Destroy the poster above

Niobe come back to life and does a oni killer throw move. Asa is dead

damn noobs, ok so jfdhfjug* takes the new spike bracelet he just bought and rabidly beats manji niobe to a pulp then walks off whistleing happily* :D

Jfdh thought he killed Niobe but he was actrually beating up a hologram. Niobe goes behind him and stabs him with a hidden dagger.

Asa is not effected by Oni Killer. Remember, Yoshi can survive after doing suicide. Inraged with
Niobe and Jfgh, Asa takes Jfgh's "Will reap for food" sign and replaced it with one that says "I'm gay." Niobe looks at it and dies of laughter. Jfgh looks at it and dies of embarrassment, as millions of noobs point and laugh.:p

Niobe somehow comes back to life and throws a post at Asa. It punture her heart.

shows manji niobe the most hideous and distusting picture ever:

manji niobe dies from laughter :P

Niobe only palyed dead then she got up and showed the pictue to Yoshifan then she took a marker and created stop things all over the picture and show Yoshi it again. He dies laughing.

Asa wears a manji gas mask then sprays TAG body spray on Yoshifan. All the girls (except Asa)
pounce on Yoshifan. They are so busy focusing on Yoshifan that they don't notice Asa driving a
monster truck towards them. At least Yoshifan fell in love with lots of women before he died.:love

While reading a scary book, it becomes real and Asamitsu gets sucked into the book and gets mauled at the zombies written by the author.

Perodious gets sucked into a different part of the book as do i, but we get placed into a sword shop and a brutal sword fight starts, but it doesnt last long as i am too skillful with a sword and cut perodious up in 3 directions shakes the blood off and walks away with the biggest grin ever :D

Asa turns Perodious Kirby into a huge blob of sticky bubble gum and places him in front of
Kazuya's and Perodious's house. They both get stuck when they come out, enabling neighbor
Japanese Giant Hornets to attack. They die from severe allergic reation. Then Kirby sucks them both in hornets and all. He turns into Perodious-Kazuya Kirby, now he's stuck to the street,
blabbbing out brainy quotes in Japanese and spitting out hornets, way dangerous!:D

Niobe is not affecte by the Tag Body Spray. She escapes the impending doom of being run over then she releasea a swarm of killer bees on Asa.

jfdhfjug* invites all the noobs to a sushi resaurant, saying I'll pay go ahead eat away and serves them all poisonous pufferfish* he he die noobs

The poisonous pufferfish had an unusual drop of poison which makes people laugh their heads off. Perodious' kirby starts laughing his head off then blows up and kill jfdhfjug.

Since Kirby never dies in his own games why should he die in this one.

The noobs get mad and destroy all the pharmacys in the world (for a specific reason). Then invite the more experienced people to a pizza party. The pizza was EXTREMELY tasty.
There was nothing wrong with the food. Absolutly nothing. Except for onr thing. It was so
tasty, they ate so much they had extreme gas. The noobs put on a gas mask. Where are the tums?
The pharmacy is gone. The Yts website fills with gas and they die from their own gas.