Which Characters Do You Play At The Moment?

Im going to do a repeat session of a post here, but Im high off of Tournament fumes, so I GOTTA post this again.

Yoshimitsu will always be my main character. I dont care what anyone says.... I do not feel he has been nerfed. Look at Otokonoko videos. Look at his expanded swordplay. He may not have Bulldogging skills, but his versatility makes up for that in spades. Again, see Otokonoko videos where he whittles down the competition in pure crazy style. And its great to see everyone say "Dude, youre Yoshimitsu Rocks, I havent seen anyone play him like that before" as their eyebrows rise from decent Tourney results.

Always has and will always be my main man.

For my secondary character, its a tie between Heihachi and Kazuya. Both characters hit with absolute brutality alongside great offensive rush capabilities. Mix in Low Spin Kick options with plenty of finishing possibilities and youre that dangerous.

Enough rambling.... heres a handy checklist of people Im good with:

1. Yoshimitsu.... obviously!!
2. Kazuya/Heihachi
3. Paul
4. Lee Chaolan
5. Armor King
6. Devil Jin, AKA Tekken Tag Jin

And some more, even though Im not as good with these below listed players....

7. King
8. Law
9. Jack-6
10. Xiaoyu
11. Jin
12. Bryan Fury

And I give credit to any solid Mokujin player. I loved him when you DIDNT have 40 characters to randomly select from. He was a favorite in Tekken 3 and Tag. And where is ComBot?!?!


Saikoro, did you play Yoshi in Tekken 5.0, Tekken DR? :)

Sure, Yoshi will always be my main as well, just too bad he's not that strong anymore. But playing him is surely lots of fun... and it has that unique feeling of Manjiness. I love his fighting style. ^^

If only you get a chance, try to record your matches, Saikoro. :) If only you'd like me to evaluate your opponents' level of play, and maybe yours as well? It depends on you, sometimes I'm asked to do it and I think I'm pretty good at observations.

Why Lili? Because she's strong and a blondie just like me :P (lol)
But I think I'll leave her and pick Asuka instead. Maybe. I'll see.

Tenshimitsu : Saikoro, did you play Yoshi in Tekken 5.0, Tekken DR? :)

I played 5, but only on the PS2 for its initial year and a half of release. I then traded the game in as I was hankering for some tourney play, but nobody was hosting anything at that time (And I wasnt an avid Internet fiend to look up such things). I also played Dark Resurrection on the PSP for three straight months before Tekken 6's release. My Tekken prime time was back in Tag's heyday. I was in the arcade on a near daily basis as thats when I had my liscense and mom's car :D. Those were the days to where 50 cents would last upwards of 90 minutes. I pissed lots of my friends off!! And the group of people who played alongside me were no slouches either as 95% of our matches were dictated by the time running out!! There were at least 10 of us who played competitively.... it was like a Fight Club of sorts!! I would like to add in that I played Tekken 1 through 3 LOTS as I was only a teen with lots of spare time on my hands. I was 14 when Tekken graced my PSOne. Im honestly feeling bad for trading all of my previous Tekkens' in.... I had some overly ridiculous records in, like a 98% win ratio with Yoshimitsu as none of my friends could ever beat me, alongside a whopping 1,000+ uses with him in Tekken 2. Hell, I would say Ive used him for a total 8,000+ matches. Time adds up after 15 years, ya know??


Compared to Dark Resurrection, Yoshimitsu's more important moves (Knee Cap, every blockable sword move.... which I still cant wrap my brain around.... its a fucking sword!!) feel a bit toned down, but his bag of tricks/mindgames and swordplay have opened up considerably. Like 1,000 fold considerably.

If only you get a chance, try to record your matches, Saikoro. :) If only you'd like me to evaluate your opponents' level of play, and maybe yours as well? It depends on you, sometimes I'm asked to do it and I think I'm pretty good at observations.

Ive actually got a good 5 Player Matches recorded on my Digital Camera, all prepared to get edited (Placing in a song to blot out my rambling) and submitted on YouTube. Im gonna upload those come this Sunday unless anything comes up, so keep your eyes peeled. I also feel like a dunce as Jose and I had some pretty phenominal matches at my last Tournament, I wish I could have brought my freggin' camera!!

Lastly, I do have to say that one of my weaknesses that I notice is becomming overly offensive to the point to where I leave myself wide open for a life draining counterattack. Otherwise, I just need to play more human matches with people who are actually good, if not better, than I. On LIVE/PSN, its all about hoping to meet up with a great player who isnt a cheap bastard. Good luck there....


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Mwahahaha! Overly offensive! :D

And that's exactly why you're having good results with Yoshi. You just cover his biggest weakness: lack of defensive.

Me being a typical counter-defensive player in TDR have hard time in getting used to new Yoshi. But time will tell. :)

I do have to say that playing against the A.I. on Ultra Hard in practice mode, or as I call it, "Sparring" is a great way to learn to counter/defend against Bull-Rushes. Im currently at my part timer picking up spare hours, and I was playing against Bruce for a good 45 minutes and my total Attack Damage was at 15,454. His was at 15,320. Yeah, lots of trading strikes, but DAMNIT!! You really have to position your retaliation jabs to really get in and attack. Whats also very interesting is that you have no room for Yoshimitsu's Fluff attacks, like Stances or anything relatively familiar/cool looking.... Unless if a rare opening comes about.

Although no player will ever act like the rabidly murderous Ultra Hard A.I., you get to improve your reflexes as you really have no time to think. To prove this further, Spar for a good 30 minutes and then play Ghost Battle.... Yup....


well... here goes nothing...

Main 1:Yoshimitsu (well, d'oh, I wouldnt be obssesd with yoshi if he;s not my main!?) and he's the best! :yes :yes :yes
Main 2:Nina Williams:Some say im better off using Nina than my Yoshi, but I disagree with that, coz, I'm aggressive when using Nina! (in which I shouldnt be...) :D

Sub 1: Alisa: many said she's BosconoB**CH but, well, I like her punish moves and hard to dodge moves... well, thats what I think... She may eventually become my 3rd main...
Sub 2: Asuka: I only know the most basic of moves for her but I eventually had fun using her...
Sub 3: King/Armor King: I hope i could use either of them with skill, coz I cant... :(

well, that's it... XD

-MAIN: Yoshimitsu (90% of the time)
-Law (8% [my best though])
-Devil Jin

then there's others like roger, raven, paul , jin , kaz ,...

Mainly as Yoshimitsu. Its fun to use Ogre at times too though :) And Mokujin.

I recently just picked up Zafina :D

I as of now have the following mains :D

Top 4
1. Yoshimitsu
2. Zafina
3. Feng Wei
4. Anna Williams

Others I'm working with
1. Bryan Fury
2. Raven
3. Sergei Dragonov
4. Armor King


Primary: Yoshimitsu XD
Secondary: ............................................................................... uh...... just yoshi :P

1. Lars

2. Yoshimitsu

3. Anna

4. Steve

5. Ganryu

6. Raven

I'm becoming interested in Roger and Kuma/Panda lately, not that I will be using them, but I really dig em'.. So basically what I'm saying is that if the next Tekken installment is a "Tag", and there's no Kunimitsu return, then I will be learning some serious furry love!

Same here Matt, but i cant seem to properly use Kuma/Panda cause i end up using other moves and punishing enemies with Kuma/Panda...

I have some difficulties practicing my Nina and Yoshi... any tips???

I normally play as Yoshi(obviously),but sometimes I play as King, or Armor King II.
I wish that Yoshi would go back to his old technique though, the stand still stance is getting annoying, but hey! It's our ol' Yosh. :)