How do u customise ur charactors in tekken?

im talking about tekken 5 and tekken dark resurrection
im interested to know how u ppl customise ur charactors
i have dragunov (in orginal costume) all in red with a military hat and he looks like that guy from Deathstars!! (lmao!)
but for most charactors i change the colour of the outfit. i spent a LOT of money on getting king in that val tudo mask. he makes the roar noises but his mouth dnt move (??????)

I don't see your point. What do you need help with?

erm..... im just making conversation.....:con

He's asking how we like to customize our guys.

I make characters from other things (Metal Gear Solid, Soul Series, Mortal Kombat, Dead Or Alive), my own themes(Damaged Jack-5, Young Heihachi), other Tekken Characters (Forest Law, Kunimitsu, Jun Kazama) and other costumes (Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu, Death by Degrees Nina).

I generally just customize my characters' colors to blue and gold (kind of a theme for me), but beyond that, whatever looks good. Yoshimitsu's 2P flagstaff is a must.


Im sorry, i dont have any customization ideas. lol
How come you get top be a YOT member and only have 3 posts?

I've been a YOT member for a while. Dunno how the system works for rankings here; it's mostly all new to me.

For general customization ideas, just think about ways to make items fit with colors. Just gotta play around with it until you find something that works.


(^_^ Yay for first posts in pointless topics)

In tekken 5 I used the full armor yoshi by changing his colors to all white, giving him a hero (or was it champion) belt, claws, and the talisman.

Thats holy ghost yoshi.

Then with the hat one, I get everything black. Give him mushrooms, the samuari swords, and anything dark and you have "Needs a bath" Yoshi.

I mainly use them because my TV is horrible and I cant see where I am unless I really REALLY stand out aginst the background.

I've been mainly using the punch button Yoshi (wearing the hat), with all his colours set to green and wearing the sacred relic. I think it looks cool...suits my name at least too! =)

DR yoshi mainly old school tekken 3 yoshi.

im one for old school

I was actually playing Tekken 3 (with the Tekken 5 aracde history mode) just today.

I didn't actually like the way Yoshi looked back then. =(



get on your knees before I get my gun and shot you in the heart:D


*Gets on his knees*

Tekken 3 Yoshi clearly looked awesome and all...truly my favourite...:O_o

Yoshi in T3 .... really looks like a Space Ninja..
Thats what he is.. right

T5 Yoshi with Armor is Cool but cant match T3 or TTT........

Hey Does any one Feel that TTT has simple but Cool Graphics ???or am i the Only one :P