Fan Artist Welcome

I made a drawing of Yoshi with a costume mix of T2 and T3.

Hey everyone. :D

I finally finished a fanart piece I've been working on. It's based off of the fanfic I've been writing, so it has Yoshimitsu and Xiaoyu in it. I'd love to show all of you, but I'm not quite sure how to submit my fanart to the site. Any help?

Sorry... I would love to help but I'm just as culeless or maybe more than you

LOL! That's okay, thanks. :P

There's a text link at the top saying "My files"
1. Create a folder, make it "public and gallery", place it in Fan Art gallery.
2. Upload there a picture
3. Done.

joke ->

Hmm... internet nowadays is full of big links and landmarks like "CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD PHOTO!!!!!111". I guess YOT is a little old-fashioned and encourages a bit of digging by yourself...
I can't imagine where would I put such a big, preferably pink and shiny, CLICK ME TO UPLOAD button.


Oh hey! That was really simple! :P Thanks. :D