my new galley

hello i have a new gallery for you all, it only has one pic, kazuya in full ink pen, there is no face becasue i am a failure for drawing faces but have a look, oh its not coloured in either

Wow wish i could draw like that then i would draw my sexy Yoshi!

You have a cool drawing style. You're a sketcher! Im not much of a sketcher, im more of a draw-entire-lines-and-shapes type of drawer. I misht not be in you league but im okay. I've posted some pictures too.

ive done a jin and a better kazuya, i like the way sketches work it looks morea live wen u do them, ill have a look at ur pics clar

this post adds towards my post counts too. lol. I still like you pics Kazuya.
They're better than mine, that's for sure. (maybe not, lol)


Kazuya can you please change your link address:)

The link in the old post no longer works.

your avatar...brayan??ravn?? what the...