Which Characters Do You Play At The Moment?

As the title - which Tekken Characters Do You Play At The Current?

My currents are;

- Yoshimitsu

None yet! >.<

- Marduk
- Anna
- Steve
- Bob

Besides i'm working a little on some casual characters now and there.

Primary: Bryan
Secondary: Yoshimitsu
Other: none

I know I'm dull. :D The rest just lack that something*, in my opinion.

(* "brains", was the best suggestion today for this.)

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Koga - oh i feel you, girl! :D

Most of the characters just, well - they're just no fun at all.

But besides Yoshi i really fell for Marduk. His... Raw brutality just makes me love him. And, too, he got the most hilarious opening line.

- But i'm having a hard time playing him tho' :(

Primary: Yoshi
Secondary: King, Paul
For fun (not serious gaming): others

Primary: Yoshimitsu(Cos he is my favorite)

Secondary: Devil jin/true ogre(cos im the best with him)/And all the jacks cos they just beat the other caracters apart from yoshi into a pulpy mess hehehehehehe.

It is only yoshi that suvives my attaks with jacks cos he is soooo cool and so fast a caracter.

- Lei



1st: raven
2nd: yoshimitsu

My primary and secondary remains and is as follows:
1. Yoshimitsu
2. Craig Marduk

Besides that, i'm giving alot of characters a go - something i should've done a long time ago! :blush
Those i use most time on are Anna, Steve and (a little) Devil Jin.

Currently, i'm most interested in getting to know all the characters better - expand my horizont. Something which i think is abit harder than first expected. Most characters seem to be either dry, simple or monotonous while other is extremely advanced, and tough to play. My guess is that it's hard to get experienced with a character you're not too keen on. If you lack the interest, it's rarely i feel like putting my time into something - and that goes with Tekkens rooster aswell!
- Becoming a better Tekken player DOES require an efford. The better you know your foe, the easier it gets to beat him.

One of the better players out there - Qdogg i believe(?) - suggested that you choose like 2-3 main characters, which you get to learn, and learn the rest about 15-20%. That suggestion makes sense - at least to me!
- If you get to know how each character works, what are their main strategies/tactics, where their strengt and weaknesses lie, which moves and setups to look out for, and so forth, i believe you'll do just fine!

- Any thought, anyone? :)


yeah learning all the chracters and then picking two or three main chracters is a good idea,

for example: you are in a tournament and you are in lets say the group stages and you have just lost a match and the player who you have to face next is going to know some of your stagies for that last chracter you picked, so shock him/her and pick a differant chracter, put's them a bit of their game because they may not know your stragies for that chracter.

True - but with that comes that efford i spoke about. You might just not be as good with your secondary as you are with your primary. Some characters are just better suited for YOU, i guess! :dozingoff

But, yeah - changing character and hence strategy might just seem to be it! :O_o


Guys..... Is there any One who Play with Yoshi Only.......???
I play but.. I dont like playing with other characters... I really hate/Dont like Any .. apart from Deviljin.. but I feel it would be better if i knew Their moves so that i can anticipate...

Some times i wonder... what are Other characters for....Yoshi is Enough for T5.......
They shouldnt have been any other characters .. it should ahve been more like.... Devil within game :P

That sounds alot boring, if you ask me. But another type of game, starring: Yoshimitsu - that would be great, i guess.

Playing Yoshi ONLY is something i'd NOT recommend. Playing other characters often inspire me at evolving my Yoshi'. :)


Good point UnknownDNA, i think this will give you a better insight on how yoshi could counter the moves of that character.

I'll use other characters just on my own time, but in vs. battles I'm a 100% Yoshi player. Hence why I'm on the YOT. :D


hence the reason why we are all here on yts/YOT

but we could play other chracters and still be here.