Which Characters Do You Play At The Moment?

I tried out Wulong. Well, my T5 savegame got a little corrupted, and now I've had to get all the characters together again, but I found myself enjoying Lei's tricks. I'm not a new fan of his, but I think I will look into this character a little more.

This other day, i got this insanely crazy idea of a possible 3rd character in my arsenal. Panda! - OMG this fat animal sucks. You just wont believe it. It was an endless struggle to level it to Tekken Lord.

I guess i've got a thing for lower tiers - with Steve as the only real exception. Yoshimitsu, Anna, and now Panda. All i really need now is to play Lei! *sigh*

Wild guess - your auto-save is ON, right? :wink
- Don't do that (ever)! It corrupts your data. Happened to me three times before i turned auto-save OFF. I've never had ANY problems with corrupted data ever since.
Auto-save ON = corrupted data
Auto-save OFF = no corrupted data


EDIT: Sh*t - how could i forget my 2nd in command: Craig Marduk!
(sorry, Craigy - don't break me in half! :blush)

Primary: Yoshimitsu and usually Kunimitsu in TTT as his partner
Secondary: Yoshimitsu, King, Law, and Bruce
Others: Yoshimitsu

I rarely play with anyone other than Yoshimitsu. My play percentage is probably around 50% Yoshimitsu, then between 5 and 10% for the others listed. Everyone else is a small fraction.


UnknownDNA : @Koga
Wild guess - your auto-save is ON, right? :wink
No, actually. PS2 was saving the data when we had a short. The machine was shut down by it, and that corrupted the data.

Resume. :)

Currently, beside Yoshi, I play Dragunov, too. Learning this character took me really little time, and he's fun to use. As for now, I didn't make any advanced tricks or setups... just a game "press buttons and watch what happens ;)"

Oh, sh*t - you totally cracked me up there! :D

Haven't had any real chance to try out T5: DR yet, though. Had a go on my friends PSP. But those bottons! *grr* Makes me put more concentration into how-to-push-the-bottons than to actually play the friggin game!

EWGF was easy tho...


yakes now tenshi is learning dragnov < is shocked:D

I feel sorry for you Koga, but that's the enviorment, unless a certain Deadman did it:D

damm < spamming the thread now.

anyway you lot have been spaming talking about the psp buttons save it for another thread:((

others:Jack-5,king A-king

- Hwoarang

- Yoshi
- Devil Jin

- Lei
- Steve
- Bryan(T3)

This is my first post so, here goes.

Primary: Heihachi!

Secondary: Random.

I like Yoshi and his moves, but I can't use him very well. I'm more interested in the Philosophy.

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Devil Jin

Yoshimitsu (T5/TTT)
Kunimitsu (TTT)
Jun (TTT)
Devil Kazuya (TTT)



Primary: Yoshimitsu

Secondary: None

I only play with Yoshi, unless it's against mates who don't play it as much as me. Then I might go someone else after beating them 20 times xP

What??? There are OTHER characters? Is that those strange people who keep hitting me when I'm Yoshi? Gosh I wondered what that was all about. I thought they were being awfully rude and I kept losing my temper, ruining my image as a sweet, composed girl and using 'man words'! Those terrible man words!!!


My boyf likes, Raven, Jin and Yoshi but he rocks with most characters. Few of his friends will play against him anymore but he still gets to use me as a punching bag!

Primary: Yoshi

Secondary: Ganryu and Eddy and mostly everyone else for practice

Even though I always play yoshi, it's good to try out the other chars. Besides, I play yoshi so much my friends and I are getting tired of the same old matches. It's fun to have variety too.