Destroy the poster above

pick up my crushed, severed arm and beggs the hell out of asamitsu with it.........damn noob

"Am I supposed to die in this one, or should I be laughing?" Asa asks herself. "I should really feel sorry right now, BUT I'M NOT!" She does a noob march over Sic's head. The last
thing Sic ever saw was millions of shoes.

Niobe sees a rocket launcher close by, goes to pick it up , did not realize it was loaded and accidently shoots Asa. Oops. Tries to run away.

Asa lights Manji Niobe on fire, and he didn't realize it was a HEAT SEEKING missile. He blows up
and Asa jumps out action movie-style.

*stall0wns the n00bs*

Comes back to life because of Dinaga post. Shoots him with a machine gun.

((( I AM NOT A MALE)))

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Dinaga : *stall0wns the n00bs*

Initiates anti-n00b crusade, with stallone leading the charge, subsequently annihilating all the n00bs.:yes


Huge props, Dinaga.8)

Niobe does not care about the mob and then she shoots an arrow at MCM

i let a chemicaly enhanced spider on to niobe and it bites her and she turns into a spider woman and so i but her in the bath amd then she cant get out and starves to death

Niobe gets out somehow and breaks Kazuya's neck with her new found strength

You all again?! Asa gets fustrated and takes the STALLOWN3D!1 poster and squishes niobe, Dinaga,
Kazuya, and MCM like little itty-bitty flies on the window of society. There goes your guts.
FLUSH! down the toilet. Bye-Bye.:p

One more thing, Stallone is butt ugly. Power to the noobs!:p

After having a 3-day hike in the outdoors, I become an expert pyromaniac when using metho and match sticks.

I give a drink to Asamitsu that looks like water but is actually metho then strike a match and shove it in her mouth and watch the fireworks :)

Asa wakes Kirby up, Kirby is hungry for breakfast and Asa moves out of the way. So he sucks up Perodious and eats him. Oh look, Perodious Kirby. The power to say brainy quotes. WOW! What
a powerful power, the power to bore people to death. It spreads like smallpox and everyone else dies.

Asa heals up, and straps Niobe to a chair and a FM radio. She turns it to the 80's station, and wears earmuffs. Then she keeps requesting that horrible song,"Miss you" by the Rolling Stones,
until Niobe goes death. Niobe is death and cannot sense Asa sneaking behind her. Asa does a
Moon Sault Slayer sneak attack on her with a zambatou (Sueng Mina's spear from Soul Calibur II)
and kills her.