Destroy the poster above

Those from the old Yot will remember this one and those newbies who dont this is how it works. when some one post the person who post next is suppost to destroy the previous poster. EX: I post the some one destroys me then someone destroys them and so on,& so forth. Well let the games begin!

(SIC)Dragon sticks a plasma granade to jfdfjug's head and watchs laughting his ass off as he tries to get it off and explodes.

*grabs rocket launcher and blows SiCdRaGoN87's head off, the leaves his body to be eaten by jungle rats*

*grabs a spear and gives Dinaga a fatal steel enema*

*Grabs shotgun beats raven within an inch of her life then fires ending her misery

*Steals jfdhfjug?s soul and eats it. jfdhfjug?s lifeless body gets eaten by the carrion.*
(Whee! Now wasn?t that chearfull? :/ )

*notices Kiri about the typo in his avatar and he dies of depression*


Beats Dinaga half to death with a baseball bat. Then beats him up the exact same way. Dinaga is now exactly dead.
(you thought is was a typo? Lol :D )

No, I thought of something else :)


*throws Kiri in an empty pool with hungry Paul Di'Anno in it, who chases him 3 hours before he eats him alive*

* I use stasis field on dinaga, while he is immobilized I thrust my ligthsaber blade through his abdomen multiple times before quickly decapitating him * (star wars rules)

i used mind choke to straggle jfdhfjug to death. his last word were,"Jon u suck"!*star wars is alright*

*punches SiCdRaGoN87*

*SiCdRaGoN87 dies*

*Ties Dinaga to a rope, and lets Darth Vader play Pi?ata using his Lightsabre with him.*
(Oh yeah, StarWars rules!)

Pours on Kiri honey and calls the Pain from Metal Gear Solid 3. :D

*grab a flame thrower and bar-b-qs Tenshi