Other games you are crazy about?

Hi! How about we talk about other games we love besides tekken?
I for myself just love chalanging games such as Ninja Gaiden, but also I'm a fan of King Of Fighters (especialy dreammatch editions such as KOF 2k2). Too bad there is almost no one that plays KOF in Poland. I like it cuz it's IMO one of the most balanced fighters and it has great chars, and AWSOME AST's (especially the ast ver. of Esaka?, Bloody, Arashi No Saxopone 2, Rhytnic Halucination, Mad Fantasy and Fanatic Waltz). Anyone else? (If someone here also likes KOF the post it, pls!)

I like Final fantasies. They're just great. I know almost every words of them (that's what Koga is thinking)

Alongside Tekkens, I enjoy a wide range of games. Alien vs. Predator 2 and UnReal Tournament are my favorite 1st person shooter games (I always play the yautja campaign, since the yautjas are pretty close to my heart). I also like Command & Conquer; Tiberian Sun / Firestorm. Very good when just killin' time.

Final Fantasies... well, they're OK. 8, 10 and 10-2 are good enough to hold my interest. Let's just say I'm not as into FF anymore as I used to be, even though I take influence from them from time to time.

I love Resident Evil. Especially the 1st one, since no matter how crappy it might look it always manages to give me the goosebumps on several occations. I also love RE3's Nemesis, even more so after I saw the second RE movie.

I have also some interest in The Sims and The Sims 2. I like hacking the game, and creating Tekken characters into the game (I got to see the day when Yoshimitsu and Bryan sat down at the same table to drink coffee and discuss politics.) :dontgetit

(And let's not forget the Leisure Suit Larry series. It's a game that gives a lot of laughs after having a few drinks and sitting down at the computer with a friend or two with similar sense of humor. :D)

I Like Fifa Warcraft NFSseries, Unreal ,some RPGs ,Many many Strategy game..........Like Red alert, AOE, AOM ,etc

Oh, i like Guitar Hero :D (i'm a pro and playing expert)
And, too, The Sims 2 (just like Koga, i like creating Tekken characters)
maybe stupid, but, i like Crash Bandicoot :D

Guitar hero, sims2 ( nearly finished the game until someone delted my data), Smackdown Vs Raw (Undertaker all time), The Punisher (blood fans need to try that game, the way you can kill people is over the top.), Need for Speed: Underground Carbon and of course Sonic Heros and the mega collections (Takes me back to my mega drive days).

in the arcade, Pinball merchines, Pool(do money matches with you lot anytime of day), Time Crisis 3 and Internil D (Driving Game, can play one handed)

Castlevania. I'm a fanatic. True blue obsessed fanatic.

Mine is Indigo Prophecy/fahrenheit,probably the best underrated game ever

I like RPG/strategy games like Fire Emblem and fighting games in general. I also have been playing a lot of Guitar Hero lately as well as Morrowind. If you want to go way back my original favorite series was Sonic the Hedgehog and I also liked Streets of Rage.

i'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to games.


I've been lately into Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

It's a very good combination of RPG and action, even FPS, and the attmospheres vary a lot. At one point you're in the middle of UnReal type FPS, shooting everything and everyone you see, then you're suddenly in a haunted house that really scares you sh*tless, and a bit later you're thinking, "I don't remember switching Vamp: The Masq to Resident Evil...." while shooting an army of brain-eating zombies.

You can choose who to ally with, you can choose the Clan/Bloodline you represent, you can choose between ranged, melee, unarmed and paranormal ways of fight, you can choose whether you're a frenzying beast or a calm humanly creature... the list goes on endlessly.

I recommend the game to everyone. Does anyone play it already? I usually play either as a female Tremere (sorceress) or a male Malkavian (insighted insane).

The game is, as far as I know, only for PC.

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what consle is it on Koga, I want to play it and I would not get scared.

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for me zelda,soul calibur,metroid,mortal kombat,destroy all humans,rayman raving rabbids (best thing ever)

also i play a bit of runescape (username is ultraboy94), and i've just found a love for the sims 2.
copycat like me made a family consisting of kazuya jin and lee! (can't really make heihachi acurately, i only have the PS2 version :con )

I like Heroes, Soul Calibur, Spyro and Rayman. I like action games much^^