Other games you are crazy about?

Hi there ol friend's :D
(Resident Evil)

Lately I've been drawn into old Amiga and NES games. I just finished the original Prince of Persia on PC (quite an achievement, considering that I was dead-scared of it when I was a kid) and now I'm working on Valhalla. The game is rock-hard!! Miss one, single thing and you're stuck for good, until you realize what you have forgotten. It's also one of the first (if not THE first) game with fully audible speech and dialog. Also, the innocence of the main character - who actually talks to you, the player, for the majority of the time - doesn't really help in the eerie atmosphere of the game, especially when death comes from behind and you've no idea that could've happened.

Try out for yourselves. Those with enough interest surely know how. :)

Oh thank you Koga!! Finally someone brings the conversation to a level I can join in with! Ha ha, you see, while I may say I have no experience with video games, actually I do, just a loooooong time ago when I was just a little girl. My first console was an Atari and my favourite game was called 'centipede'. It was so addictive. It was sort of like space invaders only it was a long string of squares (supposedly meant to be a centipede but you wouldn't have known that unless you had read the box) and you had to destroy it by shooting a square at a time (because you'd been shrunk down to tiny size, naturally!) while avoiding the annoying little 'spider' (square with legs) and these, man, what were they meant to be again, well insect thingies that ran down the screen planting 'mushrooms'. Yeah, wild stuff. Bet you're all so jealous you never got to play that one :D

Then I got a Sega master system when it came out. I remember Christmas morning when we had set it up. We were all like 'wow, it looks so realistic.' lol, kinda laughable looking back but having grown up in the 80's seeing those graphics for the first time was amazing.

My favourite game was Alex the Kid. It was so difficult (I'm not sure I ever actually completed it). I also loved Sonic and Lemmings. Awww, those silly little Lemmings.

I got a Megadrive when that came out but then other then an N64 which I bought only to play one game (nope, not telling) and never got any other games for, I never bothered with video games again until recently when... well you know the story from here.


resident evil 4 because resident have very interesting story and i like leon s kennedy ada and especially RAMON SALAZAR.Some other games i have played and i liked it its tomb raider (lara croft) and gosthunter

hey! just sharing. For the oldies I still love to play capcom vs snk2. i wanna' get my hands on SFIV and see if it's good. If that game has an arcade version and if it arrives here i'll make sure to be the first to try it out and get good at it. :)

I play GTA IV.:) I also like to try MK VS DC Universe although I know it's nothing compared to t6 but just for variety. i also like Final Fantasies. Did the latest Final fantasy already come out on ps3?

By the way where's the forum on discussions about yoshi in t6? not the customizations but the juggles, set-ups, strategy, etc. still lost here.

Megaman and most of ALL fighting games!