:i cant be bothered to play this charade anymore, im not japanese i never was its all got a bit out of hand now everyhting i have siad about me is all true apart from my nationality

im going for a smoke now

i know i shouldnt have done it in the first place, but i got carried away with wanting to be someone else, think of me as u wish, but i still would like to be considered a friend to u all and continue to talk to you all on here

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You're not japanese? <shocked expression> Not that it matters, we all want to be japanese.

id rather have an opinion from the otheres ive known them longer

I doubt anyone holds grudge against you. I know I won't. :)

There are people pretending all the time, in the net and in real life. The latter are much, much worse. Kazuya, you know we all love you. :love There's no need to feel awkward in here.

Ehh, don't worry Kazuya. :D Just be yourself :) And train Yoshimitsu to kick everyones butt!

Especially you, Koga: you have to train. :D People here in Poland have high expectations as for foreigners :P :P Let the power of Yoshi be with us in the day of tournament. :D

i did do a bit of research for that kysg go to clik on website translate then japanese to english then paste the kysg recipe address into the box and then clik translate

thanks for being so understanding, i feel quite relived like a man reborn, a tournament u say tenshi? when and where is this?

if you dont mind i will tell you all about my real self.
my real name is Danny, im 5' 10" blue eyes brown hair, i like martial arts have been doing iaido for 3 years and this wednesday i will be going back to my old karate class. i have recently been tought how to make english longbows and i can make wooden japanese swrods through my own design.

my hobbbies are computer games, weight lifting and my bass guitar.

my parents have seprated (neither are japanese) i live with my mother in Dalrington england, my father lives in newcastle with his girlfriend and my half brother (7months old) and step brother (24 years old). my big sister (21 years old) lives with her boyfriend just around the corner.

im very much a loner, although i wish to be with somebody i like to be with my self doing wat i feel like doing and when i want to do it, for long periods of time

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Tenshi was speaking of the third Tekken Tej tournament 26.11. - 27.11.2006 that will be held in Poznan, Poland. :yes

damn i cant afford at the minute having no job an all

I feel so left out. <sob sob> hehe.