go flying everywhere. Asa gets an umbrella.

Niobe did not blow up, it was just a trick. She appears behind Asa and stabs her with a dull streak knife.

Niobe succeeds to kill Asa, and burys her body on sacred indian ground.(Like in Pet Sementary)
Asa is haunted and mad. So she comes back to life and commands the legion of the dead to kill Niobe. Zombies tear Niobe to pieces.

Niobe gets teared to pieces only to become a zombie. She attacks the others and goes for Asa. She grabs Asa and tires to break her neck.

Asa revives herself and ties Niobe up with steel chains. She glues her to a railroad track
(Classic) and waits for the train.

Niobe somehow gets loose because the glue was not all that great and she pushed Asa in front of the train.

That's it. Asa makes Niobe have an extreme case of paranoia and invites "Little Slugger" from
Paranoia Agent to whack her on the head with a golden bat. He beats her until she is dead and bleeding.

Niobe does not die from from the beating but becomes breain dead and starts to try break Asa hands because Niobe has no idea what she is doing.

Asa pins Niobe with katanas onto a propane stove. She turns it on, and seasons Niobe with
hot sauce. Niobe explodes into thousands of unappetizing, bloody, parts. Asa escapes the house
and it flares, cremating Niobe's remains.

Niobe comes back to life and starts to haunt Asa until she jumps to her doom.

Makes Niobe watch the tape from "The Ring." 7 days later, Niobe is killed by Samara, when she popped out of the tv.

do you two hate each other or what????

anyhow blows up all noobs with a nuke but stops and thinks of Hiroshima an Nagasaki, after much thinking decides why we are all trying to kill each other puts the nuke in a safe place hugs asamitsu and then sees a sign with kick me on asamitsu's back, then think "why kick when you can STAB!!!! WO HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!" *repative stabbing sound*

Asa chops down a tree and does not scream TIMBER!!!!!!!!! Kazuya does not hear it and the tree
falls on him/her. (don't know which) Kazuya squirms and then lays still dead. Kazuya dies from a freak timber-accident.

((( I hope I am not a enemy to Asa)))

Samara fails to kill Niobe and she watches Asa kill Kazuya. Onnce Asa was off gurad, Niobe threw three daggers at her back.