Deleting/renaming accounts

Hi. I wish to delete or rename my account but don't know how to. Can anyone help?

I can delete it, which one you mean? ;) Tell me the email address just in case.

I don't understand what you mean by "which one you mean?"
And, no offence, but how do I know I can trust you? Just being cautious.

Tenshimitsu - like the text below her ava tells you - is the Boss of this whole forum. If anyone, it's her you can trust. Why don't you send her a PM including your e-mail, so no one else is able to see it, since you're being that cautious. :)

I see. I didn't know. I'll send it now. The reason I want to delete or rename it is because I accidentally typed my name wrong. As you can see, the name makes no sense.
I'll post on the thread again when I've set up my new account. You'll know me when you see me.

Should I completely delete it or change the name to The 4th snake? I will change it, but if you wish, I can completely delete it.

Thanks for that, Tenshimitsu. You're the best. How'd you know what I wanted it to be?

Tenshi ... Can we rename the Account Ourselves???

Silly me... apparently I am able to rename and promote accounts as well. :blush

I knew I was slow, but this is ridiculous... :p

yakes not going to muck around anymore if tenshi or koga post in the destory the postal above thread not going to retalete:wink