Why Yoshi

I'm sure you did at your house but never.

I like yoshi because he's the only one with a weapon. But I can't still make him win...:dozingoff

here this should help a bit.

hope you find it useful

Toramitsu : That's one thing about which I don't have to worry; I've been playing Yoshi so long that my instincts are practically hardwired to Yoshi. It'd be too hard to adjust to another primary.
I SO recognize this! My Yoshi is MUCH based on being up front, poking and hunting for whiffs/juggles, and keeping them grounded from Oki'. Changing character after some rounds with Yoshi' to, e.g, Craig is often something of a tough thing to do due to the huge diffrence the two inbetween. Although i do practice alot with Marduk, other poke-oriented characters - such as Anna - is just much easier to master.
- I've even expreienced myself dashing up to perform flash against my opponent when playing Craig etc. :blush

Yeah, those kind of things are annoying. I too use mostly poking and keeping the enemy on the ground. My main philosophy is that Yoshi has unblockable moves, so use them - if you can, that is - and force the enemy to take damage.

That, and do what the enemy doesn't expect. I'll often perform the same move over and over again to get my opponent to expect it before unleashing a deadly surprise >:D


Seems reliable, IMO! :D
Although, i gotta admit i often forget about his unblockables. Mostly, i'm using 'em as a part of my okizeme rather than in the actual battle - which i think is much of a pity. Many times, i guess, it's due to too much hostility from my opponent. If they don't turtle it, it's often hard to safely land his unblockables. In my experience, they're easy to spot, and hence getting punished from.

Deadly surprise you say - sounds tricky! I've been experimenting much with this myself, but i often come up short! :(

Damn - perhaps we should take this to the strategy section - i'd love to hear more about these tactics of yours, Tora! :D


Heh. I can't pretend to be a master; I just know what lets me do moderately well.

As for unblockables, remember that sword sweep is unblockable, and that it has two versions. Try to sneak it in wherever you can, because the followups are numerous.

One of the tricks I like doing a lot is using Sword Poke Windmill. In a closed stage, or really whenever you've grounded the opponent close to you, a quick SPM will often catch someone who tries to get up too quickly. This is especially good when you've got the opponent next to the wall (Yoshi is very good at making this happen). When they can't roll out of it, they'll either run into it or wait it out, at which point you have other options.

Oh, and if that becomes too predictable, remember b,b+1~1+2 can catch people who try to rush at you without looking.


Ah - the good ol' b,b+1~1!

A little thing i've done oftenly - regardless of the stage, is to throw out some random breathe's from a safe distance - just to keep opponent at bay. Then, do the b,b+1 - and do NOT cancel. People always expect you to cancel it and hence, not canceling it, they run straight into it.

But, even though it's nice - especially in your wall-game - i'm having troubles with my Oki follow-up!

b,b+1~1+2, oh, yes. A move i'd categorize as a optional ender - just like d+1 and d+1+2, the b,b+1~1+2, IMO, will often hit the opponent - that is - if you don't use it at a regular basis.
(Opponent has like 1-2% life left - evade-spin to b,b+1~1+2 and KO.)


If I didn`t like Yoshimitsu I wouldn`t be on this website!

I guess I have an obsessive personality anyway so it's easy for me to get passionate about things. Yoshi first attracted me because he spoke Japanese I guess. I enjoyed trying to catch what he was saying, though I rarely catch videogame Japanese for some reason. Anyway, I started to love his moves, his style and his personality (what you could see of it anyway). Yoshi rocks, it's as simple as that!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted in this thread yet!

Well, when I first started playing as Yoshimitsu, it was in Tekken 2, and I picked him because I thought he looked cool.

Then, immediately after that, I realized that he's super hawt! :P Like, dayum! Sexy! :-X

So that's the real reason why he's my favorite. I mean, it's a bunch of things, like his awesome looks and cool personality, but it's mostly for the hawtness.

After all these years ...........I still remember when i first saw yoshi Doing a wind min and taking health( soul siphon) and when he came out of nowhere in the forest with cloak and draws out his Sword.......Nostalgic :P

Back then people used to use Yoshi as Pitbull......... f 3+4,1+2,3+4.......

Now Yoshi is so different.... I mean so many stance and attack variations.... Other than Lei wulong Yoshi got the most no of stance i guess....

Yoshi true samurai :D