Strategy exchange

Recently noticed a lot of things. :)

Do you use f,f+1+2~b+3+4 frequently? Your opponent can do NOTHING to Yoshi, unlike in previous Tekkens where some jabs coud hit. Now Yoshi is totally safe... and guess what! Sometimes, if your opponent attacks just after f,f+1+2, Yoshi evades his move with b+3+4... and ends face forward him! I think it's not the matter of cancel/justframe... I think it's more a game bug or something. (or maybe I'm wrong, who knows) But it's extremely useful. :) Your opponent opened for d/f+2 off-axis juggles. Yeah!

Out of f+3+4~b you not only can do BT moves depending on timing... you can also recover BT. I do it by pressing and holding U/F and releasing it just before Yoshi wants to escape from a window. :P (or: just before he stops shouting "Moooo!" :D). It can lead to nice show-off game, e.g.
f+3+4~b,U/F,N, D/B+2,2,2... (spinning backwards)
or my beloved BT jumping hopkick (don't need to release U/F)

f,f+3+4, 1+2 is useful after ending juggles if your opponent quickrolls and don't press active guard. For example:
u/f+3, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 standard juggle into f,f+3+4,1+2 - nice thing! The f,f+3+4 will hit and by 1+2 Yoshi will escape awaaaaay :D (if opponent will try to run at you, hopkick him...)
If opponent presses active guard, no problem, after techroll he's in such an alingment that Yoshi will go past him... again awaaaaaay. :)

f,f+3+4,1+2 is also useful if ou know that e.g. after FC,d/f+3 your opponent stands up (or uses any kicks). If he'll stand straight way, shark attack catches him for massive damage.

Post your strategies, too!

Apparently, evasive spin (b+3+4...) is now so good that it will dodge certain attacks and leave your opponent open for a Back Throw, Yoshi facing towards the opponent. I'm not able to test this, since I don't have Tekken 5, but apparently Bryan's b+1 and f,f+4 will enable Yoshi to use this strategy.

If there is ever a time where you've jumped over your opponent and landed BT+4, you can use f,f+3+4,1+2 on their back for massive damage if they decide to get up or roll forwards. I constantly use U/F,N+4, which makes it easy to employ this strat.

WS+2, d+1+4 is a powerful new wall combo. WS+2 is also a safe attack, and is relatively fast. Use this at your own risk, as it depletes health.

Ending juggles with f+2,d/b+2,2,2... has its rewards. Replace the last hit of certain juggles with f+2 and if you're close to a wall you'll land a few d/b+2's.

You can also replace b+1, f+3+4_f+3 in a juggle with u/f+4. This will slam them down, and d/f+3 is guaranteed if your opponent decides to do anything except stay down. Perhaps f+3+4 will also hit, I'm not sure.

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Hmm, gonna definitely try your strats. :)

WS+2 is not a safe move. It's a 50%/50% guess up in Tekken 5. If you don't act fast after having it blocked, you'll get a juggle in your back...

WS+2, BT u+1+4 - this move to backturned flash will beat most of things, but you can also miss...
WS+2, BT d+1 - low punch is reliable, but it will hurt if your opponent does a low-crushing JG starter such as hopkick.

The rest is just too slow to stop any incoming attack. You also won't manage to D/B+2,2,2,2... away. Bad Breath might be good, but all the opponents I fight against strike with mid moves.

BigChief, check your PM!

I'm currently working on good custom strings for Yoshi... It's not T4/TTT. He can't be the non-stop attacking power... He lacks a nice WS high-crushing move that would be safe on block.

One good thing with the D/F+1,2 D/B+2,2,2,2,2 is that after a few slaps you might be able to go into D/B+1+2, 1, FC F/D+1, U+3+4, U/F+4, U/F+3, SS(anymove) or even a grab(from Tenshimitsu!) I tried it today and I figured that its pretty flexible and can make your opponent pressured since they don't know what you are gonna do.

If you do sword sweep a lot after the D/F+1,2 D/B+2,2,2,2,2 combo you can try a flea so if they try and hit low they get damaged.

Yes, its probably unsafe to do those moves but for me... I don't look at frame advantages because I'm a NOOOOOOOOOB.

I found another thing about flea.

While I was doing a practise mode with Yoshimitsu and how to get the most out of the flea stance, I was using the f+1+2 roll and seeing how to incorporate it. While learning, I realised you can also activate the move by the notation d, d/f, f

Another thing I found is that while Yoshimitsu is doing a front roll, at the first few frames of it, you can quickly press f,f to cancell the roll and start the flea running.

Just something interesting to note but I don't think that I'll be using it.

"d - Flea Digger, can be cancelled by any move. d~f leads to Manji Roll (f+1+2). Useful, dodges high moves. " - this is written in the Manji Stances article in the "Skill" section...

Yup, this little shift was made just in case, similarly to f,f+4~3 (Fubuki into roo kick).

Call me dumb!

I think you already knew about d/b+1~f immediate FC cancel after this low punch? I learned it not so long ago.
I have to do massive update in my FAQ, because this trick is FANTASTIC!

on block:

d/b+1~F+1+2 - is a total high-crushing technique, evading during whole animation, even tends to evade some mids. Yoshi even doesn't stand up! It's like doing a standing-position-move from FC position!

d/b+1~f~b+1+2 - this is amazing! It evades moves up to 16 frames, all of them! Uppercuts, mids, I think even hopkicks! I tested it againts Yoshi's d/f+1,1, d/f+4, d/f+2 and all things missed! Of course it falls prey to longer strings of jabs and long-ranging mid moves such as deathfist.
But still it's amazing! I'll put it to more extensive analyzis.

Not to mention:
d/b+1~f+1+4 - fast flash
d/b+1~f~b+3+4 it evades just about everything.

And imagine I didn't knew about all of this sweetness! Until now.

Call me dumb!