Banners for advertisment

Nothing to flashy is neccisary but would be most appriciated, I dont have any decent editing programs or else i would do them myself:dontgetit
and i can start with a simple pic ( I have made a quick one for now just to start off and will replace it as new ones are made ) so all yoshi fans lets get to work getting the Yot out there and better known!

Don't know if this is what you had in mind, but here's a quickie;

Is that anything like what you had in mind?

wow, nice :)

Maybe we should have some and affiliate with other shrines?

If thats your plan i will get to work locating the other tekken fan sites and looking to see if they will ad for us, but if they do we may have to advertise for them as well, you know they scratch our back we scratch theirs .. lol so the desision is for the members ( and admins ) to decide I am like an ambassitor.. so to speak .. i will do what i can to resolve peaceful communications between this shrine and other sites :)

I am working on getting tekken zaubatsu to advertise for us..

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